Wingo Cemetery

Compiled by Earl Alexander

10 September 2000


Cemetery located about 4 miles south of Pricedale, Pike County, Mississippi on county highway 93.

Information enclosed in [ ] indicates notes of the compiler.

Preston Horatio Wingo
son of G. M. & E. J. Wingo
Born 15 Aug. 1884
Died 31 Aug. 1893

James A. Wingo
son of H. M. & H. D. Wingo
Born 28 Nov. 1859
Died 3 Feb. 1860

John R. Wingo
son of H. M. & H. E. Wingo
[Illegible] 28 Feb. 1859
Age, 8 months, 14 days

Sarah J. Wingo
dau. of H. M. & H. E. Wingo
Died 28 Nov. 1854
Age 5 Y., 2 m., 9 days

Haratio Wingo
son of H. M. & H. E. Wingo
Died July 1859 [?]
Age 16 days

Asa T. Wingo
son of H. M. & H. E. Wingo
Died 23 Dec. 1851
Age, 8 m., 23 days

John Harvey Newman
son of T. H. & M. A. Newman
Born 17 Apr. 1872
Died 25 Feb. 1890

Thomas H. Newman
Co. E., 16th MS. Inf. C. S. A.
[no dates]

Three unmarked graves next to Thomas H. Newman

James G. Morgan
Born 6 Feb. 1825
Died 19 Jan. 1896

[Double Marker]

Ace Ramsey
1849 - 1929

Jane Ramsey
1854 - 1933

2000 by Earl Alexander

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