McCambell home at Mt. Pleasant over 100-years-old
Newspaper and Date Unknown
Submitted by Martha Fant

On the West side of the square in the town of Mt. Pleasant, set some distance back from the street, is an old home which is now known as the McCambell home. This home was built by a Mr. McNab more than one hundred years ago. The original was a four-room log house, two large rooms with an open hail between and two shed rooms on the rear. An outside brick chimney decorated each end of the building.

Prior to the Civil War J. W. Ivy bought the home and lived in it until 1870, at which time it was sold to Dr. McCambell, who lived there until his death. Mrs. McCambell and her sons have continued to live there. During the late years the house has been weather-boarded and the open hall closed, but the contour of the house has not been changed.

During the Civil War, when J. W. Ivy lived in this house, he was captured by the Yankees and taken away. Some five or six miles from home it occurred to him to try the Masonic sign on his captors. He did, with the result that he was released at once and allowed to return home.

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