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Drive 4.6 miles west from Hwy 15 in Richton, turn right on Leonard Clark Rd. Continue for 3.1 miles. The cemetery is off the road to the right just after Linda Creek.

Copied by Cindy Wines Clark (wife of Gerald Albert Clark) and photographed by her son, Brian Davis Clark, March 2006. Fencing around cemetery has suffered damage from hurricanes coming through the area.

No particular order was taken to record the precise location of each grave so have used the photographs to assemble those stones adjacent to one another.

Initial stones found as you enter (where fencing is down)

[this initial row adjacent the fallen fencing has 4 stones visible in the photograph of which these are known:]

[oblisk] Albert G. Clark, Born Aug. 26, 1893. Died July 15, 1919. [have photo]

Davis Clark, Sept. 3, 1858, March 4, 1932

Mary Clark, wife of Davis Clark, May 4, 1867, October 15, 1904.

[Next row]

[rectangular stone raised above ground with lots of pink flowers:] Virgie Mae Brewer Clark, June 15, 1932, April 22, 1950, The Lord if My Refuge [have photo]

[rectangular stone flush with ground and no flowers:] Inf. Dau. of Virgie Clark, April 19, 1950 [have photo]

[first stone is rounded top with pink vase of flowers, no close up so inscription not known; have photo but no flowers showing:]

Infant Daughter of Harvey & Frances Clark, Born Mar. 9, 1918, Died April 1, 1918. [have photo]

Velma, Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Clark, Oct. [no date] 1921, Mar. 15, 1924 [have photo]

[first double stone with straight 4 sided planter containing dark pink flowers:]

Father, Harvey E. Clark, 1895-1972 [have photo]

Mother, Frances D. Clark, 1896-1984 [have photo]

[next double stone with planter rounded vase-like planter containing pink flowers:]

Henry T. Givens, Apr. 6, 1914, Aug. 27, 1988 [also funeral home metal marker:] Henry T. Givens, 1914-1988 [have photo]

Dillie C. Givens, Aug. 24, 1919, Feb. 18, 1993. [have photo]

[Next row:]

[large rectangular stone with white flowers, no close up photo, inscription known]

Daughter of Mac & Mattie Clark - Debra Clark, Aug. 5, 1957, 5 Oct. 1957 [this stone hand etched with letters] [have photo]

[next is low profile dark stone in photo believe to be:] Our Angel Kimberly Patterson, Sept. 18, 1971, Sept. 19, 1971 [have photo]

Charles E. Edwards, May 1, 1900, Sept. 9, 1940

[Next Row]

[large rectangular stone with red and white flowers, also funeral home metal marker, no close up, inscription not known]

[rectangular stone raised above ground, has pink flowers, no close up photo, inscription not known]

[double stone with vase-shaped planter in center containing pink flowers and a 2nd pot of pink flowers sitting in front of planter; also large stone urn containing white flowers at the foot of the graves :]

W.R. Clark, 1883-1972 [William Riley Clark] [have photo] [and] Ruthie Clark 1894-1962 [have photo]

Nettie Clark, Aug. 2, 1930, Aug. 16, 1930, Our Daughter [Lamb on top] [have photo, has pink flowers]

Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ulmer Clark, Aug. 17, 1939 [have photo, has pink flowers]

[Next row]

Randall Robert Clark 1933-1934 [have photo]

[double stone with entire burial area stone covered; square-sided planters at either end, father's end planter contains US Flag:]

CLARK, Davis "Boss", Jr. 1897-1979 [in center on scroll:] Married Mar. 21, 1926, Mertis 1909-1999 [have photos]

[Next Row]

[Double stone with square-sided planters on each end:]

CLARK, Hardee 1917- [no death date inscribed], [in center in heart shape:] Married April 4, 1946, Lucy 1927-1986 [have photo]

[Double stone with square-sided planter in center containing red poinsettia plant with US Flag and red with white ribbon:]

CLARK, Mac B. Oct. 16, 1919, Nov. 5, 1979; Mattie M., Oct. 24, 1923, Mar. 15, 2001 [have photo]

[Next row]

[heart shaped stone with heart inside heart design containing childs hands and flowers, inscribed with:] JONES, Justin Michael, Oct. 8, 1992, Feb. 4, 1993, Jesus Loves Me This I Know [have photo]

[standing in center of cemetery facing parking area this will begin right side at fence:]

First row [closest to fence continuing in same direction as before, working from center of cemetery to fencing]

[double stone with vase-shaped planters on each end containing red poinsettia flowers:]

THORNTON, Lester Franklin, Feb. 12, 1925, Oct. 15, 1994, Virginia Vance, Oct. 9, 1928, [no death date inscribed], [inscribed across bottom:] Gone But Not Forgotten [have photos[

[also has metal funeral home marker in front of Lester's side] [metal military marker at foot of Lester's grave:]

Lester F. Thornton, CM3 US Navy, World War II, Feb. 25, 1925, Oct. 14, 1994. [have photo]

[Inscribed on reverse side of double stone:] Children / Jerry / Deborah / Dean [have photo]

[Next row]

[double stone with vase-shaped planter containing pink and white flowers in center on top of inscribed:] "CLARK" "Rest In Peace"

Father, Leonard McKinley, June 2, 1902, Feb. 12, 1981; Mother, Dicie Culpepper, Sept. 5, 1908, Aug. 1, 1999 [both grave areas contain full size stones covering them with each inscribed with praying hands facing each other] [have photo]

[Next row]

[double stone with vase-shaped planters at each end containing yellow roses, mother's side only have stone full-sized slab with large cross inscribed]

CLARK, McKinley Ray, Aug. 22, 1933 [no death date inscribed or full-sized slab like wife's has]; Gloria Serros, Sept. 12, 1925, July 22, 1974, [below her 'Bible' plate is inscribed: A True Christian / A Loving Mother / A Perfect Wife [have photos]

[Next Row]

Michael Charles Clark, July 5, 1968, Sept. 2, 1986, The Way of the Cross Leads Home [on reverse of stone is inscribed:] Son of Charles & Ann Clark, Sisters Kim and Lisa [stone has flower arrangement on top with blue/purple and yellow flowers] [have photos]

[thus the contents of this cemetery as of March 29th 2006.]

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