Marshall County Companies
The Gray Ghost, May-June 1997
By Bobby J. Mitchell

J. B. Mattison, Editor and Publisher of The South, began a quest to identify Confederate Units raised in Marshall with his May 4, 1905 edition of his paper. Over a period of some months, various veterans came forward with identification of some of the Companies he was seeking. The following is the list he acquired:

Home Guards, Capt. Thomas Harris
Jeff Davis Rifles, Capt. Sam Benton
Quitman Rifles, Capt. Robt. McGowan
Confederate Guards, Capt. W.S. Featherston
*Rough and Ready, H.C. Williamson
Mississippi Rangers, Capt. John McGuirk
An Infantry Company, raised by Thomas A. Falconer (Goodman Guards)
An Infantry Company, raised by Bernard G. Brown (Pettus Rangers)
A Cavalry Company, raised by John H. Morgan (John Hunt Morgan of Kentucky Fame)
Chulahoma Cavalry Company, by Thomas Hardin
Byhalia Rifles, by Capt. George B. Myers
Walker Reserves, by George Mosely
Point Mount Rifles, by J.J. Milam
Cavalry Company, raised by Cal. T. Smith (Co. C, 18th Cav Batt.)
Cavalry Company, raised by Charles Webber
Mt. Pleasant Rifles, raised by William Ivy
Co. I, 9th Miss Infantry, Capt. George W. Braden
Cavalry Company, Capt. William R. Mitchell (Outlaw's Battalion)
Cavalry Company from Chulahoma, Capt. James Barkdale, became part of 3rd Miss Cavalry
Company E, 34th Mississippi, Capt. Walton and Jim Rogers
Company D, 34th Miss Infantry, Capt. M.F. Wilkins, later Capt. William Jeffries
Company I, 34th Miss Infantry, Capt. Jerome Bowen

*Please note additional information: The "Rough and Readies" was Company D, 17th Mississippi Infantry, composed of 150 Marshall County MS boys. Ron (Silas) R. Goodwin is an historian of the 17th Mississippi Infantry working in Columbus OH and the Captain of a Reenactor Unit, Company D, 17th Mississippi Infantry, Barksdale Brigades, the Marshall County Rough and Readies. For additional information, contact Ron Goodwin.

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