Pike County Mississippi



Both of the following obituaries were printed in a Pine Bluff (Jefferson County), Arkansas newspaper. The obituary of Benjamin Earl Morris was written by Reed Fletcher, a lawyer and newspaperman there at the time. Benjamin Earl Morris was born in what is now Pike County in 1810. His wife, Martha Ann McCrary Morris, was born in Lawrence County, Mississippi and was the daughter of Matthew McCrary who is listed on the 1813 tax list in that county. Mr. and Mrs. Morris died 19 days apart.

Benjamin Earl Morris was the son of Rev. Nathan Morris, born July 09, 1780 in Marlboro, SC and died September 24, 1849 in Lexington, Holmes Co., Ms. Rev. Morris is buried in the Malone Cemetery there. The wife of Rev. Nathan Morris was Penelope Edwards born July 19, 1777 in Marlboro, SC and died January 09, 1835 in Coxburg, Ms. She is also buried in the Malone Cemetery in Holmes Co. Rev. Morris married two other times after Penelope died: 2) Louisa C. [Unknown] and 3) Mary Bull. It is believed that all of Rev. Morris' children were from his first marriage to Penelope Edwards.

Obituaries transcribed and submitted by Ann Harwell Parker, great granddaughter of the couple.

Obituary of Martha Ann McCrary Morris, wife of Benjamin Earl Morris

Obituary of Mrs. Ann Morris consort of Benjamin E. Morris died 15 November 1882, of pneumonia aged 66 years. She was born 31 August 1816 in Lawrence County, Mississippi and imigrated to this state in 1858. She was a lady of rare accomplishments, and such was the amiability of her character that she drew the drapery of death about her without an enemy in the world or the voice of malevolence to whisper an unkind word. The Bible was her constant companion, and no night passed that she did not peruse its comforting lessons. She was a devout member of the missionary Baptist Church.

Obituary of Benjamin Earl Morris

Obituary of B. E. Morris aged 72 years; born on December 4, 1810. Died December 4, 1882 in Whitesville Township, Jefferson County, Arkansas.."Like the aged oaks of the forest which had grown up in close proximity, their hoary branches entertwined, breasting the storms of many winters, the fall of one breaks the surrounding surface and exposes more than ever to the pitiless winds the remaining one; so, when the chilling blast destroyed the aged wife, the surviving partner of her bossom, who had shared with her so much of sunshine as well as cloud, in utter lonliness and desolation, calmly bowed before the stroke, and in nineteen days after the death of his companion, they filled a common grave. The deceased was 72 years of age. Though utterly unobtrusive, he was better acquainted with the political and constitutional history of this country than any one the writer ever knew. In his advanced years he also kept pace with current events, and was a constant reader of his local newspapers as well as all the leading foreign periodicals. He was born in PIKE County, Mississippi. He was a consistant member of the Primitive Baptist Church. He was the most lovable old gentleman I ever knew, full of the milk of human kindness, and every attribute that embellishes and makes enteresting human characters. After a life of usefulness he verified the sentiments of Job; "Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in its seasaon." Peace to the just man's memory. It will grow greater with years, and the example of his pure life excite to emulation his surviving decendants and his large circle of admiring friends. Written by: Reed Fletcher, Lawyer and newspaperman of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.....

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