1930 Census Index
Me - N

First Name
Mead Leroy S. neg 016A 1
Meadow Clara neg 002B 1
Means Alice neg 116A 2 (part)
Means Vennie neg 116A 2 (part)
Mebane Robert E w 134B 3
Mebane Williard w 063A 1 pt
Meek Emmiet w 213A 4 (part)
Merdock John D. neg 028B 1 (part of)
Merdock Marcillus neg 028B 1 (part of)
Merdock Napolian neg 028B 1 (part of)
Merriwether Alie U neg 160B 3 (pt of)
Merriwether EO neg 158A 3 (pt of)
Merriwether Robert neg 158A 3 (pt of)
Mhoon Demsey neg 187A 4
Mhoon Knowledge neg 187A 4
Michen Eddie J neg 142A 3 (pt of)
Mickelrath W W w 152A 3 (pt of)
Mickle John M. w 001B 1
Milam Addie neg 168A 3 (pt)
Milam Beady neg 188B 4
Milam Cicero neg 175B 3 (pt)
Milam Clint neg 184B 4
Milam Elbert neg 173B 3 (pt)
Milam Eliza neg 066B 1 pt
Milam Elliot neg 170B 3 (pt)
Milan Bee neg 198B 4
Milan Clyde neg 198A 4
Milan Henderson neg 187A 4
Milan Leslie C. neg 198B 4
Milan Mary E neg 195B 4
Milan Monie neg 195B 4
Milan Sarah neg 009B 1
Miller A Argus w 244B 5 (pt)
Miller Abran neg 205A 4 (part)
Miller Arthur neg 071A 1 (pt of)
Miller Bad m 232B 5 pt of
Miller Bertha w 114B 2 (part)
Miller Betty w 129A 2 (part)
Miller Clay neg 205A 4 (part)
Miller Clifton neg 206A 4 (part)
Miller Clinton neg 205A 4 (part)
Miller Damon neg 071A 1 (pt of)
Miller Eddie neg 206A 4 (part)
Miller Ernest G. w 016A 1
Miller Ezekiel M neg 236A 5 pt of
Miller Fanny neg 010B 1
Miller Fill neg 205A 4 (part)
Miller Geo neg 162A 3 (pt of)
Miller Haskell w 084A 1 (pt of)
Miller Horace neg 078A 1 (pt of)
Miller Hugh w 215B 4 (part)
Miller Jessie C w 228A 5 pt of
Miller Joe neg 020B 1
Miller Joe w 045A 1 pt
Miller John neg 226B 5
Miller John W. w 069B 1 pt
Miller Jonnie w 222B 4 (part)
Miller JW w 154B 3 (pt of)
Miller Knowledge neg 216B 4 (part)
Miller Maurice M w 223A 4 (part)
Miller Mollie w 223A 4 (part)
Miller Rena neg 091A 2 (pt)
Miller Sallie M. neg 032A 1 (part of)
Miller Sullivan neg 206A 4 (part)
Miller W. Vernon w 225B 5
Miller Willie neg 219A 4 (part)
Millington Susie neg 011A 1
Milliorm? Charlie w 154A 3 (pt of)
Milliorm? JP w 154A 3 (pt of)
Milliorms WT w 161A 3 (pt of)
Millir Mattie w 247A 5 (pt)
Mills Everett w 154B 3 (pt of)
Mills Herman w 114B 2 (part)
Mills Hubert F w 130B 3
Mills James W. w 032B 1 (part of)
Mills Robert w 163B 3 (pt of)
Mills Sallie w 154B 3 (pt of)
Mills Walter w 114B 2 (part)
Mills William T w 251A 5 (pt)
Mimms Siphus neg 037A 1 (part of)
Mims Hubert H w 252A 5 (pt)
Mims James neg 191A 4
Mims Joe neg 078A 1 (pt of)
Mims Kert neg 016A 1
Mims Lee N neg 157A 3 (pt of)
Mims Leroy neg 193A 4
Mims Marion C neg 191A 4
Mims Nathan w 052A 1 pt
Mims Sterling neg 166B 3 (pt)
Mims Tony neg 170B 3 (pt)
Mines Dan neg 054A 1 pt
Minor Ed neg 152B 3 (pt of)
Minor Maggie neg 152B 3 (pt of)
Minor Prince neg 165A 3 (pt)
Mintz Eva M w 230B 5 pt of
Mintz James H. w 224B 5
Mitchel Bennie neg 079A 1 (pt of)
Mitchel Bluford E w 239B 5 pt of
