Pike County Mississippi





Hugh Lawson White is buried in Hollywood Cemetery.  He served as governor of Mississippi from

1936-1940 and from 1952-1956.  Governor White was born in Whitestown, which is now part of McComb,

on August 19, 1881 and died September 20, 1965.


He was the son of John J. and Helen E. White.  J. J. White was born in South Carolina and Helen in Ireland

according to the 1880 census of Pike County, Mississippi.  Their other children included Roberta E. White,

Mary R. White, Beulah I. White, William M. White, John James White, Jr., and Mary White—all listed

in the 1880 census.


Hugh is shown with his parents and siblings Beulah, Mary, and John J. in the 1900 census.  In 1905 he

married Judith Weir Sugg of Kentucky.  In 1910 he and Judith are still living in Pike County 


In 1930 Hugh and Judith White are in Marion County, Mississippi where he served as the Mayor of

Columbia, Mississippi prior to being elected governor.


He built a beautiful Italianate mansion in Columbia that is privately owned, but occasionally opened

for tours.