July 20, 1839
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Submitted by Nancy Smith

The State of Mississippi, Marshall County

To all persons interested in the lands, tenements, and hereditaments of Robert Stone, deceased, Greeting: You are hereby directed to appear before the Probate Court of the County of Marshall, at the Court House, thereof, in the town of Holly Springs, on the 4th Monday of September next to show cause why an order shall not then and there be made to sell the following described tract of land and town lots of which the said deceased, died seized and possessed, or so much thereof, as will be sufficient to pay his debts, to wit: the south west quarter of section no. 19, township no. 5, of range no. 4 west. Also, two acres of land adjoining the town of Chulahoma, on section no. 17, same township and range, and two town lots in said town of Chulahoma. Witness Thomas Lane, Judge of the Probate Court of the County of Marshall, the 4th Monday of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, and the seal of said Court. Issued July 5th 1839. Teste.WILL H. BOURLAND, Clerk. July 6–25–6w–Pr's fee $9 50.

NOTICE: ON Monday the 5th day of August next, I will sell at the Court House in Holly Springs, for cash, Lot no. 26, in the town of Hudsonville, levied on as the property of Bullard D. Matthews, to satisfy an execution in favor of John P. Epps; also, at the same time and place, I will sell a part of lot no. 1, in the town of Hudsonville, 18 feet front and 44 feet back, and also a small block containing by estimate, 2 acres adjoining Dr. Matthews' lot, levied on as the property of John P. Epps, to satisfy an execution in favor of Walker & Adkinson. ALF SIMPSON, for L McCROSKY, Sheriff. July 6–25–3t, Pr's Fee $5.00

PORTER CELLAR: THE Subscriber begs leave to inform the citizens of Holly Springs, that he has opened a PORTER CELLAR, two doors below William

TENNESSEE ELECTIONS: On next Thursday week the election for Governor, Congressmen, and members of the Legislature comes on in Tennessee.—The eyes of the whole Union are turned upon the contest now going on in that State, the result of which is looked to, by all as calculated to have great weight in determining the prospects of the two great political parties of the Union. It affords us pleasure to assure our readers, that from every portion of that patriotic State, the prospect is gratifying and cheering. Tennessee is still free from the shackles of executive influence. The deputed Government candidate has failed to revolutionize the State. And Freemen will not be dictated to by an emisary of the Government.–A party zeal, a sycophantic subserviency which stops at nothing beyond which, the executive of the nation may desire it to proceed, will receive its reward in the condemnation of an insulted people.

In the event of this election, the whigs of Mississippi feel a deep interest, and it will be a source of proud gratification to our State to witness the defeat of that man who for party sake, insulted and disregarded her expressed will, depriving her of a voice in the councils of the nation, by her selected representatives. Every nerve was strained and is still straining, every exertion resorted to, and all will not do. Under the sacred name of democracy, “means most foul and unnatural” have been used to insure success.

“Black spirits and white
“Red spirits and grey
“Mingle mingle mingle.”

An abolition Editor from the North imported to teach Southern people Southern interests. Candidates with small prospects of success, appointed to office, under the General Government for the purpose of making room for others more likely to succeed. The Hungry expectant, the hireling office, all, all have been resorted to, and all will not do. The intelligence, the patriotism, the virtue of the people of Tennessee.

We extract from the Natchez Daily Courier the following account of the murder of Mr. John W. Moore , editor of Red River Whig.

AN EDITOR MURDERED: By our file of red river papers, we learn that on the morning of the 2d inst. John W. Moore, Esq. The polite and talented editor of the Red river Whig, was murdered near the bank of the Red river, opposite Alexandria, by an individual named Holstein. The latter had connected himself with some political difficulty in which Mr. Moore had happened to be engaged with the Red river Republican and had drawn upon himself a very severe notice from Mr. Moore of his conduct in the affair. The parties had afterwards met in the street, and no attack was made; but Holstein preferred not to give his opponent a chance for his life, and on the morning aforesaid, with one or two chosen friends, secreted himself in a place called the “Ferry house” opposite Alexandria, past which Mr. Moore came every morning, on his way from his residence to the town, and after telling him that “he must beg for his life,” &c. which Mr. Moore refused, he deliberately shot him with a large dueling pistol which he had in his belt, and which he used after his double barreled shot gun had snapped. Mr. Moore died of the wound, which was inflicted in the abdomen, same evening. Holstein, the murderer, has fled.


