January 11, 1840
Holly Springs Banner
Submitted by Jean Hancock

Coffee & Cigars: Just received, direct from Cuba, 80 Bags of Coffee, very superior quality. 75,000 cigars, assorted quantity. For sale low for cash by Mackenzie & Lanier

Married: On Thursday evening, Jan. 2nd, by the Rev. John Holland, Mr. John W. Malone, to Miss Ann Hurst, all of this place.

In Hudsonville, on the 31st Dec., by the Rev. John J. Weils, Mr. Alfred Jourdan to Miss Martha Hudson, all of Hudsonville. And on the 2nd Jan. by the same, Maj. G. Comley, to Miss Elizabeth Tillmonstill, in the neighborhood of Hudsonville.

NOTICE: I Hereby forwarn all person from trading for the following promissory notes given by me to J. T. DAVIS made payable in the Northern Bank and endorsed by J. H. RUTHERFORD---one note for one hundred dollars, due 1st of January, 1840, ----one other due 1st of March next, for three hundred and eighty dollars---and one other note for some thirty dollars due at the same time, say 1st of March. I have good reason to believe they were fraudulently obtained, and am determined not to pay them until I am convinced I received full value for the same. R. J. HOLBROOK January 11, 1840----3t

NOTICE: All persons indebted to the undersigned are earnestly requested to make payment, on or before the 10th of February. BRUNSON CHEATHAM & CO. - N.B. We would recommend all those who wish to purchase goods for cash, to call and examine our stock, as we are determined to sell better bargains for cash than ever offered in the south west. B. C. & CO. Jan. 11, 1840. No. 43. tf.

BRANDER M'KENNA & WRIGHT: Commission Merchants, New Orleans. Continue to receive Tobacco, Cotton and other produce, on consignment and will make liberal advances on produce in hand or on a bid of Lading, placing it under their control. Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS of Nashville will continue to act as their agent, and give every possible facility to those who make them consignments. Sept. 21, 1839. No. 43---4m.

The Memphis Enquirer, Memphis World, Trenton Star, Jackson Telegraph, Clarksville Chronicle, Hopkinsville Gazette, Russelville Advertiser, Holly Springs Banner, LaGrange Whig, and Somerville Reporter will insert to the amount $10 each and forward accounts to this office. (Nashville Whig.)

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE: I shall offer for sale on the first Monday in March, next, before the Court House door in Marshall County, one set of Carpenter's tools, one hair trunk, and lot of books, also, one fine Gold Watch, belonging to the estate of GEO. L. FLEMING, deceased. Terms of sale make known on the day of sale. D. H. TOWNSTEND, Adm. Jan. 11, 1840

THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, Marshall County, ss.: HUGH LEEPER, case of WILLIAMS & GANK, Versus ALEXANDER K. ERWIN; In this case, the plaintiff having obtained an attachment against the estate of the Defendant for the sum of $195, now pending in the Circuit Court of Marshall County. Notice is hereby given that unless the defendant shall appear, give special bail, and plead within the time limited for his appearance, judgement will be entered, and the estate so attached will be sold. ALEX T. CARUTHERS, Clk. January 11, 1840, ---4t--- pr's. fee $5

PRESCOTT, JONES & CO. COTTON FACTORS 83 and 85, Gravier Street, New Orleans. Respectfully inform the planters of the Western District and North Mississippi, that they continue to devote their attention closely to the sale of Cotton, and can promise all the benefit and knowledge of the market, which is derived from a large foreign correspondence---the visit of one of the partners during the summer to England, France, Germany, Holland, and the Northern States---and the constant residence of another, both winter and summer, in this city. They have also an extensive Cotton warehouse on their premises, where it is constantly under their own eye and weighed in their own yard. Messrs. F. T. PRESCOTT & CO. are their agents at Memphis, and will make liberal advances on all Cotton consigned to them for sale or shipment to their friends in New York, Liverpool or Havre.

STRAYS: (Incomplete)

April 30, 1839---Taken up by JOSHUA BRAWNING, living on the road leading from Chulahoma to Coffeeville, 2 cows and calves one a brindle, marked a crop on the left ear and a split and under bit in the right, has on a bell worth $1.50 cents, branded with Z . Also a dun, marked a crop off the right, a split and under bit in the left point of the right horn, branded with Z. Appraised at $40.

