Nathan and Phoebe McGraw

Bible Record

The original owner of the Bible was Nathan and Phoebe McGraw of Amite and Pike counties, Mississippi. In 1953 at Jacob Henry Gibson's death, the Bible was passed on to his daughter Grace Gibson Tufts of McComb, Mississippi . At that time only the family record pages of the Bible were still in existence. Photocopies of the Bible's pages are in the hands of several descendants of the family today. It is from one set of these photocopies that the entries below were transcribed by Molly McLaughlin who also submitted the family notes which appear below the Bible entries.


Nathan McGraw was born January the 7 in the year of our Lord 1766.
Sarah McGraw was born December 23 in the year of our Lord 1795.
Isaac McGraw was born August 10, 1800
Catherine McGraw was born January the 12, in the year of our Lord 1803
Mary McGraw was born September the 24, 1805
Clarinda Gibson was born November the 22 in the year of our Lord 1827
Sarah Henrietta August 24 in the year of our Lord 1850.
Clementon M. Gibson was born November 14, 1853
Thomas J. Gibson was born May 29th 1857
Catherine L. Gibson was born the 24 of November 1854
Jesse F. Gibson was born January 12 in the year of our Lord 1825
Ralph J. Gibson was born December 15, 1827
Mary Gibson was born August 18 in the year of our Lord 1830
Jacob Gibson was born April the 21, 1839
Ida Lucinda Gibson was born October 29, 1860
Jesse Thomas was born February 20, in the year of our Lord 1792
Lisha Thomas was born July 17 in the year of our Lord 1795.
Catherine Thomas was born January the 12 in the year of our Lord 1803
William H. Johnson was born February 11 in the year of our Lord 1851
W. H. Thomas was born August 28 in the year of our Lord 1813
Mary Thomas was born March the 22, 1815
John Thomas was born September 3, 1817
Elizabeth Thomas was born January the 9, 1820
Jacob Thomas was born March 29, 1822
Francis Thomas was born September 19, 1829
Sara M. thomas was born June 28, 1832



Jesse Thomas and Catherine Thomas was married the first Sunday in November in the year of our Lord 1842
Benjamin Johnson and Mary Gibson was Married December 20, 184(9?)
F. M. Thomas and Elizabeth Hutchins was married July 9, 1857
Jacob H. Thomas and Mary Kavanaugh was married (date illegible)
John H. Thomas and Louisiana Kavanaugh was married (date illegible)
Benjamin Johnson and Mary Gibson was married December 20, 1849
Ralph J. Gibson and Clarinda Wallace was married November 22, 1849
Jacob Gibson and Margaret Hamilton was married January 11, 1860



Phebe McGraw died August the 24 in the year of our Lord 1842
Lisha Thomas died June 26, 1842
Elizabeth Thomas died March 16, 1821
Nathan McGraw died May 27, in the year of our Lord 1849
John H. Thomas died September 27 in the year of our Lord 1847
W. H. Thomas died June 7, 1866
Sarah Margaret Douglas departed this life January 21 in the year of our Lord 1851
Jesse Thomas died December 17, 1867
Jacob Gibson departed this life June 21, 1862, a soldier at Columbus. He fell at his post batting for his country and for freedom.

Family Notes:

Phoebe McGraw was the daughter of Ralph Jones and Mary, his wife of Fairfield Dist., SC. Ralph Jones died in 1817 naming his daughter, "Phoebe McGraw of Mississippi" in his last will and testament. Nathan McGraw is most likely the son of David McGraw, Sr. of Fairfield Dist.,SC and Montgomery Co., Tn. who died ca. 1823 in Pike Co., Ms. David McGraw, Sr was security on the executorship of the estate of John Willingham of Camden Dist., SC the spouse of Phoebe's sister, Mary Jones Willingham with other security Ralph Jones. It is likely by my research there is a Gibson-McGraw relationship early in the Kershaw-Camden-Fairfield Dist., SC area.