Our Townsman, Mr. George D. Young, has just completed a painting of the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, in the year 70, of the Christian era. The painting is taken from an engraving by Saunders and is tastefully and correctly executed upon canvass nine feet wide and fifteen feet long. Independent of the pleasure we experienced in looking upon the work as the production of one of our own citizens, it is well worthy of examination on account of the siege which it represents, at which, we are informed by Josephus, one million one hundred thousand souls perished, and ninety thousand were taken prisoners; and ...

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF VALUABLE LANDS In the Chickasaw and Choctaw cessions.

In pursuance of an order made by the Hernando Probate Court of Pontotoc County, directing the undersigned, administrator of James A. Blanton, deceased, to sell the whole of the Lands, Tenements, and hereditariments of the estate of said Blanton, there will be offered for sale at public venue, in the town of Pontotoc, Mississippi, on the SIXTEENTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 1839, the following described lands, viz.

DeSoto County Pontotoc County Marshall County
Section 26 town 2 Section 31, town 8 Section 34 town 1
Range 8 W Range 3 E Range 4 W
Section 10 town 4 Section 24, town 7 Section 29 town 5
Range 8 W Range 2. E Range 2 w
S. Half 17 town. 5 Sec. 1 & 2, town 9 .
Range 6 W Range 3. E .
Tippah County Lafayette County Pawamia County
Section 19, town 4 S. Half 30 town 10 N. Half 33, town 7
Range 3. E Range 4 W Range 7 E
. S. W. Qr. 22 town 7 .
. Range 3 W .
Choctaw County Chickasaw County Kemper County
DW. Half W. E. Qr 15 S. W. Qr 21, T. 13 N. E. Qr. 19, T. 11
Town 19, R. 9 E Range 3, E Range 19, E
S. W. Qr 15, town 19 . S. E. Qr. 18, T. 11
Range 9 E . Range 19, E
Tishomingo County . .
S. W. Qr. of Sec 19, Twp 9, R. 6 E . .
House and Lot No. 52 in the town of . .

A List of Letters – Remaining in the Post Office at Holly Springs, on the 1st day of July, 1839; which if not taken out within three months, will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.

