Pike County Mississippi





Edward Gatlin was born about 1763-65 in North Carolina and died in Sept. 1835 in MS.  He was the son of Edward

Gatlin, Sr..  Gatlin was in the MS Territory by July 21, 1807 according to a deed for land he purchased and was in Pike

County by 1812.


Edward Gatlin married #1, Sara Norton on 26 Nov. 1791, and they had one child, Thomas Gatlin, born in 1794.  He

married #2, Elizabeth Smith, who was born in North Carolina on November 3, 1796.


Children of Edward and Elizabeth Gatlin:


1. Sarah Gatlin, born 1802 MS and died in Hinds County. She married John Love.

2. Louise Gatlin was born in 1807 in MS and married #1 Ed Bullock (Children: Nancy born 1832, Elizabeth P. born 1833,

and Edward born 1837) and #2 William L. McKinsey.

3. James S. Gatlin was born on April 20, 1811 in Washington Co., MS and died on February 21, 1897.  He was a colonel

in the Confederate Army, and married #1 Rosalba Wells who was born June 10, 1814, in Pike Co., MS, the daughter of

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Simmons Wells.  They are both buried in the Nathaniel Wells Cemetery in Pike County.  The

children of James and Rosalba Gatlin are:


(1). Zebulon Butler Gatlin was born about 1832 in Pike County and died Dec 16, 1893.

He married Martha Hoover, the daughter of Christian and Mary Neland Wailer Hoover about 1851 in MS. He was a

sergeant in the Dixie Guards, Co. K, 39th MS Infantry.


The children of Zebulon and Martha Gatlin are:


a. Julia Rosalba Gatlin, born September 10, 1851 and died November 12, 1903.

b. James Christian Gatlin, born 1853, Pike County, Mississippi

c. Martha V. Gatlin, born about 1854, Pike County, Mississippi

d. Fannie Gatlin, born about 1856, Mississippi.

e. Sarah R. Gatlin, born in 1856, Pike County, Mississippi

f. Mary Virginia Gatlin, born about 1857, Mississippi

g. Rev. Henry Anderson Gatlin, born 1858, Pike County, Mississippi

h. Thomas Hoover Gatlin, born 1859, Mississippi

i. Sydney Johnson Gatlin, born. January 25, 1863, Summit, Pike County, Mississippi and died

September 10, 1945, in Lookeba, Oklahoma.

j. Martha G. Gatlin, born 1866, Pike County, Mississippi

k.William E. Gatlin, born 1867, Pike County, Mississippi.

l. Nathaniel Gatlin, born 1874, Mississippi.







(3). Martha A. Gatlin born about 1837 and married a Mr. Germany


(4). Mary L. Gatlin born about 1838 and married Henry S. Anderson.  Their children

were Mary J., Martha E., Claude, Thomas E., Florence, Elizabeth, Van S., Mary Louise, and Kate. 

(5).  John W. Gatlin, born about 1839 Pike County, married #1 Amanda Strickland and #2 Mary Burris on

1-12-1858 in MS, She was the daughter of of Hampton and Mary Polly Magee Burris. Children:  Charles E.

 Burris and Margaret E. Burris who married Wm. Franklin Ellzey. According to the Pike County WPA book,

he served on the Pike Board of Supervisors for 40 years and was president of the board about 25 years.

(6). Ebenezer Gatlin , born in 1841 in Pike Co., Mississippi and died May 12, 1864, during the Civil War in

Spotsylvania, Virginia.

(7). Thomas Gatlin, born about 1843 in Pike Co., Mississippi and died in 1864 in the Civil War.

(8). Nathaniel W. Gatlin, born about 1845 in Pike Co., Mississippi, married Sarah D. Terrell, and their children

 were Mimie and Lula.

(9.) William Gatlin, b. Abt. 1847, Pike Co., Mississippi.

(10). Henry Gatlin, b. Abt. 1849, Pike Co., Mississippi.


4. Alfred Gatlin born in 1813.  He never married and was living with his parents in

the 1860 census.

5. William R. Gatlin was born in 1817 in MS and died in 1875 or 1878. He married

Angeline M. Allen who was born in 1818 in Copiah Co., MS.  They had eleven

children: Benjamin F. born 1836, Cicero Columbus born 1840, Elbert A. born 1841 (married #1 Sarah Hazeltin

 Williams the daughter of Nehemiah and Mary Ann Hart Williams, and #2 Amanda Adelaide Spencer.), James M

. born 1843, John W. born 1846, Henry W. born 1849, Anna born 1850, Nancy J., born 1855 (married William J.

 Reeves), William B., born 1857, Robert Gatlin born 1862, and Fleet Gatlin. Fleet married #1 Mary J. Reeves

and had Lena J., Benjamin, Lula L., Norma H., Albert S., and Julia Belle Gatlin born in 1895. He married a second

 time and had twin daughters, Allie Beacham Gatlin and Maud M. Gatlin, born in 1897.  Allie married Jesse

McCulley and died in 1977.  She is buried in Hollywood Cemetery.


6. Nancy Gatlin born 1819 in MS married William Cooper.