Holbrook Family Cemetery
Potts Camp, near Chewalla Lake
This cemetery is owned by Kim Dickson's family.

Submitted by Kim Dickson. Kim's family owns the Holbrook Family Cemetery.

Name Notes Submitted by
Double Marker:
Freeman, Richard, 10-2-1875 to 10-4-1876
Freeman, Lizzie L., 4-12-1878 to 4-12-1878
  Kim Dickson
Children of W B and M J Freeman:
Tazewell B. Brown, 2nd Lt. C.O.C. 2 Miss Partisan Rangers C.S.A., 5-24-1828 to 2-4-1882
Eugene Thomas Holbrook, 1-27-1896 to 9-9-1906
Holbrook, Infant, 1919
Holbrook, Marshall Clifton, 1-31-1914 to 6-18-1915
Holbrook, James Knott, 1-10-1916 to 1-26-1928
  Kim Dickson
Double marker:
Holbrook, Bob, 7-24-1865 to 4-6-1931
Brown, Kate, 10-4-1870 to 11-26-1951
  Kim Dickson
Holbrook, Earnest Dabney, 6-6-1911 to 11-21-1982 this stone lists DOB as 6-5-1911 but that was my grandmother's dob on the 5th. His was 6th Kim Dickson
Double Marker:
Holbrook, Tommy Lee, 2-25-1935 to 2-23-1998
Holbrook, C. Jane, 2-21-1950 to
  Kim Dickson
Holbrook, Arthur Taswell, Ms Corp 31 Co. Trans Corps, 5-7-1930 this is the only date listed....I don't know if it is dob or dod Kim Dickson
Sands, S. C., 8-16-1819 to 3-28-1886   Kim Dickson
Sans, Mahalia, Wife of S. C. Sans, 8-1-1818 to 8-26-1898 this does spell as Sans on this stone Kim Dickson
Work, Clarence, 12-30-1899 to 2-1-1900   Kim Dickson

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