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Silas Holloway Wood was born Aug 29, 1824 at Jefferson County, AL. Fourth of thirteen children, he learned to stand on his own two feet at an early age. His father was James H. Wood, a farmer from South Carolina. Silas's father moved the family from Alabama to Pontotoc County, Mississippi some time before 1848. Shortly after that was when James was killed by a run away slave. His mother, Amy Holloway, finished raising five children on her own.

Silas met and married Elizabeth Caroline McCarter in November 13, 1845 in Jefferson County, Alabama, then they both moved to Pontotoc County. Sometime in 1850, Silas bought property in Pontotoc. Between 1846 and 1859, Silas and Eliza had 8 children; James, Puss, Mary, Mattie, Douglas, Ann, Will and Callie. Life was good, then the Civil war broke out, the years that followed would wreak havoc on the Wood family.

Silas joined the CSA, MS Battalion State Calvary in 1861. As a member of the Pontotoc Dragoons, he went off to fight the war, first in Union City, TN under General Frank Cheetham, then on to Belmont, Shilo, Tupelo, Harrisburg, Birmingham, Jackson, Memphis, Jonesborough, Mobile, Ohio and Atlanta. He was wounded twice and captured twice. He had four brothers, two brother in laws, and two nephews fighting in the war. He served in the CSA, was promoted to Captain, until he was captured in Selma, Alabama and then paroled at Macon, Georgia.

Life continued..... after the war, Silas went home to Eliza, or should one say what was left of home. Several members of his family had been killed, many wounded, crops destroyed. But Silas was a tough man. He and Eliza had two more children after the war, Sallie and Emma. During this time, Silas was elected as a state representative and to get to his meetings in Jackson, Silas would travel by mule.

Sometime before 1891, Silas moved to Texas. His family had already gone different ways after the war, some to Arkansas, most to Texas, he went there and farmed. Eliza died in 1891, Silas died in February 1897 at Brown Co., TX, at his son Douglas Woods home. Silas was buried Feb. 1897 at Elkins Cemetery, Brown Co., Texas, next to his wife Eliza.

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