Confederate Monument Drive
The Gray Ghost, Vol. XX, No. 1, Jan-Feb 2001, Pg 7

Michael Grissom, author of Southern by the Grace of God, is spearheading a drive to build a new Confederate monument in Wynnewood, OK. Already nearly 120 veterans have been identified with the search still active for more names. The names of all the known CSA veterans who ever lived in Wynnewood will be inscribed on the monument. Those from MS who have been identified so far are listed below.

Name, Regiment

Chisholm, Pvt. William J., Co. E., Power's MS Cav.
Cunningham, Pvt. John F., Co. F, 1st MS Cav.
Elliott, Pvt. John Cyrus, Co. C., 12th MS Cav.
Frost, Pvt. James White, Co. 1, 4th MS Cav.
Harvey, Pvt. James D., C. E, 19th MS Inf.
Kennedy, Cpt. James L., Co. B, 32nd MS Inf.
King, 2nd Lt. William A., Co. H, 23rd MS Inf.
Long, Pvt. Henry T., Co. H, 34th MS Inf.
Marshall, Sgt. David Carr, Co. E, 7th MS Inf.
McCoy, Pvt. L.J., Co. D, 1st MS Inf.
Riggan, Pvt. Benjamin J., Co. H, 2nd MS Inf.
Stephenson, Sgt. Albert J., Co. C, 17th MS Inf.
Weir, Pvt. Robert Champ, Co. H, 3rd MS Cav.
Yelverton, Pvt. William J., Co. A, 4th MS Cav.

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