History of Mississippi
Panola County

WAS established February 9th 1836. By an act of the Legislature, passed the 14th of February, 1836, A. B. Saunders, Chas. Bowen, B. W. Wilson, and John C. Henderson were appointed commissioners to organize the county.

Among the early settlers of the county were Orville Harrison, D. J. Goff, E. Q. Vance, father of Hon. C. B. Vance, who represented the county in the State Senate in 1878 and 1880; Garland G. Nelson, John Rayburn, who was first Senator from the county; David McKinney. Thos. B. Hill, both of whom represented the county in the lower branch of the Legislature ; Jeff J. Meek, John R. Dickens, W. B. Dickens; the family of Killabrew, R. N. Childress, a member of the Legislature from the county; Isaac N. Davis, familiarly known as "Panola Davis," who served the county as State Senator for four years; Thos. F. Wilson, William and John H. Keith, J. T. M. Burnbridge, the first probate judge atter the organization of the county; J. C. Armstrong, first clerk of the county; Jas. L. Fletcher, L. J. Tnylor, the father of Hon. Robert L. Taylor, a lawyer of distinction, who has been prominent in Mississippi politics for a number of years; he served the county one term in the State Senate, and was in 1889 a popular candidate for the nomination of Governor, and was a delegate from the State at large in the Constitutional Convention of 1890; Simpson Lester, Monroe Kyle, father of Hon. John C. Kyle, who served one term as State Senator, two terms as Railroad Commissioner, and is now a member of Congress from the dis~rict in '"hich he lives; Hon. Anthony Foster, who was twice a member of the Legislature from the county; David Butts, Dr. Henry Lard, Wilson T. Caruthers; Dr. C. K. Caruthers has represented the county in both branches of the: Legislature and is now State Senator; E. H. Bolton, George P. Anderson, Garland G. Nelson, Dr. Mc-Mullen, Wm. R. Robertson, R. W. Brahan and W. M. Estelle; the two latter represented the county in tho lower branch of the Legislature.

Much of the lands of Panola county are rich and productive. The valleys of the Tallahatchie and Yockona rivers are dotted with well improved farms; the soil on these two streams respond generously to cultivation, and the same may be said of the uplands, creek and branch bottoms.

The early towns were Belmont, Burlingham and Panola. The present towns are Sardis, the county site, with a population of probably 1200; Batesville, with a population approximating one thousand; Como and Courtland each have a much smaller population. This county is divided into two judicial districts, Batesville being the seat of justice for the second.

The principal streams in the county are the Tallahatchie and Yockona rivers, McIver, Long, Peach and Hoatophu creeks.

The only railroad is the Mississippi and Tennessee, which runs very nearly through the center of the county. There are 215,529 acres of cleared land in Panola, the average value of which per acre, as rendered to the assessor, is $6.98. The total value of cleared lands in the county, including incorporated towns, is $1,922,654.00. Panola county is well watered, has a thrifty and prosperous population, with excellent church and educational advantages. The population of the county as shown by the census report of 1890: whites, 9,064; colored, 17,913; total 26,977.

1837 John RayburnDavid McKinney
1838-'39 John RayburnThos. B. Hill
1840 Thos. B HillR. M. Childress
1841 Thos. B. HillAnthony B. Foster
1842 Thos. H. Hill
1843 Thos B. Hill
1844 Jno. W. LampkinR. W. Brahan
1846 Jno. W LampkinAnthony Foster
1848 J. L. AlcornT. F. Wilson
1850 J. L. AlcornW. M. Estelle
1852 J. L. AlcornWm. S. Keith
1854 J. L. AlcornJno. R. Dickens
1856-'57 I. N. DavisW. B. Johnson
1858 I. N. DavisT. B. Moseley
1859-'60.'61 J. E. TalliaferroA. I. Ellis, W. B. Dickens
1861-'62 J. E. Talliaferro F. B. Irby, W. B Dickens
1865-'66-'67 H. Mosely I. Ellis, B. F. Irby
1870 Jas. H. PierceA. R. Howe, J. H. Piles
1871 Jas. H. PIerceA R. Howe, J. H. Piles, Jno. Cooke
1872-'73 Jas. H. PierceOrange Brunt, Thos. Sykes, D. T. J. Matthews
1874-'75 R. H. TaylorD. F. Floyd, J. G. Hall, Jr, G. Vaughan.
1878 C. B. Vance H. A. Moody, Wm. D. Miller, Jas. M Young
1880 C. B. Vance M. T. Wright, S. T. Pollard, A. Fields
1882 Jno. C. Kyle N. C. Knox, J. O. Askew, A. B. Poston
1884 Jno. C. Kyle J. O. Askew,W. W.Caldwell, J. T. Settle
1886 J. B. BootheJno. Flower, J. L. McGehee, S. C Cook
1888 J. B. Boothe Jno. Flower. C. K. Caruthers, B. H. Payne
1890 C. K. CaruthersA. S. Yarbrough, G. V. Harris, J. H. Jones

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