Mitchel Enos neg 078A 1 (pt of)
Mitchel Fannie A w 231A 5 pt of
Mitchel Gene neg 033A 1 (part of)
Mitchel George neg 033A 1 (part of)
Mitchel Ike neg 033A 1 (part of)
Mitchel James w 039B 1 (part of)
Mitchel John neg 033A 1 (part of)
Mitchel Johnie neg 042A 1 (part of)
Mitchel Marshall neg 222B 4 (part)
Mitchel Morgan S. w 039B 1 (part of)
Mitchel Morris B neg 235B 5 pt of
Mitchel Thomas neg 200B 4
Mitchel Tom neg 234A 5 pt of
Mitchell Alice neg 132B 3
Mitchell Ben neg 022B 1
Mitchell Callie neg 108A 2 (pt)
Mitchell Daisy neg 014B 1
Mitchell Dora neg 068A 1 pt
Mitchell Ernest W. w 063A 1 pt
Mitchell George neg 029A 1 (part of)
Mitchell Gobel neg 156B 3 (pt of)
Mitchell John neg 030B 1 (part of)
Mitchell John H neg 251A 5 (pt)
Mitchell Lela M. neg 025A 1
Mitchell Lena M. neg 097A 2 (pt)
Mitchell Mattie neg 089B 2 (pt)
Mitchell Mose neg 156B 3 (pt of)
Mitchell Olivia neg 219B 4 (part)
Mitchell Robert neg 041A 1 (part of)
Mitchell Robert S. w 005A 1
Mitchell Tom neg 116A 2 (part)
Mitchell Walker neg 116A 2 (part)
Mitchell Will Alber w 102A 2 (pt)
Mitchell Willie neg 205A 4 (part)
Mitchell Willie neg 219A 4 (part)
Mitchell Willis neg 219B 4 (part)
Mobley Mary w 084B 1 (pt of)
Mobley Milton w 067A 1 pt
Mobley Paul M. w 067A 1 pt
Mobley William M. w 013A 1
Mobly Stella M w 225B 5
Modusta Carrie neg 121A 2 (part)
Moffatt James F w 132A 3
Moffatt Joe neg 145B 3 (pt of)
Moffatt Mike neg 137B 3 (pt of)
Moffatt SJ neg 147A 3 (pt of)
Moffette Earnest neg 139B 3 (pt of)
Moirs Lousil neg 042B 1 (part of)
Moncrief Lawrence w 217A 4 (part)
Montgomery Dack M. neg 026A 1
Montgomery Daisy T. neg 026A 1
Montgomery Lella w 249B 5 (pt)
Montgomery Marion B w 225B 5
Montgomery Nannie w 247A 5 (pt)
Moody Wiley neg 123B 2 (part)
Moor Charles neg 038B 1 (part of)
Moor Henry neg 035B 1 (part of)
Moore Addie Lee neg 053B 1 pt
Moore Adolph neg 046A 1 pt
Moore Allison R w 228B 5 pt of
Moore Ava neg 253A 5 (pt)
Moore Bart w 014B 1
Moore BB neg 235A 5 pt of
Moore Ben F w 131B 3
Moore Billie w 071B 1 (pt of)
Moore Blanchie? neg 152B 3 (pt of)
Moore C.C. w 056B 1 pt
Moore Caine neg 141B 3 (pt of)
Moore Cecil neg 170B 3 (pt)
Moore Cephas neg 120B 2 (part)
Moore Clara neg 141B 3 (pt of)
Moore Clarence . 117A 2 (part)
Moore Clayton w 006B 1
Moore Dave neg 215A 4 (part)
Moore Douglas neg 254A 5 (pt)
Moore Dudley R Sr w 135B 3
Moore Ernest . 117A 2 (part)
Moore Ernest neg 146B 3 (pt of)
Moore Eugene neg 235B 5 pt of
Moore Fannie neg 061B 1 pt
Moore Felix neg 139A 3 (pt of)
Moore Gradon w 215B 4 (part)
Moore Gus neg 235A 5 pt of
Moore Gus S neg 256A 5 (pt)
Moore Hall R. w 061B 1 pt
Moore Harry neg 061A 1 pt
Moore Henry neg 061A 1 pt
Moore Henry neg 235B 5 pt of
Moore Hermon neg 240A 5 pt of
Moore Ida neg 219B 4 (part)
Moore Irvin neg 236B 5 pt of
Moore James O w 228B 5 pt of
Moore Jim neg 184B 4
Moore Joe neg 120A 2 (part)
Moore Joe neg 141B 3 (pt of)
