June 15, 1839
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We are authorised and requested to announce CURTIS H. PARHAM as a candidate for the office of Colonel Commandant of the 58th Regiment of the Mississippi Militia in place of Col. Early resigned.

We are authorised and requested to announce JOHN GATELY, as a candidate for the office of Assessor and Tax Collector for the County of Marshall.

We are authorised and requested to announce BENJAMIN F. DAWSON, as a candidate for the office of Assessor and Tax Collector for the County of Marshall.

We are authorised to announce Mr. GEORGE B. HOLLAND as a candidate for Sheriff of Marshall County, at the ensuing election.

We are authorised and requested to announce A. T. CARUTHERS as a candidate for the office of Circuit Court Clerk of Marshall County.

We are authorised and requested to announce ABRAHAM H. ROACH as a candidate for the office of Assessor and Tax Collector, for the County of Marshall.

We are authorised to state that the Hon. FELIX H. WALKER, of Desoto County will be a candidate at the November election, for JUDGE of the High Court of Errors, and Appeals for the Northern District of Mississippi.

We are authorised to announce ROBERT H. BUCKNER, Esq., of Clinton as a candidate for the office of Chancellor of this State, at the next election.



We have as yet no complete returns from the old dominion–so far as we have received accounts although they do not come up to the warm anticipations which we had entertained in regard to what Virginia would do, are encouraging to our cause–we give below, the latest accounts that we have seen, which arrived too late to enable us to make out a regular statement of the Delegates thus far elected in addition to the list in our last paper. The N. Y. Weekly Whig, from which we make these extracts, contains also the cheering intelligence of the election of Wm. Talliaferro (W.) Over his (L.F.) opponent, Grayson, by a majority of 17 votes in what is called the Northern neck District. In Westmoreland, the County of Washington too, the Whig majority amounts to 169 votes for Talliferro; and Whig Delegate returned without opposition.–Next week will surely give us the returns in full.


AMELIA (nearly complete)

Delegate–Wood, W., 200; Lawson, V. B., 166
Senate–Nash V. B. Has 34 majority in

A. Stewart, Adm. Opposed to Sub-treasury, 315; William L. Goggin, Whig, 623
Balance of District not heard from.

William Campbell, Whit, 637; J. M. Holland, Adm., 285

William M. Burwell, whig, 638
T. P. Mitchell, Whig, 617; Ed Williams, Adm., 285; R. L. Coleman, Adm., 284

Today is the first mail to the north since the day of the election. I will as soon as ascertained inform you of the result for Congress and Senate. Your obt. and very humble servant.

Correspondence of the N. Y. Whig, UNION, Monroe Co., Va. May 24, 1839

Gentlemen:–Agreeable to your request, under date of the 13th instant, I hasten to give you the result of our election in this County. Great and zealous exertions were used by both parties, and the result considered doubtful for a week previous, and and contrary to all expectation by both the parties, the following is the state of the polls:

Congress–Andrew Bierne, Adm., 601; P. B. Wethered, Whig, 247

Delegates-A. A. Chapman, Adm., 515; Allen T. Caperton, Whig, 356

Respectfully, &c.

GOGGIN, Whig has probably beaten Stuart, V. B. He has 318 majority in Bedford.

A Whig gain of one Member of Congress.

STEELE, doubtful has probably beaten Samuels, V. B., in the Shenandoah District.

COLES, V. B., has beaten Witcher, Whig, in the Pittsylvania District.

Hopes of a Whig Congressman (CAMDEN) in place of John V. B.

Later.–6 oclock P.M.'— The Baltimore Patriot of Wednesday afternoon announces that “TALIAFERRO is certainly elected, by 55 majority.” We hope this is true, but still fear.

Craig, Loco, has beaten McDowell Moore in the Botetourt District by 600 majority. A full poll in Augusta and Rockbridge would have carried this District.

Coles, V. B. Is re-elected in the Pittsylvania District by 113 majority. This is unlucky, but the Whigs have done their duty. Witcher's majority in Pittsylvana County (complete) is 90. Of course, both our Delegates in that County are beyond contingency.


The Grand Gulf Advertiser says, we learn from a Gentleman direct from Natchez, that Reuben M. Whitney arrived in that city on the 28th May, having been elected by the Northern directors, President of the Commercial Rail Road Bank of Vicksburg. Did you ever!

