Pike County Mississippi





William Love was born in 1786 in Charleston, SC and died in 1839 in Pike County, MS.  His parents were

Alexander and Margaret Moore Love.  Alexander was born about 1718 in Antrim, Ireland and died in March

 1784 in York District, SC.  Margaret was born 1719 in Sadsbury, Chester County, PA and died April 13, 1757

 in Craven County, SC.


William married Margaret McDowell who was born about 1770 in Spartanburg County, SC and died in 1834

 in Pike County.  They moved to Livingston Co, KY in 1807 then, during the spring of 1809, they went in flat

boats to Natchez and on to the Mississippi Territory where they settled in Pike County.


Their children were:


Elizabeth Love was born in January 1786 in York County, SC and died 1847 in MS.  She married John Smith

about 1806 in SC.  Children: Harriett Lurinda Smith, Stanhope M. Smith, Mary Margaret Smith, Emma

Angeline Smith, Sarah Smith, James L. Smith, Leander Smith, Leonidas Smith, William J. Smith, Hugh F.

Smith, Christopher Rankin Smith, and Narcissa E. Smith.  Harriett was born in GA, Sarah in Copiah County,

and all the rest in Pike County.


James Love was born about 1788 in York District, SC and died in SC.  He was killed as a boy by a runaway team.


William Love was born about 1790 in York District, SC and died in Pike County when still a boy, accidentally

drowning while bathing.


Margaret Moore Love born 1798 in York District, SC and died August 1852 in Pike County.  She married

Laban Bacot on April 23, 1822 and was widowed in 1848. Children:  Lorinda Bacot, Robert Bacot, Levy Bacot,

William Bacot, Adam Bacot, Julia Bacot, and Rachel Bacot.


Franklin Love was born November 25, 1802 in York District, SC and died December 19, 1869 in Jackson,

 Hinds, MS while attending the State Fair.  He was a member of the MS Legislature 10 years.  He married

 #1 Selina Quinn in 1832 and was widowed.  He married #2 Julia Bennett in 1849 and they had one son,

William F. Love.


Jefferson Love was born December 25, 1804 in York District, SC and died August 26, 1868 in Madison

County, MS.  He married #1 Catharine McLaurin on September 27, 1827. Children:  Margaret A. Love,

 Hugh R. Love, Sorintha J. Love, Sarah E. Love, DeWitt C. Love, William M. Love, Mary F. Love, and

Catharine Love.  He married #2 Malvina COX in 1844.  His children were all born in Pike County.


Judge Robert Love was born in April 1784 in York District, SC and died August 28, 1865 in Madison County, MS. 

He married #1 Rachel W. Ross (1788-1816) in 1808.  Children: Matilda Love, Sorintha O. Love, Oizilla Love,

Sarah Love, and Rachel Love. 


He married #2 Sarah Dickerson ‘Sallie’ Catching (1802-1841) in August 1817, Pike County, MS.  Children:

Martha D. Love, Mary M. Love, Lucinda Love, Col. William Catchings Love, Harriet Emily Love, Joseph F. Love,

Thomas J. Love, Julia E.  Love, Rosa E. Love, and Robert E. Love.   All of these children were born in Pike County.


He married #3 Mrs. Elizabeth Arnold on 14 Dec 1842 in Madison County, MS.


Sarah Love was born August 1, 1782 in York District, SC and married Francis Ross in 1807 (Francis and

Rachel who married Robert Love are brother and sister.)  Children:  William S. Ross, Rachel H. Ross,

Armidilla Ross, Margaret M. Ross, George A. Ross, Robert L. Ross, Eliza Ross, Franklin Ross, and

Julia F. Ross.