Moore John neg 152B 3 (pt of)
Moore Jonnie neg 219B 4 (part)
Moore Lawrence w 054A 1 pt
Moore Lency neg 218B 4 (part)
Moore Lizzie neg 240A 5 pt of
Moore Louis w 131B 3
Moore Marg neg 083A 1 (pt of)
Moore Melvin L w 228B 5 pt of
Moore Nannie neg 238A 5 pt of
Moore Ollie neg 235A 5 pt of
Moore O'Neal neg 141B 3 (pt of)
Moore Oscar w 215B 4 (part)
Moore Pink neg 100A 2 (pt)
Moore Rannie neg 045A 1 pt
Moore Regland neg 155A 3 (pt of)
Moore Robert neg 048B 1 pt
Moore Roger w 089A 2 (pt)
Moore Rosa L neg 237B 5 pt of
Moore Rosco neg 234A 5 pt of
Moore Rubert w 243A 5 (pt)
Moore Thornton A. w 015A 1
Moore Tom A. w 061B 1 pt
Moore Walter neg 127A 2 (part)
Moore Walter L neg 179B 3 (pt)
Moore Webster neg 159A 3 (pt of)
Moore Will neg 235B 5 pt of
Moore William C w 228A 5 pt of
Moore William M neg 255B 5 (pt)
Moore Wilson neg 059B 1 pt
Moore Woodson w 119B 2 (part)
Moore John H. neg 001A 1
Mooring Minter neg 223A 4 (part)
Moorland JM Mrs w 161B 3 (pt of)
Moran Ola neg 015A 1
Moran Roscoe neg 006A 1
More Dan neg 208B 4 (part)
More Ella neg 208B 4 (part)
More George neg 073A 1 (pt of)
Morgan Claude w 093A 2 (pt)
Morgan Dalton P w 232B 5 pt of
Morgan Florence w 093A 2 (pt)
Morgan George W w 253A 5 (pt)
Morgan James w 092B 2 (pt)
Morgan Jesse C w 257B 5 (pt)
Morgan Jesse J w 257B 5 (pt)
Morgan Jimmie L w 245A 5 (pt)
Morgan John H w 252A 5 (pt)
Morgan John H. w 094A 2 (pt)
Morgan John W w 252B 5 (pt)
Morgan Kemp w 046A 1 pt
Morgan Monroe w 093A 2 (pt)
Morgan Tom w 092A 2 (pt)
Morgan W Pland w 246A 5 (pt)
Morman CL neg 152B 3 (pt of)
Morman Ranel neg 115B 2 (part)
Mormon Barnett neg 224A 5
Mornan Millie neg 138B 3 (pt of)
Morris Edward w 081A 1 (pt of)
Morris Joseph H. w 010A 1
Morris Rolla A. w 014B 1
Morris Tim neg 059A 1 pt
Morrison DC w 155A 3 (pt of)
Morrison SM w 155A 3 (pt of)
Mortain Walter w 042B 1 (part of)
Mortan Mack neg 042B 1 (part of)
Morton Con neg 198A 4
Morton Frank neg 030A 1 (part of)
Morton George neg 030A 1 (part of)
Morton Nelson neg 116A 2 (part)
Morton Rachal neg 028B 1 (part of)
Morton Robert neg 198A 4
Morton Roy neg 030A 1 (part of)
Mosbey Harly w 086B 2 (part)
Mosby Robert neg 030A 1 (part of)
Mosby Rosevelt neg 073B 1 (pt of)
Mosby Willie neg 243B 5 (pt)
Mosely Bily neg 163B 3 (pt of)
Mosely George neg 035B 1 (part of)
Mosely Josiah neg 035B 1 (part of)
Mosely Lee neg 035B 1 (part of)
Mosely Martha w 053B 1 pt
Mosley Carson neg 155A 3 (pt of)
Mosley Geo neg 163B 3 (pt of)
Mosley John A. neg 035B 1 (part of)
Mosley Josh neg 206B 4 (part)
Mosley Lealar neg 098A 2 (pt)
Mosley Lee neg 163B 3 (pt of)
Mosley Lewis neg 128B 2 (part)
Mosley Wash neg 163B 3 (pt of)
Mosley WM neg 162A 3 (pt of)
Mosly Clease neg 098A 2 (pt)
Mosly Willie James neg 155B 3 (pt of)
Moss Sue w 084A 1 (pt of)
Moten Donnie neg 142B 3 (pt of)
Moton Dan neg 081B 1 (pt of)
Moton Watson neg 072B 1 (pt of)
Mull Cleo neg 109A 2 (pt)
