Jan. 20, 1871
The Reporter

To Teachers The county Treasurer desires teachers, who have claims on the School fund, under the old regime, to present them before the fund is turned over to the School Commissioners.

Admitted Our former townsman, Capt. John S. Fennell, was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Mississippi on last Wednesday. John is practicing at Hernando, DeSoto county, and we are glad to learn is doing well. He was our comrade and messmate during the first year of the late war, and we ever found him the upright, courteous gentleman. His many friends in Marshall wish him the most abundant success.

In Memphis Our clever young friend, J. B. Walthall, is now with the well-known house of A. C. Treadwell & Bros., 11 Union St., Memphis. Bal is one of the cleverest and best of business men, and is with a house that has peculiar claims upon North Mississippi. The Messrs. Treadwell are Marshall county boys, having been raised near Lamar. They represent one of the most reliable houses in the South.

Disappointed On Friday last, hundreds of negroes flocked to Holly Springs, to witness the hanging of Edmund Tunstall, negro. They were greatly disappointed when they learned that the execution had been postponed, and the poor, guilty wretch had a few more weeks to live and prepare for death. This desire to see a human being suffer death at the hands of the law, added to the superstitious fear with which they obey every order from their Radical masters, furnishes a beautiful picture of the nature of the persons whom Radicals have made voters, law makers and law expounders.

The Bank At the recent meeting of the Stockholders of the Holly Springs Savings and Insurance Company, the former Board of Trustees was re-elected. Maj. Brodie S. Crump was re-elected Cashier. The condition of the company is prosperous, and its management highly satisfactory. It now occupies its new and secure building, which is an ornament to our city. The business of the institution is bound to increase.

G. T. A. Col. S. E. Carey, the courteous Sam, who is regarded as one of the most efficient railroad men in the country, has been offered the position of General Ticket Agent of the New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad. A better appointment could not be made. Sam is not only a No. 1 officer, but we want him nearer us than he has been since he left the Miss. Central.

Married In the Presbyterian Church, Oxford, Miss., on Tuesday, Jan. 10th, 1871, by Rev. Jno. N. Craig, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Holly Springs, Frank F. Thompson, of New Orleans, La., and Miss Alice M. Barringer, daughter of Col. Paul B. Barringer, of Oxford.

At the residence of Mrs. E. M. Kilpatrick, in Marshall County, on Thursday, Jan. 12th, 1871, by Rev. Angus Johnson, Mr. L. B. Suggs, of Memphis, Tenn., and Miss A. E. Houston, of Marshall county.

At the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Columbus, Miss., on the night of the 4th Jan., 1871, by Rev. T. Y. Ramey, Presiding Elder, Rev. Geo. T. Stainback, Pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and Miss Mary Jane Mason, all of Columbus.

At the residence of the bride's father, W. H. Young, Jan. 3d, 1871, by the Rev. J. H. Brooks, Mr. Henry Harris and Miss Minnie Young, both of Marshall.

The Monument At a meeting of the Committee to select a Monument to the patriotic dead of the 15th Mississippi Regiment, held at Grenada, January 11th, out of 104 designs presented, the preference was given to one of the two presented by Prof. C. C. W. Morgan of Morgan, Anderson & Co., Holly Springs Marble Yard. The design of Prof. M. is one of singular beauty and appropriateness. When our people consider that designs were sent from nearly every portion of the country, they can appreciate the compliment to one of our own citizens, and to one of our own enterprises.

Agricultural Convention At a meeting held in the Court House on Wednesday, January 18th, 1871, the following gentlemen were appointed as delegates to the Agricultural Convention, to be held at Jackson, Mississippi, on Monday, January 23d, 1871: Gen. A. M. West, A. Q. Withers, Wm. M. Wilkins, T. J. Hudson, Wilson Durham, B. W. Upshaw, Levi Cummings, A. L. Hill, J. B. Mattison and Chas. Razall. On motion, the President and Secretary were added to the list of delegates.

