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DANIEL T. COLEMAN 1800 - 1873

Annie Coleman Castleberry's father was Daniel T. Coleman. He was residing in Morgan County, GA, in 1830 and in Coweta County, GA, in 1840. Around 1840 he moved with his family to Mississippi settling near Egypt, MS, in Chickasaw County (T14 R5E S12). He was still residing there in 1852. He later moved to Pontotoc County. His wife was Clarinda Ann (??Rosa??) who was born ca 1805 and died ca 1885.

Their children were:

Daniel T. Coleman is mentioned several times by E. T. Winston in his account written in 1931 of the early pioneers of Pontotoc, MS [4]. General Thomas McMackin is given credit by E. T. Winston as being the founder of Pontotoc. When General McMackin left Pontotoc some of his property was bought by Daniel T. Coleman, according to E. T. Winston, for on page 113 Winston says ----- "Mr. D. T. Coleman bought his (General McMackin) hotel property here and the stable property across the street. Mr. Coleman built a livery stable on the latter property that has lately been remodeled for store and warehouse purposes by Messrs. R. L. Lyon and sons." On page 128 Mr. Winston writes about Mary Washington College in Pontotoc. He says------ "Next to Chickasaw College in romantic and general interest was Mary Washington College, which had a brief career, but flourished in the antebellum period of the "golden fifties" when old Chickasaw was like wise in the fullness of its career. As Chickasaw was sponsored by the Presbyterians, Mary Washington College was a product of the Baptists of this section. The college property was on the northern outskirts of Pontotoc, on land now owned by V. L. Bigham. It was burned by Yankee vandals during the Civil War, and was never restored. The institution was established under the patronage of the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Columbus mad Aberdeen Baptist Associations and incorporated in 1852. From a corresponded, Rev. E. L. Shettles, of Austin, Tex., several years ago, we gleaned the following additional information"-------The enrollment of this year was 94. Ancient language 12, modern language 6, pupils in music 47. Among the 94 enrolled, Pontotoc and Pontotoc County claimed 47, Chickasaw 9, -----The Rev. Martin Bell was sponsor for more than any other parent. He had in school of his own Sarah H., ----- Daniel T. Coleman had a like number of daughters: Laura E., Emma F., Ann R., Antoinette, Adeline."

Daniel Coleman made numerous land transactions in Pontotoc County starting around 1850 and continuing until his death in 1873. One interesting transaction on 29 August 1854 was the gift of Lot 27, S.W. 1/4 (T9S R3E S33) in the town of Pontotoc to the Deacons of the Baptist Church [Pontotoc County, MS, Deed Book 10, 1854 - 1856, pages 144, 145].

In Daniel Coleman's will, which is dated 13 Feb 1872, he made his son, Daniel E. Coleman, and his son-in-law, William Castleberry, the Executors of his estate. He left his interest in the store in Pontotoc, that was run by William Castleberry, to his wife. He left $100.00 to his grandson, Howard C. Scott. He instructed his Executors to sell his property and to distribute the proceeds (after expenses) equally among his wife, his living son (Daniel E.), the six heirs of his deceased son (William R.) and his five daughters. Since no mention is made of four of his children, Albert, Gus, Antoinette, and Sina, I assume that they never married and died before 1872. He leaves it up to his Executors to decide what to do with his farm equipment and his household furniture. Daniel T. Coleman died in Pontotoc, MS, on 7 July 1873. I do not know where he is buried.

Children of William and Annie Coleman Castleberry According to the census records of 1880 William and Annie Castleberry had eight children. Apparently one died as an infant. The seven other children are listed below:

Their children were:


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