Pike County Mississippi





William Stockdale was the son of James Stockdale of Ireland who came to the U.S. about 1787.   The story

goes  that he spent all his money traveling around the country, so started milling to raise money to go back home

but stayed here when he met and married Mary Weir. The children of William and Hannah McQuaid Stockdale

wereThomas, James (who twice served in the Maryland State Legislature), John M. (who served in the

Pennsylvania State Legislature), Robert P., Mary S. Dodd, Isabella S. Lindley, and Sarah S. Wise.


Having graduated from Jefferson College of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1856, Thomas moved to Pike County in

1857 and taught school for a short time.  He then attended Ole Miss and earned his law degree in 1859.  He practiced

law in Woodville, MS from 1859-1861.  Stockdale’s Calvary was organized July 1, 1862, by Thomas R. Stockdale,

who had served in Virginia one year as Major of the 16th Mississippi Regiment. It was formed into a battalion wit

W. Norman’s company and Thomas R. Stockdale was elected major, when it was known as "Stockdale’s battalion"

of Cavalry. This battalion was subsequently consolidated with Wilborne’s battalion and formed into a regiment

known as the 4th Mississippi Cavalry.


Thomas was a U. S. Congressman elected to represent Mississippi's 6th District in the United States House of

Representatives, serving from 1887 to 1895, and also served as Justice of the Mississippi State Supreme

Court in 1896-97.


Thomas Stockdale married Fannie Jackson.  He died January 8, 1899 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in

Summit, MS.