June 6, 1842
The Guard, Holly Springs, MS

Trust Sale - By virtue of a deed of trust to me executed by William Tabor, dated May 27, 1841, and duly recorded in the office of the Probate Clerk of Marshall county, Miss., and in deed book I, pages 287 and 288, to secure the payment of a certain promissory note therein specified. I shall sell for cash to the highest bidder, at the residence of the said Tabor, on Saturday the 10th day of December next one negro woman named Hannah, and two children, Caroline and Sarah; also, two Sorrel Horses, eighteen head of Cattle, one yoke of Oxen, thirty head of Hogs, 30 head of Sheep, one Spinning Jin, four beds and furniture, one double barreled Shot Gun, and the Household and Kitchen Furniture of said Tabor, or so much of said property as will pay the debt secured in said trust. The title to the above property is believed to be good, but I shall only convey such title as is in the vested as trustee. J. W. Matthews, Trustee, July 6, 1842.-21-s.

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