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1908 - 1924

Forrest County was created from the 2nd Judicial District of PErry County in 1908.

 This is an abstract of public records found in the office of the Forrest County Chanceery Clerk in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The documents were presented to the clerk for filing and recording. The clerk copied the documents into the record book and it is the clerk's typed or handwritten copies of the original documents that are abstracted here. Sometimes spellings varied and names and initials were interchanged. I tried to write what the clerk wrote. Sometimes there are names but no relationship with the testator is given and sometimes the relationship is given but not the name. If you request copies from the clerk's office please note the full title of the book including the dates. If the document is multipaged you will need to request copies of each page.

Anderson, B. L. 65-66
Allen, B. J. 66-68
Archer, W. N. 96-97
Arledge, Mrs. W. H. 121-122
Acree, James O'Neal 141-142

Batson, Laomi 2-3
Brown, Mons A. 37
Burnett, Allison Dill 26-89
Brown, M. B. 127-128

Colton, Julia E. 10-13
Colton, Julia E. 14-16
Colton, Sarah O. 16-18
Conner, W. M. 25-26
Cox, Mary A. 33-34
Carter, Sarah A. 35-36
Crow, T. E. 38-39
Collier, D. W. 47-49
Collier, Morey C. 70-73
Calhoun, Miss A. A. 84-86
Cochran, G. 94-95
Campbell, Jno W. 108-109

Dunn, Mrs. Flora A. 118
Draughn, V. W. 128-129
Draper, Jason T. 14-5-9

Eddins, Mrs. Mary Ann 21-7

Fairley, John 7-8
Frost, Harriet E. 8-9
Flowers, A. F. 110-118
Fohey, Michael D. 133-5

Goldsmith, Early 3-4
Griffin, J.C. 82-83
Gomez, Mrs. Gertie 90-1
Griffin, D. B. 106-7-8
Gordon, Lizzie 59-161

Herrin, W. E. 69
Herrin, W. E. (Proof) 68-69
Hawkins, Mrs. Ellen Lee 102
Herrin, Mrs. Pearl Gardner 119-120
Holloway, Ann (see Deed Rec. 23 p. 150)
Hudson, John C. 126-127
Harris, Irene 140-1

Jenkins, W. J. 22-23

Katzenstein, Adelaid 9-10
Katzenstein, Eugene 10
Korndorffer, Pat?? M. 19
Kamper, Mrs. Anna Rebecca 143-4
(copy of Last Will and Testament)
Kamper, John
Deed of Record Book 14 Page 508-9
Laird, Emmie Lorena 64-5
(This entry was on the K page
and there was no L page in this index)

Mento, Alice Powell 1
Matthews, A. J. 24
Morris, F. M. 43-7
Montaguy, A. A. 84
Mixon, George E, 158
McPherson, William Jr. 49-57
McPherson, Alexander 60-64
McClanahan, Butler 93

Norton, Mrs. N. S. 41-2

Porter, James F. 5
Powe, F. H. 30-1
Queen 135-6
Pitts, J. R. S. 99-101

Storey, Simon H. 59
Rick, Mrs. A. E. 28-9

Saley, Emily 20
Sims, Mrs. Chester 31-2
Sloan, Lizzie 40-1
Stevens, J. J. 97-99

Thompson, M. L. 57
Townsend, J. A. 123-4-5
Trigg, Albertus, S. 130
Turner, John L. 150-2

Wahrindorff, Henry 13
Winslow, J. M. 1-2
Watson, Mrs. Martha A. 73-81
Ward, Mrs. L. L. 103-105
West, Nancy P. 108-109
Wyatt, Myrtle 137-8
Watkins, Mamie 136
Watkins, Mamie Inman 138-9
(Affidavit of Subscribing Witnesses)
White, A. H. 153-157
York, Mrs. W. J. 122-3

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