Battle Henry JG Butt H Burn Ransom H 2 Bridges Wm Ballowe SLS
Beard Barzill Brown Gulley Baschane John Barker J & Steven Barnes Jonath
Brown Elias Barnet George Brown John W 2 Barnet Squire Bradley Thomas
Barkloe Jesse Bradly Martha W Branon GL Bodley Wm S Hon Beale Wm C
Blackburn Sihon Baily Wm Barne Thomas Beck Wm C Boyd W
Booth Absolum Bradley Wm Boland James & Mary Jane Brawley Patr Barnet Martha
Bolan Jame Jun. Bailey David Bailiss Mrs. Baigel Tachni Buckhanan George
Boite Edmond Beasly John B Baugh Wm M Black Mary Billingsley A
Burne AB Barker Dusaca Caldwell Jane A Cassidy Wm Cunny CJ
Crisp JH Cain Johnathan D Cargill Arshe Craig James G Carson Samuel
Campbell Samuel 2 Coe Joseph Colmon Thomas H Campbell Anthony Crain Nancy Miss
Cameron D Craft Mrs Chalk Whitfield Curry Calvin Crump Benjamin
Crouch Solomon 3 Crump Joseph Crawford JR Coldwell Edw Cox Joseph
Campbell Arc Curry James B Carmington A Crowson Moses 2 Crawford Joseph
Caddock Andrew B Craine John V. Colbert Samued Carter Aaron Craig Joseph
Cochran JB Curry James B Cablen SA Crain Rodney Chenault Frances 2
Caldwell AM Collins James Clowe James Coffee Harris Crai5 Wm
Curtis Martha Culp Daniel D Daniel, Cloder, Robert T Diamond J Douglass A
Dewitt Mary Mrs Damrron M Rev Delto Jerry Dye Wm Dilliard Menill 2
Dillingham James Dewitt WJ Davis Robert Drenon MB Deacon Thomas
David W H Dickenson J Dillard JJ Douthit WW Delap Henry
Debutts TR Dunum RS Davis Joseph Ester Edwin D Epps Wyatt 2
Epps Wm E Erkford Joseph R Estes Lene Jim Ellis John W Echols Larkin
Editor of the Parer at HS Everett James G 2 Evens John Ervany Calvin J Edmondson Thos W
Edins Sterling Eddins William Echols Turner Eulen Samuel FtGearld Gibson 2
Flack James Furd John F 2 Fowler Louis W Freeman Joseph Floid AJ
Ferrell & Davidson Fitzhugh B Futhy Pattey Miss Farrell Joseph Fowler HB 3
Flinn Mary Floid Wm Flowers George Frazier John 3 Glover Dr G
Glaham Pter & Nimrod Gilereth Thomas Gray Annie E Miss Green Mary Mrs Green Elsha
Govan AR 4 Greer Stephen Grisham Wm Gillam Tos B 2 Gilliam Jame H Dr
Goard Richard Greer David Grace David Givens Saguel W Geater Soereign
Goloher John S Gillispie Wm Gillispie Mathrie Graves Ralph Goodall WY 2
Glover L Gould Christopher C Grime James C Greer RE Hall DH Dr
Harris Mary F Miss House James B Henderson Alfred S Howell Edward Harris Thomas
Huggins Lewis W Harley Wm R Harralson V Rev Howard Obidiah Hailey DB
Harris John Heppell HB Hookens Wm M Huchin David Hutchenson Emily J
Henron TR 2 Harris William Hall James Herrin Andrew Hoogger James 3
Hardgrove John Harris Nancy Mrs Hill John C 2 Harris Westly T Hubbard Alfred
Harl John Maj Hunt John T Hunt John N Harris George N Holeman MP
Hawkins Wm N Howard Henry B 2 Hudnel John Holland Kemp Holland & Savery
Hubart Alfred Haile AW 2 Hunt Dr 3 Hooper Anne Hill Byrd
Haltum EW Hamilton Chapman Harris EW Dr Haleomel Mary Humphreys Mr T
Hagan A Harris Caroline Mrs Holt Thos Holland Sperman Ingome James
Iredale Dr Irvin AF Jordan Buckner F Jonston RP Johnston Bobert
Jenkins WH Jarrett NR Rev 2 Jolly Jessee 2 Johnston William Johnston Moses
Jones John H Jeffrey Ezekiel Jonston William Jones James 2 King Wm V
Kinsle J & Co 2 Kenaday Needham Kannada Joseph Kenneda Mary E Miss Kible HW 2
Kensley J & Co Kennedy Curtis 3 Kennedy Lidia C Cingsbough John P Cerr James C & Co
Lndrick A 2 Loving Sarah J Mrs Liles James T Logan Sarah A Miss Lemis Benj
Lyle Joseph P Lumpkin Jack Rev Lofts Oames H 2 Lane Thomas Lane W
Lumpkins Wm Peter, servant of Wm Lumpkins Lenoyr Oscah B Lendon Peter B Love Benjamin 2
Loving Thos AO Log Alfred M Lacy J Lyon Henry 4 Lovis BR
Lane AB Logan Wm Love John B Lynns Wm 3 Martin Galrid 2
Middleton JA Mackenzie Robt Dr Moore Vincent Minton Joshua E Moore Thos P Hon
