Compiled by David Mize. Submitted by Bobby Mitchell.

L. N. Rivers, 1904-1908

J. C. Miller, 1908-1912

R. D. Ford, 1912-1916

R. F. Dancy, 1916-1920

L. B. Slayden Sr., 1920-1924

R. D. Ford, 1924-1928

R. F. Dancy, 1928-1932

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Jones, 1932-1936

L. D. Tucker, 1936-1940

L. B. Slayden Jr., 1940-1944

R. L. Tucker, 1944-1948

L. B. Slayden Jr., 1948-1952

Sam Coopwood, 1952-1956

Harold E. Crowder, 1956-1960

Sol C. Cox, 1960-1964

J. M. (Flick) Ash, 1964-1968

Johnny Taylor Sr., 1968-1976

Kenneth Smith, 1976-1980

***Osborne Bell Sr., 1980-1986

**Parker Bell, 1986-1986

*Bobby Joe Adkins, 1986-1988

Jimmy Dale Green Sr., 1988-1992

Earnest Cunningham, 1992-1996

Kenneth Dickerson, 1996-Present

*Elected to fill the unexpired term of Osborne Bell Sr.

**Father of Osborne Bell Sr., appointed to Interim Sheriff

***First elected black Sheriff, killed in the line of duty in May of 1986

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