May 12, 1840
Submitted by Pat Still

By Thomas Ruder living 5 miles from Pontotoc, on the Ripley road, one brown mare mule, large marks of a burn on each hip, with lumps on its knees, age not known, appraised to $30.


Mark Harding, living six miles northwest of Pontotoc, one dark bay pony mare, with a tin bell on and one year old colt, the mare branded with an Indian brand, six years old; also, one roan yellow colt branded with “W”--all appraised to $40.


By G.Z. Smith, living two miles southwest of Alberson, one large dark roan horse, hind feet white, 15 years old, appraised to $35.


By J. Nelson, living 18 miles northwest of Pontotoc, one sorrel mare and colt, branded on the right shoulder, 10 to 12 years old, appraised to $50.


Our town was alarmed by the Jailor on Friday last, about 9 o’clock at an attempt made by Thos. Westbrook to escape, who was confined for the murder of Judge Isaacs.  He succeeded on getting past the Jailor as he entered the cell, for the purpose of cleaning out the dungeon.  He ran about three hundred yards, and endeavored to conceal himself in a waste house, but was arrested and brought back.


SHERIFF’S SALE.  On the first Monday in June, next, I will sell at the Court House door in Holly Springs, a lot of ground in Lamar, containing one acre, the late residence of Abner Potts, to satisfy an execution in favor of James C. Gainer.  ALSO.  At the same time in May instant, I will sell SEVEN NEGROES, the property of John C. Hudson, and others.  ALF SIMPSON, Dep. for L. McCROSKY, Sh’ff.


LOOK AT THIS.  The undersigned begs leave to inform the gentlemen of Holly Springs, that he is prepared to shave in the neatest, and trim hair in the most fashionable style.  His shop is two doors north of the Union House.  WM. ELVIS.


NOTICE.  On the fourth Monday in May instant, and day following, I will hold an election at the different Precincts, in this county, to elect a Judge of Probate, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Augustus Pearce, Esq.  L. McCROSKY, Sh’ff.


MISS, UNION POST NOTES--Will be received at 25 per cent disc. for goods only by WILL ARTHUR. March 31, 1840.


SHERIFF’S SALE.  On the third Monday of May next, I will sell for cash, at the Court House in Holly Springs, 2 lots west of William’s tavern in Holly Springs, the property of Martin Tally, to satisfy Byrd Hill, debts and cost. L. McCROSKY, Sh’ff, by ALF SIMPSON, Dep.

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