Nathan and Phoebe Jones McGraw had children Catherine md. Jacob Gibson; Sarah md. John Hamilton; Mary McGraw and Isaac McGraw named in bible record above.
Sarah and John Hamilton lived in Holmes Co., Ms. where they both left wills, which copies I have in my possession..
Catherine McGraw md. Jacob Gibson in Amite Co., Ms. 18 Jan. 1819 and they were parent s of Jesse F.(Fort?) Gibson, Ralph Jones Gibson, Mary Gibson md. Benjamin Johnson and Jacob Gibson md. Margaret Hamilton. Jacob Gibson who md. Catherine Mc Graw was a son of Jacob Gibson and Mary Fort and Mary Fort d/o Jesse Fort. and grandson of Rev Jacob Gibson married Judith Napier, d/o Robert Napier.Rev. Jacob Gibson md. second Sarah Burns, widow of Patrick Burns. His will is in Fairfield Dist., is the will of Ralph Jones who migrated to SC through Charleston from Wales and bought land in Kersaw district, SC in the 1750's.

After the death of Jacob Gibson, Catherine McGraw Gibson md. second Jesse Thomas. The names of this family suggest a familiarity with the Gibson family.

Ida Lucinda Gibson b. 1860 was the only child of Jacob Gibson and his wife Margaret Hamilton. Jacob died of injuries in Civil War. Have papers of service for both Jacob and Ralph Jones Gibson. The Wingo bible is in another MGS publication.

James Alexander Wallace was a son of William Wallace and his wife, Sarah Landers.
William Wallace b. 1835 Ga. was son of Artemissa Malone and Alexander Wallace who married 12 May 1830 in Newton Co., Ga. Artemissa was b. Ga. 1811 and a d/o Daniel Malone and Elizabeth Sansom Malone, of Greene and Jasper and Walton Co., Ga.
Sarah Landers was d/o Thomas Landers and Nancy Ward md. 1827 in Walton Co., Ga. She md. second a William Rogers after death of William Wallace and died shortly thereafter. Family history is her eldest daughter, Nancy Wallace md. second her stepfather, William Rogers and "moved to Texas" and md. second a "Barksdale".

Rev. John W. White was b. 1818 in "north Georgia". I have excerpts of his bible, also. He is buried in Wesson Cemetery as is most of the Wallaces and some White descendants. The bible record of Rev. John W. White pages ironically say "Margery Finch" which is/has been a puzzle to me.

Clarinda Gibson b. 1827 was Clarinda Wallace, the first wife of Ralph Jones Gibson, who she married in Lawrence Co., Ms. He married second Louisa Catherine Ramsey, d/o George Henry Ramsey and Narcissa Raymona Wingo (20 Nov. 1864 in Pike Co., Ms.). Ralph Jones Gibson was a soldier of War with Mexico and also in Civil War...He died 14 Feb. 1880.
Louisa Catherine Ramsey Gibson died 19 June 1908.

Ralph Jones Gibson and Louisa Catherine Ramsey were parents of Fran Gibson Kent Wilbur and Grace Gibson Tufts' father, Jacob Henry Gibson who married Anne Hasseltine Wallace, d/o James Alexander Wallace (called Zan) and his first wife, Sarah Frances White, d/o Rev. John Wesley White and his wife, Melissa Bridges.
My husband descends from RJG and LCRG daughter Phoebe Gibson who married James Alexander Wallace above as his second wife, and had daughters Mary Lillian, Ida and Ina Wallace (and other children by first and third wife,he outliving two wives)
My husband is a grandson of Mary Lillian Wallace McLaughlin, md. Thomas J. McLaughlin 17 July 1913 in Canton, Madison, Ms.

I have a picture of Phoebe Gibson Wallace, my husband's great-grandmother, and a tin type of Jesse/Jacob or Ralph Gibson, not sure which one....given to us by Fran and Grace...

His (Ralph's) description in CW description was 6'3" ruddy complexion, blue eyes and red hair. It still tries to keep sneaking out in generations later...the red - auburn hair...The height gene is still going strong...some up to 6'7" in his descendants.

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