August 15, 1839---Taken up by P. BEWFORD, a black ox supposed to be 6 years old, marked a smooth crop off each ear. Appraised at $20.

October 27, 1839---Taken up by S. B. GEORGE two steers, one white the other red, marked with a crop and slit in the left ear, the white one has red round his eyes and red on his mouth, the red one has some white on his back and belly, 5 or 6 years. Appraised at $50.

Nov. 5th 1839---Taken up by LEVI HOPE one ox, marked an over bit out of each ear, under-bit and crop off the right, branded with J J on each horn, 6 years old. Appraised at $22.50.

DRURY ROBERTSON, Ranger of Lafayette County, Miss. Dec. 21, 1839.

PETITION FOR DIVORCE: The state of Mississippi, Yallabusba County; Yallabusha Circuit Court, Sep. Term A. D. 1839


In the case it being made appear to the satisfaction of the court that a subpoena had regularly issued as directed by law to the defendant, commanding her appearance at this term of the Circuit Court, at the Court House, in the town of Coffeeville, to plead, answer or demur, to the petitioners petition, and all other matters and things done in the premises, as required by the act of assembly, in such case made and provided, and it further appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the defendant is a non-resident of this State. It is therefore ordered by the Court that publication be made in the Holly Springs Banner, a newspaper printed in the town of Holly Springs, in the State of Mississippi, for three months successively, notifying the defendant of the pendency of this petition, and that unless she be and personally appear at the next term of the Circuit Court to be holden in and for the county and State aforesaid, at the Court House thereof, in the town of Coffeeville, Yallahusha County, Mississippi, on the second Monday of March, A D 1840 to answer plead or demur to petitioners petition; otherwise the same will be taken for confessed, and accordingly set for hearing. JOHN BROWN, Clerk. Jan. 10


Remaining in the Post Office at Holly Springs on the 1st day of January, 1840, which if not taken out within 3 months, will be sent to the General Post-Office as dead letters.

Note: Spelling is as appeared in the paper. Some were difficult to read so I put the name as it appears to be with a (?) beside it if hard to read).

