July 24, 1840
Submitted by Sylvia Akin

CONCERT. It will be borne in mind that this evening the celebrated Herr Schmidt, intends giving a Grand Concert in the Ball room over Messrs. Cato & Hicks'. His accomplishments as a concertist, are too well known to need any recommendation from us, --all the beauty and fashion of our town is expected will be there.

On Monday next, Herr Schmidt will give a Cotillion Party at Mr. Cato's saloon, when all the beauty and fashion will, we have no doubt assemble. We trust that many partners in cotillions will conclude to become partners for life, and that the usual fee in cases of matrimony, will crowd into our office during the season; "cake and wine" are not bad to take these hard times, and our mouth already begins to water in anticipation of such happy consummation.

MISSISSIPPI UNION BANK. It appears that the Directory have refused to comply with the requisitions of the "Bank Law," of the last Legislature. We will give the correspondence on the subject next week.

To the Tippecanoe Clubs of Arkansas and Mississippi.

At a joint meeting recently held by the Tippecanoe Club of La Grange, Tennessee and Holly Springs, Mississippi, it was Ordered that a grand WHIG FESTIVAL be holden at the Log Cabin Encampment, Marshall County, Mississippi near the Tennessee line on the First Thursday of August next. The object of this meeting is to bring together as many of our fellow citizens as possible that we may reason with one another, as also to hear public discussion upon the all important topic which is now agitating our country; to wit: the approaching Presidential Election.

The undersigned being appointed a Joint Committee of invitation, beg leave respectfully to request that you will attend and cooperate with them at the time and place appointed.

We confidentially trust, that as true Whigs and Members of Tippecanoe Associations, you will either attend by Clubs or deputation. Respct.



Copy of a letter from Gen. Harrison to J. M. Berrien, Esq.

MISS. UNION POST NOTES - Will be received at one half for goods only by WILL ARTHUR, March 31, 1840.

FURNITURE!!! Much Cheaper Than Heretofore.

The subscriber keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of Furniture, such as Sideboards, Bureaus, secretary's wardrobes, China Presses, Breakfast, Dining, and Pillar, and Claw tables, and many other articles that persons can see by calling.

As he is in constant operation, persons wanting furniture will lay in their bills and they will be attended to without delay. Having spent some time in Baltimore last Summer endeavoring to become more acquainted with the Fashions and the art of polishing, now flatters himself that he can give general satisfaction. Shop on the east side of the cross street in the rear of the Union House.
JESSE P. NORFLEET - Holly Springs, April 28.

All persons indebted to the firm of Hatchel & Norfleet, are requested to call and pay up. J.P.N.

Dr. J. W. DAVIS, PHYSICIAN, SURGEON, &c. Office on La Grange Street next door North of Holbrooks & Rutherford's Store. Holly Springs, Miss., July 7, 1840.


Taken up by George W. Goodwin living on section five, town two, range one, one red steer with a white belly and stare in his face, marked with a crop slit and under bit in the right, 4 years old, with a brass bell on. Also, one red and white cided steer, the same age, marked with a crop and slit and under bit in the right and slit in the left; appraised to $25. May 23, 1840.

Taken up by Thomas M. Sims, living in Mt. Pleasant, one bay horse, some white hairs in his forehead, small snips on his nose 4 years old, about 15 hands high, a scar on his right hip; appraised to $55. June 3, 1840.

Taken up by Charles E. Matthews, 7-miles north of Holly Springs, one dark brown horse mule, 3 years old; appraised to $25. June 13, 1840

Taken up by George Dogget, living one mile from Lamar, on the Hudsonville road, one bay mare 5 years old, about 14 hands, high left eye weak; appraised to $55. June 20, 1840

Taken up by Mary Reyonalds, living 10 miles east of Holly Springs, one bay mare mule about 2 years old about 4 feet 4 inches high; appraised to $30.

GEORGE W. GRAHAM, Rang'r. June 11, 1840.

ALEX B. BRADFORD, Attorney at Law, Holly Springs, Miss. Will practice in the Circuit Court & Marshall and the adjoining Counties in the Chancery Court at Oxford, in the Federal Court at Pontotoc, and the high Court of Errors and appeals at Jackson. March 23, 1839.

