Sept. 30, 1891
Holly Springs South

Our Circuit Court has been in session for ten days and has done a good work. The Sheriff has his juries and witnesses all on hand, cases have been disposed of with dispatch, our jail has been emptied, and the prisoners sentenced, Judge Fant tempering justice with mercy. A host of witnesses have been before the Grand Jury, and although some hardships may have been endured by individuals, so far as we have heard the service has been rendered with a cheerfulness and alacrity unprecedented in the annals of this court, there being a general disposition on the part of our citizens to do all in their power to sustain the court in enforcing the law. Judge Fant, District Attorney Spight and the Grand Jury have faithfully discharged their duty and are universally commended for their diligence. The following cases on the criminal docket were disposed of up to Tuesday noon:

State vs. Willis More, gaming, plead guilty, fine $5.00.

State vs. Columbus Dodson, unlawful cohabitation, not guilty.

State vs. Steve Palmer, not guilty.

State vs. Moses Clark, shooting with intent to kill, guilty, fine $100 and costs.

State vs. Emmett Hale, retailing, guilty.

State vs. Henry Fant and Lucy Herns, unlawful cohabitation, fine $5 and one day in jail.

State vs. Wm. Wilkins, enticing away laborers, not guilty.

State vs. Wm. Henderson, enticing away laborers, not guilty.

State vs. Harrison Lea, retailing, not guilty.

State vs. Chas. Webb, retailing, not guilty.

State vs. Green Williams, manslaughter, guilty, one year county jail.

State vs. John Stinson, petit larceny, guilty, $25, 60 days in county jail.

State vs. John Black, retailing, guilty in 10 cases, fine $600 and costs and forfeits license.

State vs. Moses Henderson, grand larceny, plead guilty, penitentiary five years.

State vs. Walter Asbrook, obtaining money under false pretenses, guilty, 6 months county jail.

State vs. Moses Clark, burglary, guilty, 3 years in penitentiary.

State vs. Marshall Barker, burglary, guilty, 2 years in penitentiary.

State vs. Wyatt Cathay, retailing, guilty, fine $25 and costs.

State vs. Henry Malone, manslaughter.

State vs. Henry McDonald and Wm. Frost, obstructing railroad, guilty, 5 years each in penitentiary.

State vs. Moses Henderson, forgery, guilty, 3 years in penitentiary.

State vs. Ross Bowen, getting money under false pretenses, guilty, fine $25 and 12 months in jail.

State vs. Morgan, murder, continued until spring term.

A Sneak Thief: Entered the residence of Mr. Henry Dancy Thursday night, stole his watch and pocket pieces from his pants, hanging near the bed, he entered and departed through the window. Mr. Dancy offers a liberal reward for both watch and thief.

Vocal Class: Miss Annie E. Linn, a vocal teacher of a very high order, a lady of culture and refinement, has accepted the invitation of the ______ department of the N. M. P. College to organize and teach a vocal class in that institution. Miss Linn, has attended the conservatory of music both at Chicago and _________ and has been a successful teacher in the schools at Oxford, and the SOUTH hopes she will meet with the encouragement she deserves.

Miss E. D. Watson has taken her departure to make her home in Memphis, she leaves many warm friends behind, who deeply regret the sundering of ties which have existed for many long years. It is a sad fact to contemplate that with her departure the last living representative of a family so intimately connected with the destines of the Flower City, almost from its very foundation has left us Judge J. W. C. Watson her illustrious father who was for 50 years an active factor in every thing that pertained to the welfare of our town and county, has gone to rest, his place can never be filled. William and Stagey, two gallant boys, gave their lives for their country. Edward the chivalrous talented lawyer and orator the pride of his fellow countrymen, death has robbed us of, and James left us to find a wider field for his energy and talents, and now Miss Lizzie, the kind gentle loving friend and companion of matured matrons and blooming girl hood whose talent, and refined nature will make her an accession of value to any community, has seen it to her interest to leave the home of her childhood, and we part with her with exceeding great regret.

The widow Martin has two nice rooms for rent or will take a few boarders. For particulars apply to her or at this office.

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