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Biography of Thomas J. Dilliard

2nd Lieutenant, 28th Texas Cavalry

Please Note: Thomas J. Dilliard has no affiliation with Marshall County. I added this article in case someone has a connection with the DILLIARD surname.

By John Patrick Blair
The Gray Ghost, Mar-April 1997 edition

Thomas DILLIARD was born in Bedford County, Tennessee, in 1826 the son of Lunsford Long DILLIARD and Eleanor COPE. Thomas was a farmer as his father before him and it appears that they moved several times before he arrived in the state of Texas. His younger brother, Felix Grundy DILLIARD, was born in Pickens County, Alabama around 1838, but his youngest brother, Nicholas Lunsford DILLIARD, was born in Bedford County, Tennessee around 1841.

It is not known when Lunsford's family moved from Tennessee, but there is a deed of trust filed in Bedford County on March 13, 1841, in which Lunsford sells all his stock, "one mans saddle, one bed and furniture", etc. It appears the family was liquidating their assets so he wouldn't have to move it with him. Lunsford's family came to Texas and settled in Cherokee County with Thomas' uncle, Lewis Henry DILLIARD. It was here that Thomas with his brother, Joel Lewis DILLIARD, helped their father on the farm. In 1852 Thomas married a woman named Martha (maiden name unknown) in Cherokee County.

When war came to Texas in 1861, Thomas didn't immediately enlist as many of his neighbors did. It wasn't until May 1, 1862, that he enlisted for three years at Rusk, Texas, with Horace Randal's Regiment, 1st Texas Lancers. Horace RANDAL had been an officer in the United States Army prior to the outbreak of the war, resigned his commission, and had served in Virginia in 1861 as a private. He returned to Texas in December 1861, or January 1862, with the authority to recruit his regiment. Later in May 1862, Thomas DILLIARD was appointed Second Corporal and his company was designated as Company D, 28th Texas Cavalry.

Although it was originally organized as a cavalry regiment it appears that by the time it was ordered to Little Rock, Arkansas in June 1862, Thomas DILLIARD was elected by the men to the rank of Second Lieutenant of Company D. Unfortunately, his military career was cut short when he died in December 1862, while in Arkansas. The exact cause of death and burial location is unknown.

Very little other information is known of Thomas J. DILLIARD. It appears that his wife never remarried and we only know of his death through her pension application filed in 1899. Thomas J. DILLIARD was my 2nd great grand-uncle.

Lt. Col. Charles Marion Lesueur

4th Texas Cavalry, CSA

Ghost Riders, MOSB Corner
By Bobby J. Mitchell

Please Note: I added this article in case someone has a connection with the LASUEUR surname.

In this issue we will honor Lt. Col. Charles Marion Lesueur, 4th Texas Cavalry, CSA.

Charles Marion Lesueur was born on Dec. 19, 1824, in Madison County, Alabama. His father, Littleberry Lesueur, was a native of Buckingham County, Virginia, and his mother, Penelope King, was a native of North Carolina. The Lesueur's were French Huguenots. Charles was reared primarily in Mississippi, and attended college at Princeton College, Kentucky. At the age of thirteen he united with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and was ever after a faithful member. He was also a Mason and held all Masonic offices available.

During the Mexican War he served in Mexico in the Second Mississippi Rifles. In 1852 he moved to Williamson County, Texas, and lived there or in nearby Milan County for most of the rest of his life.

In 1857 and 1858 he represented Milam and Robertson Counties in the Texas Legislature. He was a member of the 1861 Texas Secession Convention and signed the ordinance of Texas Secession, as a representative of Milam and William Counties.

He raised a company of Cavalrymen and entered the Confederate service as his company's Captain. He served under Sibley, Green, and Hardeman respectively. For meritorius service he was made a Major in 1863, and in 1865, he was made a Lt. Colonel.

Lt. Col. Lesueur was elected treasurer of Williamson County in 1878 and retained that position until his death on Sept. 18, 1889 in Georgetown, Texas. His first wife, Eliza (maiden name unknown), had died in the early 1850s and he remarried on April 6, 1858 to Miss Anie E. Nowlin in Austin, Texas. She survived him by a number of years. There is a tradition that, after the War, he went to Mexico for a period of time before returning to Georgetown. He is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Georgetown.

Lt. Col. Lesueur is the great great great Uncle of Compatriots Bobby and Donald Mitchell and also the great great great great Uncle of Camp member Byrne Carpenter.

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