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September 4, 1924

Mr. and Mrs. Biles, of south Mississippi, have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Miller.

Frank Peel has returned from visiting friends in the Delta.

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. McCandless and little daughter, Ruby Mae, and Miss Mary Lou Thomas have returned from visiting Mrs. Rutledge, in Iuka, Miss.

R. L. Minor visited his daughter in Memphis last week.

Andrew Peel was at Malone Sunday afternoon.

Those from here to town last week were Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Nicholson, R. Y. Snipes, R. L. Minor, B. W. Shaw, Joe Ben Shaw, Jesse Shaw, J. N. Neville, L. A. and Elmer Edlin, Robert Shaw, Frank Fesmire, J. M. and Misses Corinne and Gladys Miller, M.M. and Misses Sadie and Jennie Miller.

Miss Annie Winn Miller has gone to Memphis to teach.

November 27, 1924

Mr. and Mrs. R. Y. Snipes and Mrs. Bettie Sanders motored to Oxford Sunday to see Mrs. O. L. Snipes, who is a convalescent in Dr. Bramlett's hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Nicholson spent Sunday visiting Mrs. Mary Wylee, near Holly Springs and J. C. Fitch at Slayden.

H. R. Nicholson has a new car.

O. L. Snipes, of Tyro, and Mr. Holley, of Oxford visited R. Y. Snipes last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jones, of Holly Springs, were here last Sunday.

R. Y. Snipes has a new car.

J. C. Fitch, of Slayden, was a visitor here this week.

Misses Murphy and Harmon and George Frayzer, of near Harmontown were visitors at Mt. Moriah Sunday.

Miss Mary Thomas has recently purchased a Fordson tractor and a gristmill.

Hugh Henderson, of near Potts Camp was a visitor in the home of Mrs. Bettie Sanders Sunday.

Jim Sanders of Free Springs, visited relatives here Sunday.

Those from here to town last week were Ed Fitch, R. L. Minor, Mr. and Mrs. R. Y. Snipes, Ruby Snipes, Mrs. Bettie Sanders, Greene Shaw, Tillman Snipes, Jim Smith, Frank Peel and L. A., Elma and Hub? Edlin.

December 4, 1924

A combination pie-supper and stunt ____ was given at the school house on Wednesday evening.

Mrs. R. Y. Snipes and family spent Thanksgiving Day with her sisters. Mrs. J. B. Hyde of Thyatira, and Mrs. Leo Hicks of Wyatte.

S. J. Nicholson made a business trip to Memphis last week.

Mrs. C. D. Freeman and son, of Memphis, were guests of her father, R. L. Minor, several days last week.

Mrs. Jeff Thomas, Mrs. Edd Palmer, Mrs. Ida Shaw, Sidney Shaw, and L. A. Miller have been on the sick list. Mr. Miller is still quite ill.

Mrs. C. P. McCandless and daughter of Water Valley, were the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Palmer, Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Jeff Cathey, Jr., and little daughter, Margaret Eloise, are visiting her aunt, Mrs. Mary Wylie, near Holly Springs.

John Billingsley and daughter, Miss Vida, and Joe Ben Shaw, were business visitors to Oxford last week.

October 23, 1924

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Higginbotham and son of near Malone, visited her father, John Murphy near Laws Hill.

Mrs. Ed Fitch and son, Otis, were business visitors in town last week.

R. Y. Snipes was a visitor in Tyro last Saturday.

S. J. Nicholson has a new car.

Lawrence Murphy gave a party last Friday night.

Mrs. E. R. McGowan, of Holly Springs was in our community last week.

December 18, 1924

Rev. G. C. Sandusky preached to a large congregation at Mt. Moriah Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Seth Thomas, of near Chulahoma, who is visiting at Mrs. W. Thomas, is very ill.

Misses Aileen Boatwright and Mattye Gallegly spent last week end with Miss Gallayhly's parents, near Abbeville.

A Christmas tree and short program will be given at Mt. Moriah on Tuesday evening, December 23rd. Everyone is invited.

January 29, 1925

Mrs. Lyda Harris of Memphis, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. ?. Miller. Mr. Miller is improving.

R. L. Minor was a visitor in Tyro last Thursday.

Mrs. Flora Edlin has been visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. McCalister, near Harmontown, who has been quite ill.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Horne have moved from Blackwater to J. C. Fitch's place, near here.

R. L. and Elliott Minor were recent visitors in Memphis.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shaw, of near Harmontown, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Shaw, last week.

News was received a few days ago of the death of Ed Houston, near Harmontown from pneumonia.

R. L. Snipes has a new yard at his home and has completed a new tenant house on his farm.

Mr. Newsom and S. R. Crawford, of Holly Springs were bird hunting in this vicinity last week.

Jesse Shaw and family have moved to his mother's home place near here.

May 1, 1925

Mrs. C. D. Freeman and children, of Memphis are spending a few days with her father, R. L. Minor.

Mrs. John _______ of Clarksdale, who has been visiting her daughter, at Marianna, extended her visit to relatives in this place.

R. Y. Snipes and R. L. Minor were business visitors to Memphis Wednesday of last week.

Jesse Moncrief, of Harmontown, preached to large congregation at Wesson Chapel Sunday.

Mrs. Jesse Fesmire has been very ill.

News is received of the serious illness of Otis, Jr., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Snipes of Tyro. He has been taken to a hospital in Oxford.

Mrs. S. A. Minor is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mary Wylie, in Victoria.

Misses Corrinne and Gladys Miller visited relatives in Waterford last week.

Mrs. Ed Fitch is shipping cream.

J. N. Neville was in Waterford Saturday.

Mrs. L. H. Miller has been very ill.


January 9, 1964

Mrs. Marvin Floate

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hunter of Abbeville spent Sunday with Mrs. W. T. Hartley and Arthur and Mrs. Evelyn Hurst, Billy and Tommy.

Mr. and Mrs. Stockard and Randy of Memphis visited Mr. and Mrs. Harold Myracle one day this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Shelma Hartley of Laws Hill and Mrs. Jesse Boswell and baby of Mount Pleasant visited Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Hartley and Elaine Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Floate and girls spent Sunday night and Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hunter, Mrs. Maureen Dameworth and Candy and Dana at Abbeville.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hartley and Terry spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Strickland at Ashland.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Dell Wilson of Marianna were supper guests of Mrs. W. T. Hartley and Arthur, Mrs. Evelyn Hurst and boys and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Floate and girls Saturday night.

Susan Stewart of Memphis spent the week with Mrs. W. T. Hartley, Mrs. Marvin Floate and Elaine Hartley.

Roland Billingsley of Memphis visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wright Billingsley, New Years Day.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Myracle

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