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Southwest Pontotoc County Cemetery Map

Samuel Tutor, the oldest son of Owen Tutor, and his wife, Lucinda Ann Johnston, moved from North Carolina to Pontotoc, Mississippi around 1850.One of their daughters, Phoebe Isabel Tutor, married George Thomas “Hub” Anderson.To get to the Hub Anderson home from Toccopola one traveled East on what is now Highway 334 to the first road past Antioch Road (about a mile) and turned South down that road for about three-quarters of a mile.

This pioneer family established a graveyard known as the Anderson Cemetery on the west side of the road about a hundred yards from their house.The only tombstone in the graveyard for many years was that of James D. Johnston, 1839-1863, indicating this site was used for burial as early as 1863.By deed dated March 17, 1909, J. Wiley Moor conveyed one acre in Pontotoc County, Mississippi described as beginning at a point 19 Rods East of the SW corner of the NW1/4 of Section 4, Twnshp10, Range 1 East and running North 20 rods, thence East 8 rods, thence South 20 rods, thence West 8 rods to the point of beginning to The Hub Anderson Grave Yard. This deed was recorded in Book 104 at Page 438 of the records of Pontotoc County on Sept. 6, 1911.

Kenneth Tutor, a life long resident of Pontotoc County, has been going to the Anderson Cemetery for over sixty years.His grandfather, Daniel Hackery Tutor and his grandmother are buried there. According to him there were no headstones, other than the Johnston marker, until recent years when someone had a marker placed for Ida Ora Anderson, 1874-1908, wife of Nathaniel Anderson.The old road from Hwy 334 down to the Anderson house is still discernable in the aerial photograph of the area but was virtually destroyed by the people who cut the timber several years ago.Access to the cemetery down the old road is now virtually impossible. The rapid growth of underbrush after removal of the native trees effectively conceals the graveyard from all but the most carefully trained eyes.

In June of 2004, Kenneth Tutor took me to the Anderson Cemetery. Because the old road going south from highway 334 has become impassible, we traveled from Highway 9 South, going North up Antioch road to the Hodges residence on the east side of the road about a mile south of Hwy 334.Kenneth had obtained permission from Barry Wardloff to go through his pasture behind the Hodges residence. We passed through the locked gate and drove to the northeast corner of the pasture. Kenneth pointed out that someone has built a lake or sedimentation pond on the east side of the pasture fence.

A niece of the late Estes C. McDaniel now owns the land north of the pasture that surrounds the cemetery.The land is heavily wooded with thick underbrush.We went through the pasture fence and Kenneth cut our way toward the cemetery with a Kaiser blade.After traveling through the underbrush for about a hundred yards we came upon two strands of rusty barbed wire on the ground.It took me a moment to realize that the rusty barbed wire was the old fence for the cemetery.Kenneth had steered us right to it.

Actually, we had come up on the west side of the graveyard.As we stepped across the barbed wire on the ground Kenneth cut away the vines and growth to point out the Johnston tombstone.Then he cleared out the growth to show me Ida Ora Anderson’s headstone a few feet away from it.These two markers and the rusty barbed wire were the only evidence of a cemetery that I could see at that time.

A large tree had fallen a few feet east of the Anderson marker and formed an effective barrier down the center of the graveyard.We chopped our way to the North end of the fallen tree and ran into the barbed wire fence on the north end of the cemetery.Kenneth pointed to where the gate used to be in the Northeast Corner. The cedar trees planted in years past to mark gravesites have died and the wooden structures that were placed over some of the graves have rotted away.Nevertheless, Kenneth Tutor still seems to know a lot about who is buried where.We worked our way back south along the east fence line and he pointed to the remains of a little wooden pavilion his grandfather had built over the graves of one of his aunts and her young daughter.He said the grave of George Pembleton Tutor, my wife’s grandfather, was just south of that.My wife had told me that the infant, twin babies of her parents, John Wesley Tutor and Dora Gilmer Tutor were buried beside him.

Family members of at least five different children of Samuel and Lucinda Tutor are buried here.The Phoebe Tutor Anderson family is in the North end; the Daniel Hackery Tutor family is in the Southwest Quadrant; the Fooshees from Rebecca Tutor Fooshee and John Rufus Fooshee are somewhere in the middle; George Pembleton Tutor (son of William H. Tutor), and his family are in the Southeast Quadrant; and Mabel Ann Tutor Douglas Pittman is buried somewhere in this significant old graveyard.Some of those known to have been buried here include:

James D. Johnston (1839 -1863)

Samuel Tutor (1800 –1872)

Lucinda Ann Johnston Tutor (1812 –1892)

Mabel Ann Tutor Douglas Pittman (1841 –1880)

S. G. Epsy Douglas (1861 –prior to 1893)

Phoebe Isabel Tutor Anderson (1846 –1924)

George Thomas “Hub” Anderson (1836 – unknown)

Samuel Isaac “Ike” Anderson (1879 – 1890)

Ida Ora Bost Anderson (1874-1908)

Lucy Bell Anderson (1869 – unknown)

Rebecca H. Tutor Fooshee (1847 – appx 1879)

John Rufus Fooshee (1850 – appx 1910)

Daniel Hackery Tutor (1854 - 1937)

Susan Vineard Tallant Tutor ()

Sue Tutor (unknown) never married

Lucy Ann Tutor (1876 – 1900) never married

Ebb Tutor (1880-1888)

George Pembleton Tutor (1873-1931) son of W. H. Tutor

Infant Twins of John Wesley & Dora Gilmer Tutor, grandchildren of

Geo. P. Tutor(1935)

Lena Tutor and daughter

We would like to make this list as accurate as possible.If anyone has information of a burial or dates not accurately included here, we would like to have that information.

Information was Submitted by Barbara Tutor Dane (Barbara Tutor Dane died September 16, 2013 in Midland, Tx. She is buried in Wynne, Cross County Arkansas..

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