Mull Columbus neg 108A 2 (pt)
Mull Elias neg 089B 2 (pt)
Mull Leone neg 008A 1
Mull Virgil neg 104A 2 (pt)
Mull William H neg 109A 2 (pt)
Mullens Willie neg 068B 1 pt
Mullin Josie neg 065B 1 pt
Mullins Oscar neg 068B 1 pt
Mullins Pap neg 186B 4
Mullins Stephen W. w 008B 1
Munley Ida M. w 093A 2 (pt)
Munn Neal w 063A 1 pt
Munnelly Henry neg 167A 3 (pt)
Murell Jess neg 090B 2 (pt)
Murnan Frank K. w 061B 1 pt
Murphey John w 205B 4 (part)
Murphy A_______ neg 015A 1
Murphy George neg 023A 1
Murphy Lawrence w 203B 4 (part)
Murphy Norman neg 060B 1 pt
Murphy Warren w 213B 4 (part)
Murray George S. neg 003A 1
Murray Lucy neg 030A 1 (part of)
Murray Prudence neg 104A 2 (pt)
Murrell Richie M. neg 003B 1
Murrell Tommie neg 101B 2 (pt)
Murry Andrew w 118B 2 (part)
Murry Arthur neg 070B 1 pt
Muse Bunion neg 218A 4 (part)
Muse Cecil neg 208A 4 (part)
Muse Ellis neg 218A 4 (part)
Muse Fanny neg 218B 4 (part)
Muse Frank neg 184A 4
Muse Griffin neg 078B 1 (pt of)
Muse Henry neg 212A 4 (part)
Muse James neg 214B 4 (part)
Muse Jessie W. neg 074B 1 (pt of)
Muse John C. neg 071B 1 (pt of)
Muse Lewie neg 216A 4 (part)
Muse Madison neg 079A 1 (pt of)
Muse Mary neg 207A 4 (part)
Muse R.C. w 055A 1 pt
Muse Roy neg 209A 4 (part)
Muse Van neg 212B 4 (part)
Muse Wesley neg 079A 1 (pt of)
Myers Archie R w 252A 5 (pt)
Myers Brayne w 001B 1
Myers CC neg 138A 3 (pt of)
Myers Clinton neg 206B 4 (part)
Myers Ella neg 100A 2 (pt)
Myers George D w 131B 3
Myers Henry C w 130B 3
Myers J Talbot Sr w 130A 3
Myers Louis neg 106B 2 (pt)
Myers Luther neg 125A 2 (part)
Myers Mate neg 132A 3
Myers Mattie neg 130B 3
Myers MC neg 142B 3 (pt of)
Myers Norman w 021A 1
Myers Roger S. w 005B 1
Myers Texie D w 133A 3
Myers Washington neg 101A 2 (pt)
Myres Dun neg 111A 2 (part)
Nabors Howard neg 234A 5 pt of
Nadle Licora neg 202A 4
Nailer Rant neg 181B 3 (pt)
Nancy Lula neg 229B 5 pt of
Nanesth Rhueben neg 126B 2 (part)
Naughton Robert neg 002B 1
Naylor James C neg 255B 5 (pt)
Naylor Lizzie w 005B 1
Naylor Ocar neg 234A 5 pt of
Naylor Prentis neg 238B 5 pt of
Neeley CH neg 143B 3 (pt of)
Neely Benie H w 084A 1 (pt of)
Neely Eugene neg 064B 1 pt
Neely Ida w 084A 1 (pt of)
Neely JA neg 144A 3 (pt of)
Neely Jennie neg 144A 3 (pt of)
Neely Jessie neg 064B 1 pt
Neely John P w 132A 3
Neely Mary B w 131B 3
Neely Nester neg 064B 1 pt
Nelms Jack w 245A 5 (pt)
Nelson Bertie neg 112A 2 (part)
Nelson Erma L. neg 224B 5
Nelson Frank neg 226A 5
Nelson G Whitfield w 259B 5 (pt)
Nelson Hiram neg 113B 2 (part)
Nelson Ike neg 112A 2 (part)
Nelson John R. neg 112A 2 (part)
Nelson Julius neg 127A 2 (part)
Nelson Miller w 037A 1 (part of)
Nelson Nathan neg 113B 2 (part)
Nelson Opheral neg 141B 3 (pt of)
Nelums Lelia neg 077A 1 (pt of)
Nesbit Sammie neg 153A 3 (pt of)
Nesbitt James T. neg 071A 1 (pt of)
Nesbitt Lewis neg 076A 1 (pt of)
Nesbitt Mary L. neg 071A 1 (pt of)
Nesby Rhueben neg 127B 2 (part)
