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The Killing of David Walker Pound

(continued 09-08-16)

This is a brief reported narrative from the daughter-in-law of David Walker Pound and comes from a letter written by a fine genealogist of the Pound family named Cleburne Pound.

This is the passage from Cleburne's letter, dated 31 May 1949.

The head of this family was Dave or David Pound who lived near Okolona. Dave had a brother named George Pound who lived near Tupelo, Mississippi. George Pound had a son, Charles. David Pound was killed by bushwhackers as he sat at the supper table in his home at the outset of the Civil War. Dave had three sons; William Taylor, George Walker, and Thomas. It was Taylor and George who went from Mississippi to Texas and later came to Oklahoma. They are both dead. But their widows are still living. I have met Mrs, Caroline Pound, widow of George Walker Pounds, and she gave me all the information she could, regarding her husband's people. She is past 90 years of age, and is a Chickasaw Indian. She is well respected and has a good education. Many of their descendants reside in Oklahoma today. "

All information above was submitted by Mr. Wayne Pounds (wapo@cl.aoyama.ac.jp) who added this statement:

I've done a lot of research on this family, which allows me to give David Pound's middle name and the year of his death. His son George Walker Pound (1850-1917) mentioned above was a U.S. Marshal and then Sheriff of Tobucksy County, Indian Territory.

David Walker Pound was born in Obion County TN in 1823. His wife was Mary Ann Jones, and their known children in addition to George Walker Pound include William Taylor Pound, Sally or Sarah Pound, Thomas Pound, and Alice Pound. I have verified the information, in so far as that is possible. David Pounds was born in Obion Co. TN in 1823. The 1850 census shows him in Pontotoc County. The 1860 census shows him living in Okolona as a "hotel keeper" with his wife Mary and five children aged two to thirteen: Taylor, George, Sarah, Thomas, and Alice. By 1870, after the War, the family is dispersed.

(UPDATE) AND... more on the killing of David Walker Pound

"One night in 1865 [the father of Taylor Pounds] was sitting at the supper table with his family when they were startled by the report of a gun fired outside the window, and the father fell dead from his chair. Little effort was made to discover the killer, for such affairs were common. "More than a year later a man named Rowles was shot from ambush near Okalona as he was on the way to get on a train before daylight. The man who killed Rowles was captured some time later and was strung up by a mob for some other offense, but before he was hanged he confessed that the had killed Rowles, because Rowles had hired him to kill Pounds, and had then refused to pay him for that killing. He ambushed Rowles, killed him and robbed the body of enough to pay what was owed him for killing Pounds.


Mr. Pounds also said, "I'd give a mint to identify Rowles, the man who paid for the killing". The census reveals only person of this name in Pontotoc Co. in 1860: Joseph Rowles, born NC 1820. His PO is listed as Cherry Creek and his family members were Pernecia A. Rolls (age 27), Parthenia O. Holman (32), and Martha A. Holman (10). Could a query be posted (Thank you for your contributions Wayne!) maybe this will be as good as a query?

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