Original owner: James O'Quin, Pike and Yazoo counties, MS
Present owner: Unknown
Publisher info: Unknown
Copied by: M.A. Causey, Jackson, MS and William Houston, Fresno, CA

Note: This Bible has appeared on various Internet sites, but location of original Bible is not known. Entries were transcribed from photocopies of three surviving Family Record pages. Title page and top of first page are missing. The entries begin with a listing of the children of John O'Quin and Grace Spivey, then continue with the family of James, one of their sons.


Prysilla was born March the 19 1777
Martha was born February the 19 1779
Ezekial was born February the 12 1781
Elizabeth was born November the 11 1782
David was born June the 30 1786
Jehu was born April the 23 1788
James was born August the 19 1790
Rachel was born August the 25 1792
Elener was born November the 1 1795
Mary was born March the 18 1798
Daniel was born August the 18 1800

J ___ OQuin was born August the 19 1790
Elizabeth OQuin his wife was born March the 9 1802
Faney Eliza OQuin was born January the 4 1822
John Spivy OQuin was born May the 23 1824
Sarah Emmeline was born January the 24 1827
Margaret Jane OQuin was born January 19 1829
Mary Elizabeth was born August the 18 183__
Rachel Susa_nah OQuin was born March 21 18__
Martha Ann OQuin was born September 30 183_

Ruth Rebeckah OQuin was born November the 29 1838
David James OQuin was born March the 7 1841
Ezekial Alexandra OQuin was born November the 15 1843
Nancy Ann OQuin was born December the 14 1847
Martha A. Harbin departed this life Feb 20th 1900
Nancy Ann Gallaway died Nov 21 1909
Emma L. Arnold died Aug __________
__________ Jan 3 1929

Faney Eliza Fisher was born May the 10 1844
James William Fisher was born December the 25 1846
Elizabeth Susannah Deets was born December the 11 1846
John Jackson Galloway ___________
Nancy Galloway ________________
Emma L. Gallaway was _________ 1874
_____________________was born January the 29 1876


John OQuin Senior departed this life on the 15 September 1829
Faney Eliza OQuin departed this life on the 19 May 1825
John Spivy OQuin departed this life on the 23 August 1831
Rachel Susannah OQuin departed this life the 10 October 1837
Fanney Eliza Fisher departed this life on the 8 of September 1846
Ruth R. OQuin departed this life on the ___ day October 185__
David J. OQuin died August 21 the 1858

Sarah E. Fisher died March 13 the 1860
James OQuin departed this life March 4th 1868
Henson Day Harbin son of Jesse & Martha Harbin died July 25 1868
Elizabeth OQuin departed this life January 23 18[71]
Jessie W. Harbin died Jan 5th 1865
Margaret J. Gallaway departed this life Oct 18 1890
M. E Hancock departed this life Oct 10 1898


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