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Thomas Jefferson Reeder and Eliza Jane YOUNG Reeder
Tuesday 8/25/2009

Thomas Jefferson Reeder and Eliza Jane YOUNG Reeder, were married and lived for a time in Chickasaw County MS. Some time between 1880 and 1890 they moved to Pontotoc County, I believe to the Beckham district or community. They are buried in Pontotoc County in Williams Cemetery

Thomas & Eliza Young Reeder, Chickasaw County, Mississippi

Thomas Jefferson Reeder and Eliza Jane YOUNG Reeder lived in Chickasaw County with their nine children: Corinna, Rose, Joseph, Lillian, Georgia Earlie, Vallie, Nannie Lou, Robert, and Frank. They are in Chickasaw according to the 1880 Census. Sometime between 1880 and 1900, the family moved to Pontotoc County. On the 1900 Census, the family is living at Beat 5 Beckham Precinct, Pontotoc, Mississippi.

Thomas & Eliza Young Reeder Tombstone, Pontotoc County, Mississippi, Williams/ Gershom

Reeder SchoolHouse Pontotoc County, Mississippi

This is a class photo that was taken around 1895. Here's what I know about the photo. Standing in the rear, 4th from the left is Nannie Lou Reeder (an ancestor of Nannie Lou gave me this photo). Standing next to Nannie, 5th from the left, is Georgia Earlie Reeder (my great grandmother). Sitting on the Bench, 4th from the left, is Joseph Clelon Reeder (son of Joseph Reeder and Minnie Cole, grandson of Thomas Jefferson Reeder), to his right is his sister Catherine Reeder. Sitting 6th from the Left is Roy Brown (son of Lillian REEDER Brown, don't know her husband's first name). Sitting next to the teacher is Lavelle Brown and sitting on the Bearskin rug is Mamie Brown. Standing in the back, 2nd from right in the vest, is Robert Elon Reeder. Sitting on the Bench, 5th from right, is Frank Reeder. The teacher is Mattie Gregory from Okolona. Miss Gregory would live with Jim Bowles and his wife during the week and return to Okolona on weekends. The school must be located in Beckham because sevaral of these families appear in Beckham in the 1900 Census.

Georgia Earlie Reeder, Class Picture, Mississippi

Taken Around 1895, This picture was found in my grandmothers things after she passed. It must have been taken the same day as class photo, the girl in the center on banjo is my great grandmother Georgia Earlie Reeder, next to her on fiddle is her older brother Joseph Reeder. The school must be located in Beckham because sevaral of these families appear in Beckham in the 1900 Pontotoc Census.it must have been taken after the family moved to Pontotoc. Here is why I think the photos are linked. The girl playing the bajo is my great grandmother, Georgia earlie Reeder. She is pictured in the class photo, standing 5th from left, wearing the same dress. Also, the benches and the bearskin rug are the same in both photos. The only other person I know in this photo is Joseph Reeder. Joseph is sitting next to Georgia, he is playing the fiddle and has his hat on his knee. Again, it woul;d be interesting to find out if anyone can identify the other men in the photo.

Submission made by Jay Luquette. You may email him at : jayluquette@sbcglobal.net . He would be very interested in any info that you might have on the following families: Reeder, Young, Morphis

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