McClatchey Cemetery
The McClatchey Cemetery is about five miles west of Holly Springs and is on top of a hill, 150 high, adjoining Pigeon Roost Bottom. It is located near the center of Section 8, T4S, R-3-W. William TALIAFERRO owned all of Section 8 when the cemetery was begun. He sold all but the cemetery to Mr. RHINE in 1860 except for the cemetery. Source: McCLATCHEY Family Notes, author unknown, unpublished. Information furnished by McClatchey researcher, Beau Bowen

Name Notes Submitted by
ALEXANDER, (Dorcas) Eliza, buried Nov 1861   Beau Bowen
DeBERRY, Buster, buried ?   Beau Bowen
GRAY, Kate H., buried 1891   Beau Bowen
GREENE, Mrs. M. A., buried ?   Beau Bowen
McCLATCHY, Albert Dewitt, 13 Sep 1864 MS - 1 Oct 1875   Bob Harris
McCLATCHY, Amelia Caroline (Eliza), 1849/MS - 16 Sep 1858   Bob Harris
McCLATCHY, Eliza (unknown maiden name), buried ?   Beau Bowen
McCLATCHY, Frank Taliafello "Tolly" II, buried 1902   Beau Bowen
McCLATCHY, Infant Son, buried ?   Beau Bowen
McCLATCHY, John Hamilton, 1827/NC - 17 Sep 1897   Bob Harris
McCLATCHY, Mary Anna, buried 1882   Beau Bowen
McCLATCHY, Maud Amanda, buried 1881   Beau Bowen
McCLATCHY, William, 3 Feb 1873/MS - 10 Jan 1905   Bob Harris
McCLATCHY, William Alexander, buried 1860   Beau Bowen
McCLATCHY, William Hamilton, buried 1898   Beau Bowen
McCLATCHY, (William) Hamilton Jr., 13 Jan 1786 NC - 20 Sep 1869   Bob Harris
RAGSDALE, Essie, buried ?   Beau Bowen
RAGSDALE, Maynard, buried ?   Beau Bowen
RAGSDALE, Mrs. William, buried ?   Beau Bowen
RAGSDALE, William, buried ?   Beau Bowen
TALIAFERRO, Mary Amanda, buried after 1867   Beau Bowen
TALIAFERRO, Mary Amanda, 1834 AL - 18 Nov 1894   Bob Harris
TALIAFERRO, William A., 1841 MS - 1851   Bob Harris

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