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1870 Pontotoc County, Mississippi Census Mortality Schedule

No returns or schedule 2 from Township 4, Range 6, 7, 7, &( and Range 8 & 9).


Barksdale, Toithena, age 23 f black
Bell, Charles, age 36 m white
Black, Edward, age 8/12 m white
Brooks, Josephene, age 1 f white
Buchanan, John, age 23 m white
Buchanan, Sarah, age 52 f white

Caldwell, Joseph, 73 m white
Carmmel, John, age 8 m white
Chesely, Bular, age 3 f female
Coker, Sarah, age 3 f white
Coleman, Silas, age 1 m black
Coleman, Mary, age 6/12 f black
Collins, Malissa, age 20 f black
Colwell, Rashel, age 1 f black
Colwell, Samuel, age 1 m black
Combs, James, age 60 m white
Cox, Malinda, age 35 f white

Dagget, Purcelery, age 100 f, black
Dixon, Millie, age 52, f white
Duff, Ellinger, age 40 m black

Elliott, William, age 6/12 m white
Ellis, Jerry, age 32 m black
Ellzey, Jennie, age 9/12 f black


Gamble, Mary, age 42 f white
Gambrell, Biddie, age 80 f black
Gammel, Stephen, age 80 m white
Gilispy, James, age 56 m white
Goggans, Louisa, age 39 f white
Gooch, Ephragm, age 21, m white

Hancock, Loid, age 84 m white
Hancock, Sue, age 79 f white
Harden, John, age 4/12 m black
Helloms, Florence, age 6 f white
Henry, Rufus, age 12 m white
Hubard, Amanda, age 23 f white


Jackson, Barbraellen, age 58 f white
Jackson, Elizabeth, age 50 f black
Jackson, Mary, age 1 f black
Jernegan, Harriet, age 75 f black
Johnston, Matilka, age 3 f black


Lawson, Ann, age 4/12 f white

Maffit, Susan, age 63 f white
Martin, Elline, age 26 f black
Mays, James, age 1 m black
McCraw, Abner, age 4/12 m white
McGregor, Wm, age 2/12 m white
McKnown, Julia, age 1 f white
Middleton, Alice, age 4 f black
Milam, John, age 6 m white
Miller, Benjamine, age 130 m black
Morrow, George, age 75 m white

Nesbet, Andy, age 4/12 m black

Overby, Ann, age 4 f white

Parks, Viney, age 40 f black
Patterson, Margaret, age 1 f white
Phillips, Sarah, age 29 f white
Pickens, Elizabeth, age 67 f white
Pittman, Sarah, age 45 f white
Pitts, Franklin, age 17 m black
Pitts, George, age 2 m white
Pitts, George, age 45, m black
Potts, Shannon, age 29 m white
Prude, Sarah, age 6 f black

Quinn, Isabella, age 8/12 f white

Reeder, George, age 16 m black
Ritchie, Henry, age 2 m black
Rivers, Louis, age 38 m white
Rodgers, Margaret, age 35 f white
Rogers, James, age 4/12 m white
Ross, Holley, age 2 m white

Saddler, Frances, age 78 f white
Starks, Ann, age 11 f black
Staton, Elizabeth, age 2 f white
Strange, Meriah, age 55 f white
Stephen, John, age 90 m white

Thomas, Ann, age 5/12 f black
Thomas, Catherine, age 32 f white
Thornton, Leaner, age 19 f white
Tiener (?), David, age 5/12 m white



Weaver, William, age 55 m white
Wells, Mary, age 23 f white
Whitten, Newton, abe 4/12 m white
Williams, Jacob, age 3 m black
Willson, Ann, age 70 f black
Willson, Rachel, age 43 f black
Willson, Robt age 75 m black
Wilmoth, William, age 22 m white
Wilson, Darcus, age 69 f white
Wood, Frances, age 20 f black
Wood, Elizabeth, age 60 f black
Wood, Bennett, age 56 m white
Wood, Nancy, age 50 f white
Wood, Susan, age 16 f white
Wood, Franke, age 50 f black
Wood, Elizabeth, age 15 f black


Young, William, age 30 m white
Young, Obegia, age 1 f white


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