Employment of R. R. Black
Submitted by Molly McKinley

"We the undersigned citizens of Holly Springs, Miss., agree to pay the amount set apposite our names each month for the purpose of employing a night Watchman for said city. And we recommend the appointment of R. R. Black as such Night Watchman"

B.S Hun, .50

H. D. Dix, 1.00

H.C. Walters (Walten?), .50

W.A. McDonald, Jr., .50

R.S. Hillam?, .50

H. T. Colson, .50

O. Quiggins, .50

W.L. Roberts, .50

H.C. Polk, .25

Henry Davis, .25

M. C. Jones, .50

A. T. (J.?) Byrant, .50

H. Sander, 1.00

B. L. Howard, .50

S. Bair (Ban?), .50

Holly Springs Fair, 1.00

F. Matteson, .50

A.M. Daughtry, .50

R.O. H-------?, 1.00

Isidor Blumenthol, .50

G (S?) Levy, .50

J. W. Bass, .25

E.L. McKie, .50

H.E. Whiteside, .50

Hall Jr., .50

Tilmon Hill, .25

D.B. Wright, .50 (submitter's note: crossed off, not sure why)

J. B. Evans, 1.00

Lovis Arthur, .25

J.S. Doxey, .25

A.A. Armstrong, .50

T. H. Kelly, .50

Harry Jackobson, .25

Mat Woodard, .25

J.W. Connell, .50

H.W. Doxey, .25

Molly McKinley has the bank deposit statement from the "Bank of Holly Springs" dated Sept., Oct. and Nov. of 1897 and signed by W. T. Brown of the bank stating that Rufus Black received this amount of money. Molly is the great-granddaughter of Rufus Richard Black.

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