ACCIDENT–On Friday morning our respectable fellow citizen, Col. C. Kyle, while assisting in raising some timbers about his mill in this neighborhood, was badly hurt by some falling timbers; having his ankle badly crushed, and other serious injuries upon his body and head.–The extent of his hurt we have not learned.

The defeated Administration candidate for Governor of Louisiana, Mr. Dennis Priear has received his reward, in the appointment by the President, as Collector of the Post of New Orleans, in place of J. W. Breadlove resigned–the appointment to take effect from 30th June. This is another fact for the consolation of Mr. James K. Polk and A. G. M'Nutt. When the people reject, the President rewards.

Gen. Samuel Houston, Ex-president of Texas has arrived at Nashville. The honor of a Public dinner has been tendered by the citizens of Columbia.

What has become of the Nashville Whig, which was wont to reach us so very regularly in bygone days? Friend Kaleb:

“I do expect, I have done some offence that seems disgraceful in thine eyes,” if not, whip up, and let us be again cheered by the appearance of thy useful paper upon our table.


In a letter written by THOS. JEFFERSON to a friend he says that the proper distinction of PARTIES in a REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT is into WHIGS and TORIES.

Mr. Jefferson then goes on and defines the terms whig and tory as follows—“THE TORIES,” he says, “are for strengthening the General Executive Government, but the WHIGS are for strengthening the Representative Branch, as the bulwork against (end of fragment).

FOR SALE. THE subscriber offers for sale the very beautiful family residence adjoining Judge Huling's. The buildings are new and arranged for comfort and convenience.–For terms, apply to the subscriber. JOHN R. WILSON. Holly Springs, June 15,–22–tf

HOLLY SPRINGS UNIVERSITY: The public generally, are respectfully informed that on account of the embarrassed state of this Institution, since the close of the last session, it has been disposed of, agreeable to the grants of its charter, to the Methodist Episcopal Denomination, and is now placed under their management and control, under the conviction that no literary institution, unconnected, either with the State or some christian body, can possibly succeed as well, when sustained by civil or religious relationship.

In the transfer of the Institution into the hands of another Board of Managers, the general character and object of the Institution has not been altered or violated, since the article of the Constitution, which “permits no efforts to teach the peculiar tenants of any political party or religious denomination” and which proposes, “that it shall be adapted in all its parts to make thorough and accomplished schools, that the course of study be similar to those pursued in all the Colleges and Universities of the highest standing in our country, that it afford facilities for acquiring a scientific and business education, to those who do not wish to study the learned languages; and that it tends to cultivate a taste for literature and useful knowledge, and to cherish the principles of integrity, honor, patriotism and christianity” still remains the same; thus guarding against the improper influence of sectarian dogmas, and carrying forward upon a more permanent plan, the general object contemplated in the organization of the Institution.

The object and intention of the present Board is, to carry out fully, the design contemplated in the original plan, as time and circumstances may demand and means permit, viz. The establishment of a Medical and Law department, in addition to the preparatory department, and the college proper; and to spare no pains in the procuration of highly accomplished and the most approved Professor and Instructors, and all the necessary apparatus required in the progress of a highly finished education.

On account of limited time, the nature of existing circumstances, and the nearness of the approaching session, the Board have not made no material change in the regulations of the Institution, and as permanent arrangements were made by the former Board, for the present year, ending in October next with slight modifications, the general arrangements for the ensuing ensuing session, will be as heretofore.

In order to attend to necessary preliminary matters, it has been deemed expedient to protract the present vacation two weeks beyond the stipulated time, so that the next session will not begin until the THIRD MONDAY OF JUNE, at 10 o'clock, A.M. at which time, the session will open, and the exercises commence with a suitable address by the President of the Faculty.

For the coming session, the Institution will be under the management of the following Faculty, viz:

COLLEGE DEPARTMENT: Rev. JOSEPH TRAVIS, A.M., PRESIDENT; REV. C. PARISH, A.M., Professor of Ancient Languages; J. B. CLAUSELL, A.M., Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy

A superior Teacher is at hand to give instruction to any, who may wish to acquire a knowledge of the Modern Languages.


TERMS. TUITION in the PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT, $3, $4, AND $5.00 per month, as heretofore.

