J. M. McGehee Bible Record

copyright 1861

transcribed by Joyce Bockemuehl

This certifies that J.M. McGehee and Amanda Jones were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at J.P. Jones on the 8th day of Feb. in the year of our Lord 1883 In Presence of J.P. Jones
Zack Loften
J. (? C or H) McGehee


Robert Lea McGehee was born Dec. 9th 1883
2nd infant son born March 28 1886
Phillip Eugene McGehee was born April 24 1887.
Lillian May McGehee was born July 21st 1889.
Infant son born April 2 1892
Hillery Herbert McGehee was borne August 27 1893

To Eugene & Verna
Births - Verna Geraldine McGehee born Oct 24 1920
Phillip Eugene McGehee Jr.    "    Sept 2 1924

J.M. McGehee born Feb 5th 1862 Joined Mt Zion Church Aug 16 1880 Served 47 years as Deacon. Served 12 years Mercher Boad Supevisor Franklin Co. ( Aug 16- 1880 First Romans 8th Chapter 1st verse, service conducted by J.B. Henby)

Joyce May McGehee born Memphis Tenn. Aug 14 1932

Kenneth Forrest Bockemuehl born Detroit Mich Sept 3, 1954

(Above in 4 different handwritings)


Philip Eugene MGehee married to Verna Mary Lotterhos on the 25th day of December A.D. 1918

Hillery Herbert McGehee married to Edith May Willis on June 14 1922

Joyce May McGehee to Robert Russell Bockemuehl June 13, 1952


Infant son Died March 28 1886
2nd Infant Son born & died April 2nd A.D. 1892

Robert Lea McGehee departed this life on February 3 A.D. 1894

Lillian May McGehee Daughter, died on March 13th A.D. 1919 9:20 P.M.

Verna Mary McGehee died Sept. 3rd 1924

Mrs. Amanda McGehee departed this life on Oct 21st 1926 - 6:00 A.M.

Philip Eugene McGehee Jr. Died 7:00 A.M. on May 5th 1927

James Madison McGehee June 2 - 1930 - 6-20

Herbert Hillery McGehee Aug 16, 1947 Detroit Mich.


J.M. McGehee Jr. was born Feb. 5 A.D. 1862.
Amanda McGehee was born July 18 A.D. 1862.

(All spellings etc. have been copied as written)

McGehee Family Notes:

J.M. McGehee is James Madison McGehee, Jr. son of James Madison McGehee, Sr. and Rebecca Ann Jones. James Madison McGehee and wife Amanda Jones were 1st cousins and are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Summit MS

Their daughter Lillian, son Phillip Eugene and his wife Verna and their son "Junie" Phillip Eugene Jr. also Hillery Herbert and his wife Edith May Willis McGehee are all in the same plot in Summit.

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