Pike County Mississippi



Wm. Hope Cemetery



Cemetery has been overtaken by forest.  Info on burials furnished by family member.

and dates came from census records or other sources.


Dykes, Ellen Hope                                          (1857)                         (19 Aug 1887)

w/o Hugh Dykes

d/o Wm. & Delilah M. Varnado Hope


Dykes, Maston                                                 CA 1870

s/o Edward Wm. & Mary M. Hope Dykes


Hope, Delilah M. Varnado                              (1831)

w/o Wm. HN. Hope

d/o Emanuel & Sarah Simmons Varnado


Hope, Isabella Smith                                       (3 Nov 1783)

w/o James Hope

(May not be buried in this cemetery. See Balo Chitto Simmons Family book.


Hope, James                                                    (13 July 1779)

h/o Isabella Smith


Hope, William N.                                            (19 Aug 1823)

h/o Delilah M. Varnado

s/o James & Isabella Smith Hope


Magee, Eddie

w/o H. E. Magee


May or Guy, Monroe                                       (6 Oct 1887)                (29 Dec 1905)

h/o  Maggie Dykes


Primes, A. B. “Gust”

h/o Dezzie Hope


Primes, Dezzie Hope

w/o A. B. Primes



Hucabee Cemetery


Hucabee, Dorthy E.                                         3 Jan 1947                   3 Jan 1947


Hucabee, Infant                                                           NR                               NR


Hucabee, James Wroten                                  8 Feb 1895                  18 Nov 1917

s/o Wm. & Mattie Hucabee


Hucabee, Mattie Ware                                    1864                1936

w/o Wm. Martin Hucabee


Hucabee, Pearl B.                                           29 Aug 1889                13 Jul 1946



Jucabee, William Martin                                 22 Apr 1857                29 Jul 1917

h/o Mattie Ware


3-4 Unmarked Graves