H. W. WALTER, Attorney at law. Office in the Brick Row South of the Square. Holly Springs, March 24.

A. W. GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, has permanently settled in Holly Springs, Miss. He will attend the Courts of all the Northern Counties in said State. Also in the Supreme, Chancery and Federal Courts. Holly Springs, June 5.

JNO. QUILLIN, Attorney at Law, will practice in the Chancery Court at Oxford, and all the Courts of the Northern Counties. Office, Holly Springs, Miss. June 2d, 1840.

Law Partnership - Jas. Rucks & William Yerger have formed a partnership in the practice of the Law. They will attend to all business intrusted to them in the High Court of Errors and Appeals - the Superior Court of Chancery and the Federal Court in the city of Jackson - and one or the other of them will also attend the Circuit Court of Hinds and Madison counties held at Canton and Raymond.  Their office is the same heretofore occupied by Hays and Yerger.  City of Jackson, Jan. 27, 1840. The Mississippian, Vicksburg Whig, Holly Springs Banner, Raymond Times and Canton Whig Advocate will insert the above three months, and forward their accounts to this office. - Southern Sun. Feb 8.

MEDICAL NOTICE - Doct. LEROY K. BRANCH tenders his services to the citizens of Holly Springs and vicinity.  OFFICE - above stairs in the brick house owned by Haden & Cummings, northwest of the Square, where he may be found at all times unless professionally engaged. May 19.

DENTISTRY - CHARLES O'BRYAN Surgeon Dentist Has located in Holly Springs where he will spend the present year. Persons from the country will be waited on at all times. Office on the West side of the square.

TRUST SALE. Notice is hereby given that on the __ day of January in the year 1841 the undersigned will, by virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to him by Robert J. Holbrook and Wright H. Rutherford for the benefit of John Hardin proceed to sell at the Court House in the town Holly Springs, in Marshall County, Mississippi, at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, the following Negroes, slaves for life -- to wit: one Negro girl named Ciller, aged about 18 years; one Negro boy named Nat, aged 12 years; one Negro boy Miles, aged 3 years and one Negro boy named George aged 1 year, or so many of them as may be required to satisfy the provisions of said deed of trust, unless the debt there unspecified be previously paid off by said Holbrook & Rutherford; including all costs. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock (noon) of said day. Said deed is recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Probate Court of Marshall County, Mississippi, and is dated 7th March, 1840.  JOHN L. CHISM, Trustee. Holly Springs, Miss., July 11th, 1840

NOTICE. To all persons interested in the lands, tenements and hereditaments of the Estate of Aaron Root dec'd. Notice is hereby given to be and appear before the Probate Court of Pontotoc county to be held on the 3rd day of August next., then and there to shew cause if any they can, why the Real Estate of said deceased should not be sold--the said having been reported insolvent.  By order of the Judge. J. A. McNIEL, Clerk. June 1st, 1840.

BILL FOR DIVORCE. The State of Mississippi, Tippah County, Circuit court, June term, 1840. Samuel Johnson vs. Elizabeth Johnson. This day came the plaintiff by his attorney and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the defendant resides without the limits of this State so that the ordinary process of law cannot be served upon her. It is therefore ordered by the Court, that publication be made for three months in the Conservative, a newspaper published in the town of Holly Springs, State of Mississippi, requesting the said Elizabeth Johnson to be and personally appear, plead, answer or demur to plaintiffs bill at the next term of this Court to be held on the first Monday in October next, otherwise this cause will be set down for hearing and the allegations contained in plaintiffs bill will be taken as confessed.  A true copy from the minutes. HARDY W. STCKLIRIN, Clerk. July 7, 1840.

$15,000. The subscriber offers for sale their large and splendid stock of GOODS amounting to $15,000, at cost and carriage for Tennessee, Alabama & Louisiana funds, persons wishing to purchase would do well to call and that quickly. BRUNSON CHEATHAM & CO. No Credit Given. June 23, 1840.

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