Mississippians at Johnson's Island
The Gray Ghost, July-Aug 1996
By Bobby J. Mitchell

I have recently begun a correspondence with a resident of Oak Harbor, OH. He is interested in the POW camp at Johnson's Island, which is near Oak Harbor. I asked him to search for a possible list of Mississippians buried at Johnson's Island. He searched and found a book "REBELS ON LAKE ERIE", by Charles E. Frohman. The names of the Mississippians were copied just as they were in the book. The list he sent has about sixteen men, some of whom I have located in the MILITARY HISTORY OF MISSISSIPPI, with different variations of spelling. Some of them I have not found at all to this point. Following is a list of men, dates of death, rank, regiment, and the grave number.

Lt. or Capt. J N WILLIAMS, d 8 Dec 63, 6th Miss Inf, Grave No. 117

Lieut. F G W COLEMAN, d 8 Dec 63, 7th Miss Artillery, Grave No. 119

Lieut. Joseph LAWAHE (or James), d 25 Dec 64, Co. C, 18th Miss Cav, Grave No. 124

Lieut. Wm. PEEL, d 17 Feb 65, Co. C, 11th Miss, Grave No. 129

Albert F. FRAZIER (or A J FRAZIER), d 12 Dec 64, Co. H, 15th Miss, (or 21 GYC), Grave No. 143

Lieut. John J. GOBEAU (or GOBO), d 26 Feb 65, Co. B, 10th Miss Inf, Grave No. 148

Col. Jas B. CAMPBELL (or JP), d 4 Feb 64, 27th Miss Inf, Grave No. 152

Lieut. C B NASH (or C C), d 15 Feb 64, Co. H, 30th Miss Inf or 6th La., Grave No 158

1st Lieut. R C LOVE, d 3 Mar 64, Co. K, 1st Miss Art or Ga., Grave No 162

Lieut. R P BOLLING (or BOWLING), d 3 Mar 64, Co H, 6th Georgia or Miss A, Grave No. 164

Lieut. Peter MACKIN (or MANKIN), d 17 May 65, Co. I, 16th Miss Inf, Grave No. 176

Lieut. J P NOLAND (or NOLAN), d 6 Nov 64, English's Miss Bat, Grave No. 196

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