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The Swinney Bible is in the possession of Wanda Swinney Hallmark (Mr. Hallmark passed away in November of 2013) who graciously copied the pages and emailed them to Ed Corey. (ecorey@cox.net) The Hunters being his line as follows.

Susan Erwin Hunter was the daughter of Rev. John Hunter and Hannah Christian.

William Caswell Swinney was the son of Samuel H. Swinney from NC and Nancy Lassiter from GA.

John Hunter was a Methodist-Episcopal Minister of the first magnitude. As the M-E church transferred him further and further west from Georgia, his children, their families and many of their in-laws moved with him. John's final assignment took him to Calhoun County where he died in 1868. Since he was a circuit rider, his children and the extended family were in Calhoun, Pontotoc and Lafayette counties.

William Caswell Swinney and his wife, Susan Erwin Hunter, lived in Pontotoc County. They had met and married in Troup Co., GA, on August 2, 1833.

This is from the family Bible of William Caswell Swinney. Some of this is extremely hard to read since the pages are old and somewhat discolored and the writing is less than legible here and there. Some of the text that I have been able to decipher is below.

Wm C. Swinney married to Susan E. Hunter August 2nd, 1833
Lewis Petty was married to M. E. Swinney March 20th, 1857
Wm C. Swinney was married to Abigail Hartsfield June 21st, 1857
John J. Swinney was married to Sarah E. Rogers Dec 27, 1860
John Daniel Lesley was married to Nancy L. Swinney Apr 11, 1880
J. C. Swinney was married to N. E. Stott November the 27th AD, 1884

(top margin)
Taler Swinney was born Dec the 4th 1887
(?) Swinney was born Feb 22 1891
(?) Swinney was born ? 19 1896
Abigail Hartsfield was borned Sept 7th 1824

(right margin)
Mary (?) Swinney was born Apr 19 1896
Bertha (Elwar?) Swinney was born March 11, 1902

(center margin)
Jimmy Alan Hartsfield was borned August 10 or 11 1883
Wm Swinney was born Feb 2 1812
Susan E Hunter was borned May 3, 1814
Mary Ann Elizabeth Jane was borned June the 7 1834
Hannah C Swinney was borned Dec 16 1835
John James Hunter Swinney was borned Nov 18th 1837
Elijah G. Hunter was borned Mar 3rd 1840
Hilliard Judge Swinney was borned May 29 1842
William A Swinney was borned Nov 25 1845
Samuel MColley Swinney was borned March 5th 1845
Thomas J Swinney was borned Oct 17 1850
Abda Goodrich Swinney was borned Aug 20 1853
Henry Allen Swinney was borned May 10, 1858
Nancy L Swinney was borned Dec 7 1860

(bottom margin)
Arvella C Swinney was borned May 10 1864
James Caswell Swinney was borned Nov 19 1867

W C Swinney died Feb 20 1880
Elijah G Swinney departed this life Oct the 23 1854
Susan Erwin Swinney departed this life Jan the 1 1856
Jefferson M Swinney departed this life July 1846
J H Swinney departed this life Jan 14 1862
Henry Allen Swinney departed this life Aug 21 1872
Mary E Swinney departed this life Sept 28 1872
Lewis Petty departed this life Mar 15 1855
Leanard Petty departed this life May 6 1858
J W Hartsfield departed this life Feb the 3rd 1863
Nancy Hartsfield departed this life Oct 21 1857
Kitty Hartsfield departed this life Dec 1st 1857

Below is more information Ed had sent along with the Bible information.

These are all children of Matthew Garrison Hunter and Martha Barbour Reynolds. There are other children but I don't have either a date or place for their marriage yet. Ed Corey 1850 census, Pontotoc County, MS, pages 178A and 178B
31 1637 1637 Hunter Matthew G. 46 M Farmer 500 GA
32 1637 1637 Hunter Martha 44 F GA
33 1637 1637 Hunter John 21 M Farmer GA
34 1637 1637 Hunter Elijah 19 M Farmer GA
35 1637 1637 Hunter Sarah 18 F GA
36 1637 1637 Hunter Hannah 16 F GA
37 1637 1637 Hunter Frances 13 F AL
38 1637 1637 Hunter Caroline 11 F AL
39 1637 1637 Hunter Martha 9 F AL
40 1637 1637 Hunter Ellen 7 F AL
1 1637 1637 Hunter Jane 4 F MS
2 1637 1637 Hunter Benjamin 1 M MS
Sarah Ann E. "Sallie" Hunter & James Charles Hattox - November 6, 1851
Sarah Ann E. "Sallie" (Hunter) Hattox & William G. "Billy" Jumper - September 21, 1865
Hannah W. "Willie" Hunter & William G. Jones - May 13, 1856
Mary Frances Hunter & James Marion Hays - April 1, 1856
Phoebe Caroline Hunter & Benjamin Saxon Jumper - May 10, 1857
Martha Garrison Hunter & William Washington Gideon - February 26, 1860

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