Coahoma County

(New) Alcazar Hotel (aka Alcazar Hotel; Central Building); Third St, Clarksdale
Arcadia Plantation, was owned by J.W. Cutrer; located three miles N of Tutwiler. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
Cedar Mound Plantation (historical), built 1834 by Alex Kerr Boyee; was located in Claremont. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
Cherry Hill Church, built ca 1878 on land donated by Benjamin Lawler; Dublin. Source: "Hometown Mississippi ", James Brieger, 1997.
(John) Clark House; Clark St, Clarksdale
Eagle's Nest Plantation, was home of James L. Alcorn; East side of US 61 at junction with Farrell-Eagle's Nest Road, about 10 miles north of Clarksdale. (sign)
Elk Horn Plantation (historical), Friars Point
(Roy) Flowers Plantation, previous owner: Roy Flowers; Mattson
Forrest's Plantation (historical), East side of State Hwy 1; 4 miles South on intersection with State Hwy 322 (sign)
Gold Dust Plantation (historical), Rena Lara
Greengrove Plantation, originally owned by General Nathan Bedford Forrest until 1867 when he sold it to Col. Chambers. It was then sold in 1886 to Ed Richardson, who also owned the following plantations: Slaughter; Waverly; Stella; Forrest (exact location of plantations is currently unknown). His grandson sold all of the plantations upon the death of his mother and moved out-of-state. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
(W. C.) Handy (historical), Clarksdale (sign)
Honey Hill Plantation (historical), Clarksdale
Hopson Plantation, established 1852; Hwy 49, 1 mile South of Clarksdale. (sign)
Hull Plantation (historical), built ca 1851 by Isaac Hull; Coahoma. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
Irvin Plantation, Coahoma
(Andrew) Jackson Plantation (historical), Sherard (sign)
Jefferies Plantation, was located in State Levee. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
King & Anderson Plantation, previous owners: JW King & JA Anderson; E of Stovall, Coahoma
Maddox Plantation, Coahoma
Magnolia Plantation (historical), was owned by Captain Isaac Newton Brown; Lula
(Frank) Moore's Plantation; Stovall
Oakhurst Plantation, Coahoma
Prairie Plantation House (aka Louise d'Oyley House); Old River Rd, Clarksdale
Redbud Plantation (historical), was owned by Dr. R.B. Shelby; Lula
Richardson Plantation, owned by Col. Edmund Richardson; was located in Willis. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
Rosewood Plantation, built by Conham Lombard. This plantation is no longer in existence; eventually, it was divided into small tracts and sold. It was located in Hillhouse three miles SW of Rena Lara. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
Sibell House (Hotel) (historical), was located in Ingram. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
Wilkerson Plantation (aka Paradise Plantation), purchased 1902 by J.E. Humber; was located Paradise. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
Willis Store (historical), Mattson
Woodmere, built 1872 by JW Baugh; located Baugh, 9 miles SW of Clarksdale. Source: "Hometown Mississippi", James Brieger, 1997.
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Passenger Depot (aka Illinois Central Passenger Depot; Clarksdale Passenger Depot); Clarksdale
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