Confederate Obituaries
The Gray Ghost, Vol XVIII, No. 4 July-Aug 1999
By Bobby J. Mitchell

For this issue of the GRAY GHOST I thought it would be interesting to note some of the obituaries I copied while working on my calendar project.

THE SOUTH April 25, 1901

A letter has been received by the sheriff from the UCV Camp Commander in Cleburne, TX, stating the camp had buried a man named C.J. Benton, formerly of Marshall County, and during the War a member of Company G, 17th MS Infantry. He was a brother of Mrs. Jno. R. Norfleet of Collierville, and the uncle of Brooks Norfleet of Memphis.


A. B. Crawley died at the home of his son, W. A. Crawley, the old Luckie house on Salem Avenue in Holly Springs. He died on Tuesday, and was buried on Wednesday at Slayden. He leaves two sons, Gus Crawley of Mt.nPleasant, and W. A. Crawley of Holly Springs. He was an old Confederate Veteran. (Note: We have not identified which state A. B. Crawley served from in the WBTS. He does not have Confederate information on his tombstone. If we can verify his service, we will place a Confederate monument at his grave.)

THE SOUTH Dec 24, 1920

Wm. P. Goodloe died Dec. 14, at San Antonio, TX and was buried by the Confederate Veterans Camp there.

THE SOUTH April 18, 1919

A. J. Rylee (originally from Marshall County) died at Tutwiler on Thursday. He was with Gen. Lee at Appomattox.

THE SOUTH August 25, 1909

Judge Lawrence C. Johnson has died at Beauvoir. He was born in Chester County, South Carolina Aug. 21, 1821. He lived in Marshall County many years. He was a Lt. in Capt. McGowan's Waterford Company in the War Between the States. His residence here is now the President's home at Rust College.

THE REPORTER May 14, 1908

Kit Mot Camp UCV dues are now payable for the year, 20 cents. Camp members who died this year are Major William Strickland; A. J. Wooten; Joe E. Dean; and S. B. McClusky.

THE SOUTH May 20, 1899

James B. Greener is dead at Vicksburg. He enlisted with the Rangers, Co. B, 17th MS Regiment and accompanied the Regt. to Virginia. He was at the Battle of Leesburg or Ball's Bluff when the 17th was driving the enemy over the bluff and into the river. There was left by them in position 2 mountain howitzers and a 12 pounder. Jim Greener mounted the latter and crowded as a victorious rooster when he conquered his foe. He leaves a wife at Melrose, MS.

THE SOUTH May 11, 1908

Jack Oglesby died at his home in this city Wednesday, March 4, 1908 after a lingering illness. He was buried in Asbury Chapel of which he was a member, on Friday. Graveside services were by the Odd Fellows and Masons. He was a good citizen of Holly Springs many years, holding the respect of white and black. He was a faithful attendant of his young masters in the Confederate service; one was killed and the other taken prisoner and was accompanied by his faithful attendant to prison. Afterwards they escaped from northern captors and returned to his post in the army. Several Confederate Veterans contemplated attending the funeral, but were prevented by another burial at the same hour. (Note: This other funeral may have been that of Major Strickland, who also died on March 4. The majority of the information in this obit matches with two brothers listed in Cliff's new book. The brothers were J.P. and W.B. Ogilvie, which is very close in spelling to this name. Cliff's statistics show both brothers as killed in action though.)

THE SOUTH March 11, 1908

S(amuel) B(ennett) McClusky died Feb. 22, 1908 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. L. Nicholson. He was interred near his former home at Slayden, MS by the side of his companion who preceded him by 5 years. He leaves one son and daughter and grandchildren. He was a Primitive Baptist and a veteran of the Lost Cause. (Note: It was particularly gratifying to find McClusky's death date and burial place, as I had looked for him as a Confederate pensioner. He does not have any kind of tombstone. As soon as we can verify his record in the 9th MS Infantry, we will secure a tombstone for him. I feel we can locate an exact burial place for him, as his wife is buried at Slayden.)

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