Netherland Jack L. w 012A 1
Netles Larra neg 230A 5 pt of
Nevels Edem neg 058B 1 pt
Neville Jesse L neg 155B 3 (pt of)
Neville Jessie w 223B 4 (part)
Newell Savannah neg 069A 1 pt
Newsom Albert neg 198B 4
Newsom Arvon neg 197A 4
Newsom John T w 238B 5 pt of
Newsom Lawrence neg 197A 4
Newsom Mill neg 197A 4
Newsom Ranny neg 198B 4
Newsom Virgil neg 192A 4
Newsom Whitt neg 197A 4
Newsom Will w 202A 4
Newsom William B. w 019B 1
Newsom Willie neg 202A 4
Newson Henry neg 057B 1 pt
Newson John neg 057B 1 pt
Newson John neg 173A 3 (pt)
Newson Lewis w 205A 4 (part)
Newson Oatrus neg 057B 1 pt
Newsone Warren w 073B 1 (pt of)
Nichols Emert neg 174B 3 (pt)
Nichols Emmet L neg 168B 3 (pt)
Nichols Johnie neg 174A 3 (pt)
Nichols Mattie A w 131B 3
Nichols W Maynard w 134A 3
Nicholson David w 099A 2 (pt)
Nicholson Lewis w 099A 2 (pt)
Nicholson Mack w 021A 1
Nicholson Stonewall w 097B 2 (pt)
Nicks Will neg 114B 2 (part)
Nicolson Edd w 217A 4 (part)
Nicolson Harvy w 223B 4 (part)
Nicolson Hollis w 217A 4 (part)
Niven Freda w 016B 1
Niven Marie w 016B 1
Noe Evrett w 163A 3 (pt of)
Noe Walt w 162B 3 (pt of)
Nolan Buford E w 247B 5 (pt)
Nolden Tobe neg 085A 1 (pt of)
Norfleet Ida neg 005B 1
Norfleet John neg 112A 2 (part)
Norfleet John neg 121B 2 (part)
Norfleet Tom neg 123B 2 (part)
Norfleet Will neg 123B 2 (part)
Norman Almeta neg 210B 4 (part)
Norman Dan neg 139B 3 (pt of)
Norman David neg 214A 4 (part)
Norman Fannie neg 064A 1 pt
Norman John neg 177A 3 (pt)
Norman Lee neg 055B 1 pt
Norman Mariah neg 066B 1 pt
Norman Ora Mae neg 138B 3 (pt of)
Normand Jerry neg 193B 4
Normant Eddie neg 124b 2 (part)
Normant Jesse neg 120B 2 (part)
Normant Louis neg 120B 2 (part)
Normant Sallie neg 120B 2 (part)
Normant Sarah neg 125A 2 (part)
Normant Will neg 120B 2 (part)
Norris Alfred neg 119B 2 (part)
Norris John neg 118A 2 (part)
Norris Sallie w 090A 2 (pt)
Norris Wilson neg 113A 2 (part)
Norsworthy WJ w 160A 3 (pt of)
North Ed neg 253B 5 (pt)
Norton Spenser neg 088A 2 (pt)
Norvill Daniel B. w 017B 1
Nunally Ellie neg 222B 4 (part)
Nunally Tom neg 218A 4 (part)
Nunley Billy neg 064B 1 pt
Nunley Clinton neg 080B 1 (pt of)
Nunley Dicy neg 078B 1 (pt of)
Nunley Fayette neg 080B 1 (pt of)
Nunley Good neg 074A 1 (pt of)
Nunley Jim neg 073B 1 (pt of)
Nunley Lara neg 254A 5 (pt)
Nunley Northern neg 232B 5 pt of
Nunley Phill neg 073A 1 (pt of)
Nunley Rachel neg 214B 4 (part)
Nunley Richard neg 058A 1 pt
Nunley Walter neg 074B 1 (pt of)
Nunn Joe neg 108A 2 (pt)
Nunnally Annie neg 181B 3 (pt)
Nunnally Bertie neg 200A 4
Nunnally Jackson neg 201A 4
Nunnally Leonard neg 181B 3 (pt)
Nunnally Louis neg 200A 4
Nunnally Lue neg 007B 1
Nunnally Mansuth neg 200A 4
Nunnally Walter neg 201A 4
Nunnally Willis neg 200A 4
Nunnely Creal neg 200A 4
Nunnely Hustore neg 200A 4
Nunnley Sanders neg 052A 1 pt

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