June 19, 1840
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Submitted by Pat Still

The Circuit Court for Marshall County has been in session about three weeks. Judge Adams presiding. About 450 judgments have been rendered. Two cases of the McEwen, King & Co. Bank was decided in favor of the defendants. So it appears none but the Directors are liable. In the case of Westbrooks for the murder of Sol. B. Isaacs, Esq., the indictment was quashed in consequence of the incompetence of one of the Grand Jurors plea and abatement was however sustained--The very gentlemanly deportment of his Honor has won for him an excellent name with the Bar and community at large--The court will probably adjourn on to-morrow.

“Go it Boots.--Messrs. Sims, Rusher & Co. are running an opposition line of four horse post coaches, between Lexington, and Jackson, to the regular mail line, it is said that they go through in 8 hours (75 miles) and with Mr. Gibson's from Holly Springs to Jackson, in the short space of two days.

TIPPECANOE CLUB. The Marshall County, Tippecanoe Club met this evening June 15th, according to appointment. The President in the chair. After the house was called to order, the following resolutions were adopted. Resolved, That O.D. Watson, H.W. Wilson, Hannibal Harris, Dr. J.S. Curtis, Byrd Hill, H.H. Means, Edward L. Travis, George W. Wyatt, Dr. W.V. Taylor, W. G. Ervine, W.H. Woodward be and are hereby appointed a committee to meet with a similar committee, appointed by the T Club of Lagrange, Ten., on next Saturday (20) at 12 o'clock, for the purpose of selecting a place. The time and making all necessary and proper arrangements for the contemplated festival. Resolved, That the committee of vigilance be extended to one hundred and fifty. Resolved, That O.D. Watson, William Finley, H.O. Allen, S.L. Carroll, J.R. Wilson, W. Arthur, George West, W.G. Ervin, W.B. Spinks, J.H. Nelson be appointed a committee for the purpose of procuring whig newspapers for the use of our society. Resolved, that this society respectively invite the Whigs throughout the county to form similar societies in their respective neighborhoods. Resolved, That Col. P.W. Lucas be requested to address the society on the prospects of Old Tippecanoe in the North and the principles of the party in general. After a long and able discourse from Col. Lucas the society adjourned. Resolved, That the following gentlemen be constituted a committee of vigilance for the county Marshall to use all fair and honorable means in their power to elect Wm. Henry Harrison President, and John Tyler, Vice-President of the United States: J.H. Crisp, Thos. Hunt, G.H. White, A.R. Govan, Jas. Boyd, Saml. Harper, W.L. Beard, John Caruth, John C. Barret, D.E. Brittanham, J.W. Dismukes, Duncan Hill, Clement Benton, J.N. Phifer, H.O. Allen, M.W. Moore, Thos. J. Malone, Robert J. Moore, T.R. Herron, W. McEwen, W.B. Spinks, Thomas Lane, J.G. Walker, L.M. James, Thorton Davis, J. Briscoe, Thomas Lomax, John Williams, T.G. Davis, Robert Raiford, J.D. Wimberly, Thos, Raiford, Alf Simpson, L. Deloach, A.J. Garrison, R.H. Wall, H.H. Means, Hobson Ferrell, William Means, Allen Hill, John L. (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?)......

MARRIED. On th 11th inst., Mr. A.G. Dum, to Miss Elizabeth L. Harris, all of this county.

NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Hernando Rail-Road and Banking Company. The Stock holders in the Hernando Rail Road and Banking Company are requested to convene at Hernando, Desoto County, Miss, on the 5th day of July next, on business of importance. EDWD. ORNE, Pres't. Hernando, June 15th, 1840.

NOTICE. The undersigned have this day dissolved partnership by mutual consent. Those having claims against the concern the concern will present them to Jno. P. Woodward for payment. And those indebted to the firm will call and make payment to the same.............the firm............... WOODWARD & ALLEN. Holly Springs, June 15, 1840.

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