July 12, 1870
Holly Springs Conservative


Having established in Holly Springs a general Life and Fire Agency Office for the district of North Mississippi, and believing that we represent, in the Globe Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York one of America’s first companies in the Life Department, and the United States Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Baltimore, MD., and the Liverpool, London and Globe Fire Insurance Company, two of the safest, as well as the most enterprising companies in the Fire Department, we would recommend these companies as staunch and reliable institutions, in which, those who desire Life or Fire Policies can invest without fear of lose in the future. We would, therefore, very respectively ask the patronage of our citizens in North Mississippi and especially in Holly Springs, to the end that our new and growing enterprise may prove a benefit to our policy-holders and a success to ourselves. JONES, GOVAN & HOLLAND.

THE CONSERVATIVE, published every Tuesday Morning. JOHN CALHOON, Editor and Proprietor.

TO OUR PATRONS! Having purchased a full and complete assortment of the very latest styles of Job Type Material, including one of the latest and most approved GORDON POWER PRESSES, our facilities are such as to enable us to turn out the very best quality of work at Memphis prices.

We keep on hand all kinds of STATIONERY, INKS of all colors, BRONZES, Etc., Etc.

We can not be excelled in speed quality, or speed.

THE CONSERVATIVE can be had at the Drug and Book Store of B.H. Smith & Co.: also at the new’s stand of Sam’l Mason in the front room of the Post Office.

If you want to buy goods cheap for cash, go to the cash store of W.H. Flinn north side of the square. Holly Springs, Miss.

W.T. Lewis & Co., have just received a large lot of fresh flour which they offer for sale at prices that defy competition. They have also received a large and varied assortment of fancy and _____ groceries.

Prescriptions accurately compounded at H.H. SMITH & CO_S.

WOOL FACTORY. J.A. S____? has a Wool Factory 11 miles from Holly Springs, near ___?____ ___?___ Creek, where makes the ____?___ ___?___ rolls. His price for Carding is _?_ cents per pound. All work in his __?__ __?__ promptness an dispatch.

Died near Mount Pleasant on July ?, Mr. H.H. Wise?man.

NOTICE. Having been appointed Constable in District No. 1, Holly Springs ? my friends and patrons will find me ready at all times to serve writs and other process, issuing from the Magistrate’s Court in District No. 1. I will attend also promptly to the collection of all claims entrusted to me. You will find me at the office occupied by me at the Mayor’s Office. Chas. Drake, Constable.


THE Examination Exercises of this truly excellent institution commenced on Monday the 27th ?, continuing two days and attended by a large number of parents and guardians from various portions of the state. It was not our fortune to be present upon either of these days, but we are informed by those in attendence, that the exercises which were conducted with commendable system, were entirely satisfactory to the interested patrons and highly entertaining to all. The proficiency of all the classes examined bears testimony to the skill and zeal of the Sister as instructors, and furnishes a strong recommendation to the patrons of the school, of the system of discipline and instructions adopted by the principals. The polite and respectful behavior of the pupils toward each other, and the marked deference they are ever ready to show their teachers, is a noticeable and beautiful feature of this Institution. Upon the third day, Wednesday, by the courtesy of the Sisters, we were afforded the pleasure of attending the Exhibition. At the hour of 9 o’clock a.m., the study hall of the Academy was crowded with eager spectators, a large number of whom hailed from distant portions of the state, the parents, the guardians and friends of the pupils in attendance upon th school. The exhibition opened with a “March” by an accomplished trio of young ladies, Misses Minnie Walter, Velerie Wooten, and Helen McKiel, who were greeted with smiles, a round of applause and a shower of superb bouquets. This was followed by the “Welcome Song”, which was sung by the entire school with an animation that won the attention of both the musical and uncultivated ear and charmed with its vibrating and sweetness the entire audience. “Moonlight Sweet Moonlight” and other vocal and instrumental duets and solos charmed the audience for several hours and reflected the highest credit upon the young ladies of the Institution as well as the Sister to whose earnest efforts in the department of music they are greatly indebted for their proficiency of execution.

Secondary Literary Honors. The following named young ladies received the second literary honors: Bettie A. Cooper, Georgia A. Dean, Spencer R. Benson, Jennie H. Morris, Mary F. Flautt, Mary E. Anderson, Helen R. McKiel, Sallie Hawkins.

The Validictory. The validictory was sung by the beautiful and gifted graduates, misses Walter and Wooten, whose superior literary attainments and musical accomplishments added to their graceful, gentle and refined manners, mark them as women fitted to adorn the most exalted stations in life, and whose admirable womanly traits of character and peculiarly adapted to elevating the tone and promoting the happiness of the quiet home circle. After the validictory they were crowned by Father Wyse, when the entire school joined in a farewell song beautiful and sad, which was followed by an appropriate address by Father Wyse. Literature and Music, of the sister Muses, A Composition by the Graduates. This was decidedly the feature of the exhibition, and received the ______ of all capable of appreciating elegant composition _____ ____ ______ _____. Bethlehem Academy has been in existence but 19 months. So ably has it been managed by the Sisters of Charity in charge of several of the departments, that it can already boast 126 pupils. The rapidity of its progress, is unparalled by any school in the state, and Bethlehem Academy is destined to become the largest and most popular institution of learning in the South.

AMUSING SCENE.--The usual monotony of Court Room routine was enlivened one day during the present term of our Circuit Court by an amusing faux pax of a negro juror, Wm. Brunson, Esq. Mr. Brunson being a sworn juror and seated in the box listening to the argument of.......

GLOBE MUTUAL.--The office of the old reliable Globe Mutual has been removed to the rooms over Capt. Franks store, where one or other of those enterprising agents, Messrs. Jones, Govan, and Holland may always be found.

COMPLIMENTARY BALL.--A Grand Ball, complimentary to the graduating class of Bethlehem Academy--class of June, 1870--will be given by the young men of Holly Springs, on Wednesday the 20th just.

OFFICERS OF SHAW UNIVERSITY.--At a recent meeting of the Board of Trusrees of the Shaw University, the Rev. A.C. McDonald was chosen President. The following gentlemen constitute the present Board of Trustees: Gen. A.M. West, President; W.L. Jones, Secretary; R.S. Rust, Treasurer.

REDUCED PRICES. H.H. Smith & Co. notify the public that having bought out the Book Store of Paine & Co., they are determined to undersell any other persons engaged in the business in this city. They offer the public all literary works at publisher’s prices, and will furnish stationery of every description at prices lower than the same articles can be purchased in Memphis. Possessing extraordinary facilities in purchasing their stock, they can afford to offer you extra inducements. H.H. SMITH & CO.

MARRIED. July 5th, 1870, by Rev. J.H. Brooks, D... J.R. Dougherty and Miss S. Fannie Wheatley.

J.B. MATTISON, dealer in HARDWARE --and-- Agriculture Implements, Southwest Cor. Public Square, Holly Springs, Miss. Builder’s Hardware, Mechanical Tools, Farma and Garden Implements, at J.B. MATTISON’S, also Washing Machines, FARM PUMPS, --- Agent for Victor Mills, Cook’s Evaporators, Milopr--- W-------, which he will sell at Manufacture’s listing. ---------?

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