Moore TP Moody Nathaniel Eorton Josiers Mayer Bozeman 2 Munuy Aleft
McKneel Wm McFalls George L Mathews Robt F Martin Johnston Martin WS
Murry Alfred Miller Eliza Mashburn Lewis Mims Rachael Moore Moses Dr
Mayer Adrian Nap Milam John Martin Daniel March Wm Morel Andrew
Martin James K Mathews Saml or Jos Murry A Doct Montgomery Saml McGuire John E
McDavid Patrick McMahan Wm Rev McNeill Daniel McLean Wm McDonald A
McSmith James McPeak Daniel McClung 2 McRee James C Mason Tomas D 3
Mathews Robert F Murphy Jeremiah Morgan Thomas J Murry JW Mewthians NR
Montgomery John Mond Nov Man Ewin Mathews L Martha Mitchell Wm
McCane Ely McCauley Mathew Mathes Robert G Maxay Nathaniel Myers Morgan
Mathews Amos Morgan Tomas T Montgomery Samuel Murclock James Martin James
Menell Andrew Moze Wm McCulley ET McNewell May McCoy Margaret C
McRee CP McCauly Ezekiel G McCauly EF 2 McAlexander Wm McDowell Allen C
McCullen Ann F Miss McEwen King & Co McKindell Jno A McCarty John L McKenzie Rebecca Miss
McGoy Margaret McMahan CC 2 Napier William 4 Nevelle Jesse 2 Nunnely James 3
Nancy Drewry Nunnely David A Nancey Claborne 2 Newsam Silisa Mrs Nelson Samuel 2
Nale Jon 3 Norvis Samuel P Norwood DM Norvice John Norwood James
Nancey William Orne Edward Oberry William Orne Richard E Patillo & Lane
Pipkin Kinnon Powell Sarah Mrs Peter Samuel Pool George 3 Patterson AC
Pettey James W Powers Richard Pune WL 2 Pyles Milton Phifer JT
Pugh Francis Pitman Mary Pugh Mary A 3 Purkins William H Peal Volna
Patterson Alvin C Parish CC Robineon Thos S Rogers John B 3 Rodgers Logag 2
Roles William Ragan William Roles James L Rhyoe AG 2 Repno ds Theophis
Ray Thomas Ray Eobert R Raiford Robert Saxon John 2 Swayne John
Smallwood EW & Co 3 Shropshine E Mrs Strickland John W Smith James Smith John T Dr
Smith Jessee T Strong James M Strickland Clark Shipp Josiah Smith George D
Smith Lyas Ky Sutherland Greenbury 2 Skelton JM Sulivan Lyttleton Stary Jacob
Smith Wm F Dr Swan Wilson H Searcy Robert Snipes Young Sanders Wm C
Stevenson Wm H Sulivan Henry Samuel BH Dr Sanders Wm S Simms Leroy
Stricklin or S Bryant Southwort William Smith John Yelloyboy Shoemake Jaffles S Scurlock Washington
Sharp Sarry D Stevens Lewis Sweeton Jutson Spinks WB Smith WT
Shenill James M Sanders SE Strange George G Tarcy John Terrill Robt A
Thompson Isablla C Taylor J Hunter Drs Taylor Lucy W Miss Terrill Penelope Mrs Tommas Warren Dr
Thompson Lewis Taylor Emily Miss Thomas RW Dr Threadgill HG Tilder John WR
Trtter James F Thomas T Dr Temple Robrt Dr Teal JC Thompson John
Turnea MC Taylor WV Trotter JH Hon Terrell Wm R Thorter John
Trustees of the School of Holly Springs Hamilton Thompson Madison Tremble David B Terrell JE
Taylor Allen Vaul Mitchell 2 Valentine James Vaughn William 2 Willis James
Westbrook Titus Wilson Eliza Mrs Wait Vincent Wodiles Wm Wynne RC
Woods John Woodruff AP Willis Miles Watson James Willis John M
Wilson Eliza A Mrs Walker Betsey Miss 4 Winbowme HK Rev Williams Thos Hon 2 Woodruff Marmus JAD
Walker George H Weldon Samuel Weldron Samuel Whitington Wm 3 Williamson Wm S
Woods John Wallau A Walker Charles L Weldoun Samuel Wilson George
Washington Miles Williams Thomas Ward Thomas Wiseman Martin Wall RH
Walton Mary L Miss Walker C or D Mims Woolgy Raymond A Walker Elisabeth Miss Woods E Jane Miss
Wile O Woods William Whitfield Wm E Warren Allen Wood Wm H
Wayne Sarah Well P Watkins CH Wallan WW Williams Robert
Walles MR Williamson Mr Wright John Willis James Ward Horae R 2
Wall William Walker Wm B Williams BF Williams George White James
Warren Edmond A Young Eliza D Miss 2 Young Mr . .

Persons calling for the above letters will please say they are advertised. William Polk - PM

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