June 5, 1840
Conservative & Holly Springs Banner
Submitted by Pat Still

MRS. E.D. CUVILLIER will give lessons on the Piano Forte, and in Vocal Music at her room in the Female Institute, in Holly Springs. Hours of attendance, from 9 o'clock A.M. until 12 at noon. Terms $25 per session of 20 weeks, two lessons per week; and $5 per session, for the use of instrument, payable in advance. Holly Springs. April 14.

DENTISTRY, CHARLES O'BRYAN, SURGEON DENTIST. Has located in Holly Springs, where he will spend the present year. Persons from the country will be waited on at all times. Office on the west side of the square.

NOTICE. By virtue of a deed of trust, executed to me by John Gordon, and which has been duly registered in the Registers office of Marshall County, Mississippi, I shall offer for sale to the highest bidder, for cash, on the second Monday in June next, at the Court House door, in the town of Holly Springs a section of land known as section 10 in township 5, of range 5, west of the base meridian, in the late Chickasaw Cession, containing 640 acres more or less.--The sale will be made in conformity to the provisions of the deed to me, and as the title is believed to be good, I shall only convey such title as is vested in me by said deed. F. HACKNEY, Trustee. March 31st, 1840.

We acknowledge the receipt of valuable public documents from the Hon. John Henderson and the Hon. A.G. Brown.

The June term of the Circuit Court commenced its session in this place on Monday last, Judge Adams presiding. We understand there is about 10040 cases to be disposed of.

In a few weeks we intend to publish the speech of the Hon. John Henderson, our senator in Congress on the reception of petitions to abolish slavery. Mr. Henderson is becoming quite popular in debate, and has observed a very consistent bearing in congress which must redound much to his character as a legislator.

Our thanks to the Hon. Edward Stanley for valuable Pub. Docs.

PUBLIC MEETING. At a meeting of the Subscribers to the Miss. Union Bank, held at the Court House in Holly Springs on the 1st day of June, 1840. On motion, Gen. James Davis was called to the chair and Gen. J.N. Phifer was appointed secretary, when the following resolutions were offered by Maj. Govan, and unanimously adopted. 1st Resolved, That we, the subscribers, for stock in the Mississippi Union Bank, at a meeting held at Holly Springs, on the 1st day of June, 1840 regard it essential and necessary for all concerned in the interest and prosperity of said institution, that it should be put in immediate liquidation, and that no further loans be granted by the Directors of said Bank to any persons whatsoever. 2nd resolved. That the Executive of this State be requested, at an early a-day as he may deem fit this fall, to call a meeting of the Legislature to take into consideration the means and policy of re-easing the subscribers for stock in said Bank, and if practicable, to mold it a State Institution. 3rd Resolved. That the Chairman of this meeting be requested to appoint three persons, whose duty it shall be, to represent us on the 8th of this month at a General Meeting to be held at Ripley, and that they be instructed to use all honorable means to carry out the above resolutions--Whereupon, Gen J. Davis, G. Tucker and Ebin Davis were appointed said committee. Resolved, That nothing in the above resolutions shall be construed as to prevent any person or persons present from attending said meeting on the 8th of this month in person. Resolved, That the Editor of the Conservative be requested to Publish the foregoing proceedings. JAMES DAVIS, Cha'r. J.N. Phifer, Sec'ry.

FOR THE CONSERVATIVE. The Circuit Court for Marshall county, commenced its session on Monday (?). His honor Judge Adams presiding,--It was a busy day--the pressure of the times the general topic “what shall we do? What are we to do” seemed to be in the mouths of almost every one; the gold and silver motions found but few advocates. Amongst other things, the stockholders in the Union Bank had a meeting and adopted resolutions &c. Messrs. Wilson, McCampbell, Howry, Coleman, and Joselyn, declare themselves candidates for the office of District Attorney to fill the vacancy by the unfortunate death of our much lamented fellow citizen, Solomon Isaacs. I was somewhat astonished at the remark made by Mr. Joselyn, “that although he had received the executive appointment from the Gov. McNutt, still he hoped it would not prejudice his claims in the election.” His excellency may well exclaim with Wolsey. “Farewell, a long farewell to all my greatness,” when such friends as Mr. Joselyn are disclaiming him, with his fresh commission for District Attorney in his pocket--What say you Squire McNutt, to this your golden dreams and popularity have taken wings. A SPECTATOR.

OBITUARY. North Mt. Pleasant, Mi. May 27, John the son of Isim Bradley of this place, died suddenly last night about 9 o'clock from the effects of poison. The little boy eat what he supposed was Angelico root about sunset and at nine was a corpse. He was a promising child and has left a disconsolate father and mother to mourn his early death. On this evening his mortal remains will be committed to the silent grave, there to await the great resurrection morn when as we believe it will be reanimated and reanimated to the soul and ushered into the bright regions of an everlasting day where all is joy and peace. J.C.H.

A.W. GOODRICH, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Will practice in the High Courts Errors and Appeals at Jackson, the Chancery Court at Oxford, and all of the Courts of the 8th and 9th Judicial Districts, Office Holly Springs, Miss. June 5.

J.O. QUINLIN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Will practice at the High Courts of Errors and Appeals at Jackson, the Chancery Court at Oxford, and all of the Courts of the 8th and 9th Judicial Districts. Office Holly Springs, Miss. June 5.