Autry Sterling Armstead A P Alles Mury Alderson J C Col Alexander G B
Armstead Peter F 2 Anderson Henry D Anderson Thomas Alexander Jno M 2 Anderson Samuel 2
Anderson H G Armar William Adames W W Arther J Arnal William
Burows J Bawland D E Beasley R E Butten A D Burks S S
Bailey Wm Brown Wm S Bennett John Byers Wm B Barnes Sterling
Bailey & Orne m'ssrs Bridlemon Mrs Mary Brawley James W Butler Joseph T Boling Miss Phebe 2
Baty O Baley Wm Burne Thos Blakely Wm Bowling John
Bottle J G Brown Startwell Baker Z W Bayte Ames Bacon Henry
Baird William 2 Barnett G W Boles Dr Burn Rangon 3 Bowen Geo
Barton Mrs Eudera Bratney Joseph 4 Bowling Wm Buckanan Geo Barton Roger
Bowland W H 2 Bridges Nancy Baily Mr  Batchelor Wm Brown E R
Barrot John 2 Butts Arthur Brewster M B Brown G M Baker James
Bull Jno M Baker Stephen P Bawland R Byrd Mrs M M Blake William
Boling Geen Bowers A Brown F C Bridgs Jas T Bradley Patrick
Boyakin T Branch Mrs E Bridg Thomas Craddock A R Crouch Solomon
Campbell A H Crowson Moses Carden A D Chisholm J G Crawly G
Cotter John A Craft Hugh Cumins C B Cook Robt F Cook Henry
Cottrell Zadock D Coopwood Wm Craig Wm Channel James E Clayton A M 6
Clayton & Mitson 4 Cobht/Coblit (?) Patrick Collinswyrth A 2 Cobuian Abraham Coopwood Thos
Campbell John B Carrol Abner Clow James Cowan Jas H Channell James
Coe Joseph 3 Carlney Mary M Craig John Conega Geo Cochran S F
Crisp Mary R Curry Calvin J Cox Jackson 2 Cooper Noah Cain John D
Carter Jackson Curtes J S Craft Wm Clark Caroline Cochran J B
Curree James B Corathens John Compeeeb Lee Cato Wm Clausel J B 3
Cockan J T Davis Wm J Davis Margaret Dye Thos J 2 Davis T 2
David Mrs Malinda Davis Miss Lucinda S Davis E James 7 Dunn Miss Eliza Dilliard James J
Dye Bennett 2 Dillard Merrit 4 Daniel Rev R T Daniel Wm S Davis Wm
Davidson R O Dauglass A A Donahoo John Dunlap Wm Dian Wm
Dawson B F Ellis Stephen H Elnore Wm Ellis John T Earn James
Eastman Charles F Evrett James G Elliott Hugh 2 Eckols Turner 2 Elder James 4
Erwin N B Ellis Wm Erwin J P Early Elbert Early F S 2
Edson Major Eddins John Elvis Wm Eckols Larkin Eckols Wm 2
Farral M 2 Frizell B B Franks P J Felsugh James Fener Robert
Frankland Robt Fergason Elias Foster John 9 Ford John T Fonda Anthony C
Furgason Jas R Floid Geo W Fant Wm B Gaforth James Gordon O
Gibbons Miss Caroline Gresham Mrs Mary 2 Garold Mrs Mary F Gaughey Wm G H Gray Miss Annall
Gardner John S Glover Saml G Griffin J B Gibbins Mr Gilmore John F
Glover James 2 Govan A R 4 Guy L R 2 George R C 2 Glenn John W
Gilliam Thos B Gower L George P T Gillispie C B Gibben J C
Guy Mrs Elvira Guy J J Gilbreth Mr Gravis Ralph Gray Thos
Gillispie L C Hunt A G 2 Hant Thos N Hunt B Hunt Jas M
Hunt Dr Thos 8 Hunt Geo W Henderson D Henderson Mrs E Henderson A
Henderson Tippoo S Hegenbotham Jas H Hare Miss Caroline S Herington Stephen Harris Mrs Elixabeth
Henderson Alex Howard Thos A Howard M S Halider Mrs C Hill Miss E P
Herring Thos Herron A H Hulse Wm Harollson Jos T Hust Miss Mary
Hankins & Ray Henderson Calvin Henry Francis W Howard John Houston Wilson
Houston Geo Harris Stephen Hall O H Hamner Wm Henry Isaac
Hill John C Harris Stephen Hankins James J Hill J C Hubert Kath
Harley B C Harley Mrs M Hutcheson C Holland Fred C Holland S
Holland R S Holland Stephen Hardin Wm Hester Dr Howe E P 2
Holland Miss Maryet Jngram B F (Ingram?) Johnston Miss Sarah Johnson Saml 2 Johnston Thomaas
Jawers John Jones Thos Jones James Jolly Jessee Jarrett R
Jones John R Jolly Alston B Jones Abner Jenkins Will Johnson Moses
Jemeson Jame M Jestice Dempsay Kizer John 2 Kellaugh John Kindle John
Kennedy Mrs Lyda Kennedy Miss M E Kennedy John Kennedy N Keys Joseph
Dudle H W Lane A B 4 Lurngsten Hugh Laid Patrick Lea Alfred M
Lewers Rev Saml B Lannear Miss M F Lumpkin Mrs M A Lesuer Littlebury Lindsey Wm A
