May 26, 1840
Submitted by Pat Still

We are authorized to announce Col. George A. Wilson, as a candidate for Attorney General for the solicitorial district composed of the counties of Marshall, Desoto, Lafayette, Panola, Tunica and Coahoma, at the election by the people for that office.

A ladies' FAIR in aid of the Episcopal Church, will be held on Monday next, one door west of Messrs. Niles, Elder & Co. to commence at 2 o'clock, P.M. There will also be given a supper for the same object, in the same building, at early candle lighting.

Mr. Joselyn of Lafayette, has been appointed by the Governor, District Attorney, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Solomon B. Isaacs, Esq.

AMOS KENDALL.  This Incubus that has persecuted American Liberty so long, has at length resigned his office as Postmaster General, he says he has not made a fortune from public employment, it may be true, but we rather suppose 30 or 40 sections of Land in the most fertile portion of Mississippi might be called a tolerable fortune.  He has come to the conclusion (doubtless from clandestine experience) that it is more congenial to his health to exit the Extra Globe.

New Arrangement -- The gentlemanly and enterprising contractor (J.H. Perkins, Esq.) of the line between this place and Memphis, has made an arrangement to reduce the fare and shorten the time several hours between places.  He has one of the best stocks in the southern country.

POSTPONEMENT.  The sale of Real Estate of Jas. Blanton, deceased, will be postponed until the 15th of June 1840.  WM. B. KIMBEEL, Ad. of James A. Blanton, dec'd.

By Mathew Hinson 18 miles N.E. of Ripley, one gray mare 14 and a half high, 4 yrs old. Ap. $40. March 28.

By John Reid 6 miles east of Ripley one bay mare 14 and a half hands high, 4 years old. Ap. $42.50. April 20

By Jeremiah Blackard 3 and half miles south of Salem, one chestnut sorrel horse branded on the left shoulder with N.B. sway backed some saddle spots 15 hands high, 8 or 9 years old. Ap $ 40. April 10.

By Isham Lester 2 miles west of Spring Hill, one dun mare mule, 2 yrs old, streak across her shoulders and down her back. Ap. $20. March 19.

By Wm. Creamer, one bay mare 4 yrs old, right hind foot white, 14 1/2 hands, Ap. $65. April 18.

By D.M. Sweeten, one bright bay mare with a star in her forehead, scar on her right thigh, 15 hands high, 4 yrs old. Ap.50. Also one chesnut sorrel mare mule, 3yrs old. Ap. $60. April 21

By Joseph B. Brown 3 1/2 miles east of Salem, one dark sorrel mare white spot in her forehead, small white spot on the inside of her left fore foot, 14 1/2 hands high, 7 yrs old. Ap. $30. April 20.

By Daniel Ayres, 9 miles south of Salem, one sorrel mare mule, collar mark, left eye out medium size, 17 years old, Ap.27.50. May 1st.

By Edmund Sutton one mile south of Salem one bap filly, 3 white feet, snip on the nose, 14 hands high, 4 years old. Ap. $40. One small chestnut sorrel horse Pony, branded on both shoulders with a diamond, 8 yrs old. Ap. $20. May 7th. JAS. B. ELLIS, R. T. C.


Taken up by J.G. Stegall, living on the Cotlin Gin Road, one sorrell horse, 14 1/2 hands high, some white hairs, a small blaze in the face, 7 years old, appraised to fifty dollars.

By Thos. Ruder living 5 miles from Pontotoc, on the Ripley road, one brown mare mule, large marks of a burn on each hip, with lumps on its knees, age not known, appraised to $30.

By Mark Harding, living six miles northwest of Pontotoc, one dark bay pony mare, with a tin bell on; and one year old colt, the mare branded with an Indian brand, six years old; also, one road yellow colt branded with W. all appraised to $40.

By G. Z. Smith, living 2 miles southwest of Alberson, one large dark roan horse, hind feet white, 15 years old, appraised to $35.

MILLINER'S BUSINESS. GRATEFUL for the patronage heretofore received from the ladies of Holly Springs and vicinity and hope the same to be continued. I am now living in the house formerly occupied by T.M. Yancy, near the residence of Mr. McCampbell, on Main street, where I may be found at all times; and will make Ladies dresses, silk for $4, and all other dresses in proportion. Gentlemen's pants and vests at $1 each. Summer coat $2, and all other business in my line, in the latest fashions. April 21, 1840. JANE HESTER.


Taken up by James Lard, 13 or 15 miles North of Ripley, one black mare Pony, 11 years old, 13 hands high, appraised to $25. Feb. 11, 1840.

By Geo. Wilhite, 13 miles N.E. from Ripley one brown mule, 5 yrs old, Ap. $45, March 12th.

By Geo. Gray, 8 miles west of Ripley one sorrel mare with a small spot in her forehead 14 half hands high supposed to be 12 yrs old. Ap. $35. March 14.

By Daniel Furgeson, 15 miles North of Ripley, one br. horse mule, 3 yrs old, a small white streak on the nose. Ap. $32.50. 11 March.

By Miles Wofford at Spring Hill, one br. bay horse, with a star in the forehead snip on the nose, left hind foot white, some saddle spots, 7 yrs. old. Ap. $80. Also one bay pony roached and bobbed, a large saddle spot on the left side. 9 yrs. old. Ap. to $20. March 30.

By P.N. Black 16 miles N.E. of Ripley one sorrel mare 5 yrs. old, blaze face right fore and left hind feet white 15 hands high Ap. $50. Also one br. mare mule 3 yrs. old, well grown. Ap. $60. April 20th. By Allison Cox 14 miles North West of Ripley, one sorrel mare 14 and a half hands 3 white streaks in the forehead, left hind foot white 5 years old.Ap. $50. April 15.

By Allison Cox, 14 miles North West of Ripley, one sorrel mare 14 and a half hands 3 white streaks in forehead left hind foot white 5 years old. Ap. $50.

MEMPHIS AND HOLLY SPRINGS STAGE LINE.  The undersigned would respectively inform the traveling public, that he has purchased Jefferson’s splendid and swift line of four-horse mail coaches, which will run as usual from the Exchange Hotel, Memphis, to Holly Springs, via North Mt. Pleasant, through in one day.  Leaves Memphis Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 6 A.M., returns Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6 P.M.  At Holly Springs this line intersects the main line through Lagrange on to Bolivar and Nashville.  It will also connect at Holly Springs with the main line leading to the south, viz; through Wyatt, Oxford, Coffeeville, Grenada, Carrolton, Lexington, Benton, and to Yazoo City.  There is also a line in full operation from Lexington through Canton to Jackson, Miss, thence on by Clinton and Raymond to the Vicksburg railroad; likewise to line from Jackson through Gallatin to the Natchez railroad.  Passengers taking the stage at Memphis will always arrive at Jackson, Miss on the fourth day without night travelling, and will always find a safe and speedy conveyance to the south any distance they may desire to travel.  The coaches and stock on the above lines are inferior to none in the United States and every possible attention will be paid to the patrons of the line.  JOHN H. PERKINS.

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