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Burkett, Gabriel 4, 5, 6

Chappell, Joshua C. 6, 7

Eaton, J. A. 8, 9

Garraway, S. T. 10

Rawls, Benjamin 2, 3

Page 1 The records contained in this book are transcribed from the Will Records of Perry County, Mississippi, District 2 and are officially transferred to Forrest County, Mississippi on 17 April, 1908.
Page 2 The Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Rawls
Signed: (not legible)
Filed: (not legible)
Recorded: 27 March 1889 by A. H. McSwain, Clerk
Named Heirs: Sons Prentice Rawls and Reuben Rawls, daughter Martha Lorena Rawls, wife Catherine Hattin Rawls
General Provisions: Mill and mill place to sons Prentice and Reubin. All rents, issue, profit and income to wife Catherine Hattin Rawls until youngest son is 21, and if he dies until Prentice is 21. The Mineral Springs place to daughter Martha Lorena.
Witnesses: D. M. Carter, James Edmonson, Morgan Hudson
Page 4 The Last Will and Testament of Gabriel Burkett
Signed: 11 August 1882
Filed and Recorded: 28 March 1889
Named Heirs: Daughters Haseltine Gillis, Martha Ann Weldy, Elizabeth Travis, Mary Ann Jones, Susan Bernelia Burkett and Epsey Jane Burkett. Sons Brice Burkett, William Burkett, Andrew Jackson Burkett, Gabriel Burkett. Wife Bettie. Infant sons John sons John Baylis Burkett and Robert Burkett.
General Provisions: If the children of my first wife protest this will, their portion is to lapse...

Page 6 The Last Will and Testament of Joshua Chappell Signed: 4 December 1886
Filed and Recorded: 28 March 1889
Named Heirs: Nieces Martha Ann Burkett, Sarah W. Burkett, Mary A. Burkett
Executor: Brother, A. B. Chappell
Witnesses: H. E. Lee, J. A. Easterling, John A. Travis

Page 8
The Last Will and Testament of J. A. Eaton
Signed: 5 October 1887
Recorded: 28 March 1889
Named Heirs: Wife Lucy Eaton, and children Gertrude and Annie; refers to children of former marriages but does not name any specifically. Sons Walter and S. C. Eaton; granddaughter Almer E. Travis, who is the daughter of Susan Francis Travis and Dr. B. F. Travis. Daughter Sarah Magnolia Eaton, Son Van B. Eaton, Son Robert E. Eaton
General Provisions: house and property to wife Lucy Eaton and children Gertrude and Annie, but if they die to other children issues of former marriages. Covington County land to son Walter. $1500 to son S. C. Eaton. $1500 to granddaughter Almer E. Travis.
Witnesses: William Hemeter and J. L. Finley
Page 10
The Last Will and Testament of S. T. Garraway, Sr .
Signed 4 August 1890
Recorded 12 May 1891
Named Heirs: Children William A. Garraway, S. T. Garraway, Jr., J. P. Garraway, Sarah J. Burt, Clarisa Maddocks, Matilda I. Nichols, Lucretia Pearce, Margaret E. Pearce, Melissa S. Batson.
Executors: A. J. Thomas and J. C. Pearce
Witnesses: Hugh McCallum, J. N. McCoy

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