Letter, Luna Skardon to Belle Skardon, 1887

Submitted by John Skardon

This letter was written by Luna Skardon (1862-1934), dated 12 August 1887 in Magnolia, Mississippi to her sister Belle Skardon in New Orleans. John Skardon gave permission for the letter to be used on the web site and is interested in learning why Luna was in Magnolia and in hearing from anyone with information on the Skardon family. The letter offers an interesting glimpse of life in Magnolia, and indeed Pike County, in 1887. Images of the letter can be found below the transcription.

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Magnolia Miss.
August 12th 1887
My dear little sister Belle: -
I suppose you think it is about time for me to answer your letter but you know as people sat the less you have to do the less you want to do, but I am going to try to do better in the future by answering your letters immediately. What is the matter at home I have not received a letter in over a week. [sic] This has been rather a dull week it has rained several days and made it very disagreeable for walking; Monday evening we took a nice stroll and on the way gathered some pretty wild flowers. There are ever so many pretty ferns here I am going to bring some

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home. I am going to bring small ones as they will not be barken. [sic] There were two young boys from the city here they were just as kind and attentive as could be they came around in the evenings and took us out walking and to the train at night; they invited us to play croquette [sic] Wednesday there is a set at the house they are boarding at they hunted all day Tuesday for a nice spot to play and at last chose the ground by the church we were thinking what a nice time we were going to have when I was informed on Wednesday morning that our two boy [sic] left th for the city. Tuesday night Mr. Barnes received a telegram from his mother stating that his sister was very low. I saw in the paper the notice of her death I feel so sorry for him as it was his only sister: she died of diptheria and just a few months younger than you. The young ladies want

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me to join their party and go out bathing with them they go to a creek not very far out they have no bath house but they hang a curtain around the trees and that substitute [sic] for one I told them I would go out with them to [?] but not bathing for me. We went over to the mill this morning to see them grind corn the man in charge kindly showed us around and invited us to come next week as he is going to gin cotton. Is Vivia and Daisy going to call on Mrs. Tak____ as I see she is going to remain in the city for a few weeks. I read the description of her wedding it must have been a grand affair. How are you progressing in your sewing I am anxious to see that mother hubbard [sic] gown. I have been suffering all day with a sore throat but I am going down in town this evening to get some potash. Tell

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Daisy she ought not to celebrate her birthday until I get home. Ask Daisy if she ever met My Clayton in the city he says her face is so familiar his sister graduated at Mrs. Shaw's last June. I am going to write to Papa and Alvin next. I must now close as I think I have told you all the news. Kiss Papa and Mamma and the [sic] all the children for me and ever so many for yourself. Remember me to all my friends.
I remain your loving sister
Write soon and often.


Transcribed 29 October 2006 by Sue Wright

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