Lowry Robt Loving T N Lorens J Lus Junias Lewers Albert
Love Ben Lane Thos Lake Henry Limerack Thos Meins O
Mooring Freeman H Moody Nathaniel Murphy Mathew M McMahan Wm W 3 McCoy Margaret Mrs
Mathes Wiley Mathews Robt F Mitchell J J Mitchel Miss T Mays Wm
Moore Henry Miller Sam'l Morton J 2 Miller Henry Mason J
Means H Mann C B McEuzic D Map C H Martin A H
Mitchell D K Muray Alex Malone James Morrow Mrs Mary McAuly John
McNott Geo T McNeil Daniel McCutchen C McSmith J McKee E Mrs
Manel Stephen Magog Wm Mann C B Morgan Wm Martin James R
Miller Mrs Eliza Miller Wm B 2 Morgan John Mitchell David Moore Moses W
Moses col'd man Martin J K Miles Wm K McEwen Robt McGee Ch'les
Maitock/Maltock G A McCorkle Sam'l 2 McGary S G H Esq McNiel Margaret Miss McCorkle Samuel P
McEwen A C McClure A E 2 McGaughy W G McMillen Wm McCartney M Mrs
McRome Geo McLeod Norman McGee John McDonald Rev McDowell M
Nelms Chas D Niles & Elder Norfleet E W Nunaly D A Nowlin W 2
Nance Wm H Nine Albeat Newson G F Ole E W Olive Gray
Oglesby James Old Charles W Olliphfnt S H Paradise Wm S Powell G Ann
Peason Wm Reu Powell Benj Parker W Pearson Wm Prinkirton Francis
Perse John Prentiss S S Pittman Geo W Parkins Peter Perry Hinton
Powell Wm Byrd Pool James Powers Anderson Pope Thos S Pril Mr
Plunket Holden W Pigues Jaliet Mrs Peace Wm W 2 Powens Richard Pharmes John
Pervis Kinard Paine Miss C Phifer John Pittman Geo W Pittman J J 2
Pybuss James Pervis Wm Potts EF Perkins Peter Randolph W S
Ruff_sen(?) F Ross James M 3 Raiford M Robison Thos S Raiford Thomas
Rayburn John Esq Rodgers John B Esq Rowland Joseph K 2 Rogers Dickson Esq Rutherford Shelby
Rogers James Rinem N T Rogers J K Esq Rickets Thomas Reynolds William
Ragland John Rawley Levi Raiford Robert 2 Rhewark John W Reed James
Richmond Thomas Richardson James Ragsdale Wm G Rutherford T H Rowland W
Rather Geo W Reynolds J Reynold Francis Smith Geo D Strickland Clark 3
Southerland John L Stovall Henry Esq Sherrill Andrew L 2 Stephenson John R Still Elizabeth Mrs
Stokes Sam J Shields & Co Stacy Jacob Sullivan Henry L Shegog John G
Samuel H F 2 Still Wm Sawrens J H 2 Smith Mary Mrs Stephens Elisha
Sherman Geo W Shennault Stephen Simmons Margaret Sigmin Margaret Mrs Skelton James M 2
Saunders Uriah R Shetton Calvin A Sorrells Walter B Saint Douglass Strong Ann J
Shelby A M Stewart John N Sullivan Daniel Smith Willis J Sharns Wm F
Searcy Robert 2 Sheppard Jas G Sketdon Rich'd Shorter John W Strong L S M Mrs
Smith James M 2 Steger F E H Sutton Thomas Simmons Alex J Teney Thomas
Terret G W Taylor & Tucker Thomas Lark Turner Thos L Temple Ann
Thompson H M Trotter James F Terrentin Charles Thomas R W Torean Jacob
Taras C Toryton Wm Jr Turner Mary Trotter J dec Teal John C
Turner Chanceller Thompson Sansom Tragan John A Tyler John Tenell John
Tacy James Travis A A Utley Minton Utley T C Upshaw A M M
Vaughan James Winbur Thomas Winn J H Willliams George White Thomas
Wall Robert H Wiggins Ben F Watson O D 5 Westbrook Thos Westbrook John
Williams Mrs M M Ward Thos 3 Wall Thos Wilkinson E C Wynn Wm G
White Edward T 2 Winborne Mrs Mary A B Wynber & McPhearson Walker Miss Elizabeth A Wallis Mortimer R 2
Walker Jerre Walthall B W Wilkinson Ben R Walker J G Woods Amanda
Warrington J S Williamson Thos Willie A B Wallis E L Willis R B
Woltington Miles Webb Buffin Winston Lawson Weir John M West James
White E C Wright Samuel B Wynn R E Willie A B Wall David
Wilkinson & Miles Williamson Meredith Wills Mrs. Rebecca E Wimberly John D Wilkinson Judge
West B E Wright Wm Waddle J S Wimberly Wm Webb James M
Winborne Benj Yancy Wm R 2 Yancy Phillips A Young F R .

Persons calling for the above letters will please say they are advertised. WM. POLK, P. M., Jan. 11, 1840

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