Pike County Mississippi





Samuel Prestridge was born about 1788 in Georgia, the son of John Jr. and Elizabeth Walters Prestridge. 

John was born in Virginia and Elizabeth in Georgia.  In addition to Samuel, their children were Larkin, Letty,

Hannah, Lucy, John III, Howell, Joseph, Michael and Robert.


Samuel’s first wife is believed to have been a Miss Rucker.  They had eight children:


Mahala Prestridge born 1804 married a Mr. Clark and children are Harbard, Elizabeth and Marida Clark.


Liney Prestridge born about 1807


Ellzey Prestridge born 1809 in GA married Elizabeth Price, daughter of Joseph and Mary Hart Price. Their

children were Sarah, Zachariah, Josiah, Matilda, Martha, Wilson,

Levi, William, Robert and Elizabeth Prestridge.


Elijah Prestridge born 1810 and died in 1884. He married first Mary Price and they

had no children.  He married second Sarah Kees and their children were Elizabeth,

Pricilla, Simon, James, Wiley, Orlen, Isham, and Sarah Jane Prestridge.


Delaney Prestridge born about 1814 in MS married Amos Hodges. Their children were

William Jackson, John, Christopher, James Monroe, Elizabeth, Emily, Angeline, Amanda, Samuel A., and

Charles D. Hodges.  She died February 21, 1892.


Wiley Prestridge born 1821 in MS and died May 14, 1905. He married first Mary Hart

and their children were Sylvester, Commodore Perry, Theadore and Vashti Prestridge.  He married second

Elizabeth Red and their children were James William and Mary Ellen Prestridge. He married third Kate

Moore and their only child was Katie Faye Prestridge.


William Anderson Prestridge born December 17, 1825 in Holmesville, Pike County, MS

and died September 8, 1900. H married first Mary Collins and their children were Henry,

Lizzy, Mary, William and Sarah Prestridge.  He married second Laura E. Williamson

and their children were Laura and Charles Prestridge.  His third wife was Maria Wallace

and they had no children.  He moved his family to Brazos County, TX around 1870. He fought in the

Mexican War, 1st Mississippi Infantry, Company A under Colonel Jeff Davis.


Simeon A. Prestridge born 1825 and died in 1860.


Samuel’s second wife was Delilah Elizabeth Roundtree. They married on March 26, 1827 in Amite

County, MS and their children were:


Samuel “Doc” Prestridge, CSA born March 1, 1830 in Pike County, MS.   Doc married

Martha Jane Sasser about 1853. Their 11 children were William V., Mary Josephine, Mary Jane,

James P., Martha Opelia, Thomas Jefferson, Demareus Adeline, Demascus, Demetriaus Dilea, Samuel P.,

and Julia Prestridge.


James Patterson Prestridge born 1833 in Pike County, MS and died July 29, 1855.


Thomas Jefferson Prestridge born June 1, 1835 in Pike County, MS and died January 20, 1883 in

Yazoo County, MS.  He married first to Sarah K. Brown and their children were

Belle, Patterson, Abner, Clinton, Ida, Lela, Thomas, Leona, Barry, Nora, Mariam, Josephine, Willie, a

nd Mabel Prestridge.


Julia Ann Prestridge born October 25, 1839 in Pike County, MS and died November 1918.  She married

Beekston W. Brown on November 25, 1855.