Marshall County Confederate Companies


1st Regiment, Co A, Walker Reserves

1st Regiment, Co F, Alcorn Rifles

9th Old Regiment, Co B, Home Guards

9th Old Regiment, Co D, Jeff Davis Rifles

9th New Regiment, Co F, Capt. Keith's Company (9th Old Regiment, Co F, Quitman Rifle Guards)

9th New Regiment, Co K, Capt. Monroe's Company

17th Regiment, Co B, Mississippi Rangers

17th Regiment, Co D, Rough & Readies (aka the Rough & Ready Volunteers) [note: listed as raised in Pontotoc on the SVC History of Units page]

17th Regiment, Co F, Samuel Benton Relief Rifles

17th Regiment, Co G, Confederate Guards

19th Regiment, Co I, Marshall Rifles

24th Regiment, Co F, Cummings Grays

34th Regiment, Co D, Mississippi Avengers (aka Wynne Rifles, aka Wynne Reliefs)

34th Regiment, Co E, Coldwater Rebels

34th Regiment, Co F, Goodman Guards

34th Regiment, Co I, Bowen Rebels

44th Regiment, Co H, Pettus Rangers


2nd Regiment Partisan's Regiment, Co F, Reason's Company (Calhoun, Marshall, Tishomingo, Yalobusha)

3rd Regiment, Co E, Richmond's Company

4th Regiment, Co G, McKissack's Company

4th Regiment, Co K, Bowles' Company (aka McEwen's Company)

18th Battalion/Regiment, Co C, Carroll's Company (Marshall, DeSoto, Panola, Yalobusha)

18th Battalion/Regiment, Co I, Wimberly's Company

18th Regiment, Co A, Wimberly's Company

Hughes' Battalion, Co F, Wilbourn's Company

Hughes' Battalion, Co G, Bowles' Company (Lafayette & Marshall)

Minute Men/State Troops:

1st (Blythe's) Battalion Minute Men, Co E, Stillwell's Company (aka 2nd Regiment, Mississippi Partisan Rangers; and aka 1st Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry State Troops)

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