Will of James Mooring, 1857
Submitted by Zee Porter

The State of Mississippi Probate Court
Marshall County May Term 1857

James Mooring, Testr Wills
Freeman H. Mooring )
Robert H. Malone ) Exors.

I, James Mooring of the State of Mississippi and County of Marshall, being of sound mind and memory and believing it for the future welfare of my family, do make my last will and testament.

Item 1st, should there be any debts against me, I wish these paid. 2nd, I give all my estate real and personal ____, money & stocks to Robert H. Malone and Freeman H. Mooring in trust, to be disposed of as hereinafter directed. 4th, I give my son John Mooring four hundred acres of land in Texas, Bexar County. It being the same land bought of Doctor John Jameson by me for which the said John Mooring is to pay eight hundred dollars. I also give him Negroes to the amount of thirty three hundred & fifty dollars, Negro men at eight hundred dollars & women at six hundred dollars, and smaller negroes in the same proportions. Item 5th, I give my daughters Mildred, Susan, Rebecca Willie & Lucy thirty three hundred & fifty dollars, to be paid them at the age of twenty or at marriage, three thousand dollars in Negroes to be valued the same as those given to my son John in Item 4, and three hundred & fifty dollars in money. It is my wish and desire that the Negroes given to my daughters be as much in families and as many of them females as circumstances will admit of. The Negroes given to my above named daughters is given to them during their lifetime and at their death to their children, if any. Item 6th, it is my will and desire that my estate be kept together, farms worked at present, that my children Susan, Rebecca Willie, John & Lucy be raised and educated as nearly alike my other children as circumstances will admit of and the expenses to be paid out of my estate. Item 7, when my son John arrives at the age of nineteen years his legacy to be given him, if my executors think best or safe to do so. Item 8, After all the legacies above provided for have been paid out, I give the balance of my estate to my children and to the children of my deceased children, my grandchildren to receive the same share that their deceased father or mother would have been entitled to receive had they have been still alive, but I do not wish the division of the estate to be made until my son John arrives at the age of nineteen years, but that my son Freeman H. Mooring shall reside at my present homestead and keep my youngest children together, and if my son Freeman is not willing to live at my homestead and take charge of the farm and raise my youngest children, then I desire that Robert H. Malone shall supply his place, and in case that both son Freeman and Robert H. Malone should decline to reside on my Homestead and raise and take care of my youngest children then I desire that my family be kept up by employing a good overseer and the youngest children boarded out and sent to school until my son John shall arrives at the age of nineteen years. Item 9, I do hereby constitute Robert H. Malone and my son Freeman H. Mooring my true and lawful Executors, and having full confidence in their honesty and integrity exempt them from giving security and all other forms and requirements of law whatever. It is also my wish that a fair compensation be allowed R. H. Malone and my son Freeman for their trouble and management of my youngest children & plantation. In testimony I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th April 1857.

James Mooring   (seal)
Attest. Robert S. Greer
F. Jarratt
Joel E. Wynne
Filed May 25, 1857
J. Troundale
, Clk.

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