NOTICE. The next Session of the Female Collegiate Institute of Holly Springs commences on Monday 8th day of June, 1840. Terms of tuition as heretofore, Board furnished by Mrs. Bretnny(?), Stewardess of the institution. at $12 per month, for the present session. C. PARISH, Principal. June 5

NOTICE. Is hereby given for warning all persons from trading for two notes of hand given by me, Jas. W. Hanson, bearing date 30th Dec. 1839, one for six hundred and fifty(?) dollars payable 25 Dec, 1840, the other for five hundred fifty (?) dollars, payable 26th(?) Dec. 1841, as the........

LOTTERY DRAWS. At this place on Saturday June the 6th, capital prize 12,000 dollars, one prize of 5,000, one prize of 3,000, and one of 2,000, one of 1,455, and 15 prizes of 1,000. And many smaller prizes. TICKETS, only $5.--shares in proportion, DRAWS ON SATURDAY NEXT, JUNE 6. At Holly Springs, Miss. STATE CLASS NO.10. J.A. CHENERY & CO. Managers, Vicksburg, Miss.

EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned Executor of the estate of Albert Peel, dec'd, has presented to the Probate Court of Marshall County, Miss. on account of his administration upon said estate, and will at the next July term of said Court, pray for allowance of the same, all persons interested can attend. WM. B. FANT, EX. JUNE 5.

FOR SALE. A Good Family residence and Furniture of every description for Mississippi Union Money, by GEO. THOMPSON. Holly Springs, June 5.

STRAYS. MARSHALL COUNTY. Taken up by Hamblin Thornton, living on Sec. 3, T 1. R 1. One sorrel horse 4 years old 14 1/2 hands high both hind feet white, star in face and snip on the nose; appraised to forty dollars. April 27, 1840.

Taken up by N. Fowler, living 3 miles NW of Mt. Pleasant one black mare snip on her nose all of her feet white, Branded on her shoulder, 13 1/2 hands high, 12 years old, appraised to twenty dollars. May 7, 1840.

Taken up by Thomas Simmons, 2 miles west of Talaloosa one sorrel roan mare 9 or 10 years old; appraised to thirty dollars. May 23d, 1840.

Taken up by Ira Crunk, 4 miles east of Lamar,1 black horse some marks of the geer, some saddle spots 7 or 8 years old; appraised to fifty dollars. April 17, 1840

Taken up by Dan'l. McKinzey, 5 miles east of Lamar, one chesnut sorrel horse, 5 years old. appraised to fifty dollars. May 12, 1840.

Taken up by Rob't. Ragsdale 2 miles N.E. of Lamar, one bay horse, star in his face and snip on his nose both hind feet white, some small white spots on his breast 8 years old, appraised to forty dollars. April 17, 1840.

Taken up by N.H. Wright 1 1/2 miles N.E. of Lamar, one strawberry roan horse about 10 years old, a Natural Pacer, 15 1/2 hands high, blind in the right eye, crestfallen, some saddle spots, appraised to $75. May14, 1840.

Taken up by Handley Fowler, 5 miles southwest of Holly Springs, one grey mare, with a bell on, 7 years old, appraised to $10. Also, one brown pony, 3 years old, 4 white feet and little white in the forehead, appraised to $16. Also one brown colt, both hind feet white, appraised to $6. Also one sorrel horse, very old, blaze face, appraised to 25 cents. April 11, 1840.

Taken up by B.D. Matthews living in Hudsonville, one bay horse, 9 or 10 years old, 14 1/2 hands high, some saddle spots, appraised to $25. Also one sorrel horse 7 or 8 years old, 14 hands high, both hind feet white, blazeface, appraised to $50. April 11, 1840.

Taken up by John J. Wells living 1 mile east of Hudsonville, one mouse colored mare mule 4 years old, 13 hands high, appraised to $50. April 27, 1840.

Taken up by John R. Robison, 6 miles north of Chulahoma, one bay (?) mare in foal when taken up and has since had a colt, 7 years old hind feet white, star in the face, a small saddle spot on her back with a bell on; appraised to forty dollars. ALSO, one bay mare 6 years old, branded with W on the left shoulder, appraised to twenty five dollars. April 28, 1840.

Taken up by J.N. Phillips, one mile West of Mt. Pleasant, one brown bay horse, right hock injured, 4 years old, appraised to twenty dollars. May 2, 1840.

Taken up by Andy B. Shewel, Jr., Holly Springs, one bay filly, 3 years old, black mane and tail and legs. Branded on the right shoulder with J.Y., appraised to $35. Also, one pided mare pony 7 or 8 years old, with red years, (?) eyes. appraised to $20. May 13, 1840.

LAW PARTNERSHIP, JAS. RUCKS & WILLIAM YERGER. Have formed a partnership in the practice of the Law. They will attend to all business intrusted to them in the High Court of Errors and Appeals--the Superior Court of Chancery, and the Federal Court in the city of Jackson;-- and one or the other of them will also attend the Circuit Court of Hinds and Madison counties, held at Canton and Raymond. Their office is the same heretofore occupied by Hays and Yerger. City of Jackson, Jan. 27, 1840. The Mississippian, Vicksburg Whig, Holly Springs Banner, Raymond Times and Canton Whig Advocate will insert the above three months, and forward their accounts to this office.-- Southern Sun. Feb. 8.

We are authorized to announce Col. George A. Wilson, as a candidate for Attorney General for the solicitorial district composed of the counties of Marshall, DeSoto, Lafayette, Panola, Tunica and Coahoma, at the election by the people for that office.

A Fable – A hen once set upon a hawk's egg and hatched it. No sooner had the unnatural mother discovered the curious offspring than she whispered it these words and left it to perish: “I don't know exactly what to make of you – you are a ‘queer chicken', anyhow; and there is no knowing what you may come to, one of these days. So take care of yourself, young furzed head!” Moral. If there were no women raised, husbands would never be henpecked.

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