Good On the last day of his late term, Chancellor Stearnes did a good deed, for which we wish to give him due credit. Alex Dougherty (negro), city policeman, receives a salary of $15 per month in addition to his pay as policeman, for keeping the Court House in good order. During the term of the Chancery Court which ended last week, he hired a negro boy to bring water and make fires, and agree to pay him $5. On Saturday, Alex. asked the court to allow him an account for waiting on the Court Room, at $1.50 per day. This was quite impudent, when we consider that Alex had not waited on the room, but was already receiving pay as policeman, and monthly wages for waiting on the building. The Judge very properly refused to allow the account. Alex initiates the example of his white chums of the Radical party, and believes in plural office holding and heap of pay.

Died Near Byhalia, Marshall co., Miss., on Monday, Jan. 23rd, 1871, at 11½ o'clock, a.m., of typhoid pneumonia, Mrs. Caroline E. Thornton, wife of John F. Thornton, Esq.; aged 48 years. Obituary notice next week. May God comfort the bereaved husband and child.

At her residence in Holly Springs, Miss., on Sunday morning, January 22d, 1871, at 15 minutes to 9, Mrs. Piety H. Douk in the 68th year of her age. The deceased was born in Wake county, N. C., on the 13th, March 1803. She had been a citizen of Marshall county for many years. It is impossible in a newspaper notice to do justice to her many excellent noble traits of head and heart. She was a kind neighbor, an affectionate wife, devoted mother, and a consistent Christian. She expressed perfect willingness to die, for her life had been made up of good deeds. She left her husband, two daughters, three sons, and many relatives to mourn her death. May God, who does all things in love and mercy, comfort them.

Married At the residence of the bride's father, Chas. W. Anderson, Esq., 5 miles west of Holly Springs, on Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 21th, 1871, 11 o'clock, by Rev. E. E. Hamilton, P. E. Iuka District, Mr. John E. Christy, of Holly Springs, and Miss Mollie E. Anderson of Marshall county.

In Clinton, Ky., on Thursday, January 12th, 1871, at the residence of Col. W. R. Bradley, Joseph F. Fortune, Esq., of St. Louis, Mo., and Miss Lizzie C. Smith, of Clinton. The bride was for several months a citizen of Holly Springs, and has many friends here. May happiness ever attend the newly married couple. May Fortune's smiles ever be hers.

At Christ Church, in Holly Springs, on Wednesday evening, January 25th, 1871, by Rev. J. T. Pickett, Rector, Mr. E. D. Clark, of Vicksburg, Miss., and Miss Carey Freeman of Holly Springs, daughter of Mrs. Kate W. Freeman, and grand daughter of B. W. Walthall, Esq. Attendants: Roswell N. Booth, Vicksburg, and Miss Maggie H. Glenn, Bardstown, Ky.; George M. Walthall, Water Valley, and Miss Lizzie Robinson, Louisville, Ky.; George K. Birchett, Vicksburg, and Miss Corinne Leggett, Holly Springs; M. Marshall, Vicksburg, and Miss _____ Lea, Holly Springs; H. P. Brenham, Oxford, and Miss Ada Connelly, Holly Springs; G. Y. Freeman, Holly Springs, and Miss Linda Brenham, Oxford. The lovely bride was raised in our city, and is one of the most beautiful and charming of our many fascinating ladies. She carries with her to her Vicksburg home the love and best wishes of hosts of warm friends who have admired her from her childhood. May her whole life be happy; the fortunate bridegroom has won the love and hand of a dear being who will be a helpmeet to him indeed; one who will double his joys, and divide with him the cares of life. May the joys be innumerable, and the cares few. Our prayers go with her, and for the happy couple we ask Heaven's choicest blessings.

Married In Lamar, Jan. 17th, 1871, by M. H. Thomson, J. P., Mr. J. B. Vicory and Miss Georgie Terry, of Benton county, Miss.

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