TUITION in the COLLEGE DEPARTMENT, $7.00 per month.

Boarding, per month,------------------------------------------$12.00

Room rent per month,----------------------------------------- 1.50

Washing per month,------------------------------------------- 2.00

The new brick dormitories will be comfortably prepared for the reception of Students. Each Student furnishes his own bed, &c.

Parents sending their sons from a distance are earnestly desired to pay for board tuition in advance, or at an early per have the money deposited in the hands of Patron of the Institution, that it may be propriated in payment of the same

JOHN M. HOLLAND, President of the Board of Trustees.

Holly Springs, June 4th, 1839—2l


I have had assurances from respectable sources, of similar documents with the following, which will shortly release all the lands which I represent from the marshals premature levy, in the mean time, please give the annexed publicity.

EDW'D ORNE, Office of the Soliciter of the Treasury), April 13, 1839

SIR:–I have received your letter of the 8th inst. Relating to the levy, or Mr. Swortwout's interest in the lands of Mississippi under the distress warrant against him and his sureties.

I have also received the report of the District Attorney on the subject; in which he confirms your representation in regard to the lands belonging to the Boston and New York Chickasaw Land Company, and I have therefore written to Mr. Butterworth, the District Attorney for the Northern District of Mississippi, directing that instructions may be given to the Marshal to withdraw the levy from the lands of the Company and also to file of record in the office of the clerk of the District Court, where the levy is recorded a supplementary return to that effect.

Very respectfully Yours,

(Signed) H. D. GILPIN, Solicitor of the Treasury.

TO R. D. WHITNEY, ESQ., Boston, Mass.

The Mississippi Intelligencer will please insert ti'll stoped.

Dr. J. Bretney, RESPECTFULLY tenders his services in the various branches of his profession, to the citizens of Holly Springs and adjacent country. He has permanently located here, and can be consulted at all times, at his office on Market Street, north east corner of the Square, or at Mr. F. A. Falkners' on College Street where his family boards. April 27—15–tf

PETERS' PILLS, FOR SALE BY DIMOND & MURRAY, DRUGGISTS. North-east corner of the Public Square. Price, 75 cts. Per box. Holly Springs, Mississippi, June 8, 1839.–3t


G. A. Wilson – F. S. Early; WILSON & EARLY, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Will practice Law in the Courts of the 8th Judicial District and the counties of Tippah and Tishamingo. The business committed their care will be attended to promptly. Office in the small brick building on the west side of the street leading south from the Union House. Ma 30, 1839—11–tf

JOHN R. WILSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW: WILL practice in all the Counties of the 8th Judicial District and in the Federal Court at Pontotoc. All business entrusted to him will meet with prompt attention. His office is the one heretofore occupied by the late firm of Clayton and Wilson. Holly Springs, May 11,–17–tf

PORTER CELLAR: The Subscriber begs leave to inform the citizens of Holly Springs that he has opened a PORTER CELLAR, two doors below William Cato's on Commerce Street, leading East about two hundred yards from Williamson's Tavern where he will keep constantly, for the accommodation of his friends, the very best PITTSBURG PORTER, and other Refreshments. He invites the public to give him a call. Prices moderate. T. BOYKIN. June 8th, 1839.–21–3m.

NOTICE: DR. BURTON has declined the practice of medicine, and those indebted to him for professional services, will call as early as possible and close their accounts. Holly Springs, June 15,—tf

Term, 1839

NOTICE is hereby given that Horatio Nelson filed a petition at the June Term of this court, praying an order, directing the Administrator of the estate of George B. Nelson, Deceased, to make him a title to three fourths of the West half of a section of land known as section 26, Township 7, Range 5 West, agreeable to a bond which he holds for a title. Witness the Hon. James E. Shegog, presiding Judge of the Probate court of said County, on the second Monday in June, 1839. Issued 11th June, 1839. WM. H. SMITHER, Clerk. June 15-22-2m-Pr's fee $8.50

CITATION. THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, LAFAYETTE COUNTY: To all persons interested in the real estate of Joseph Stockard Deceased. YOU are hereby cited to be and appear before the Probate County of Lafayette County at the Court House in Oxford on the Second Monday in August next, then and there to show cause, if any they can, why an order should not be made to sell the following described Land in Lafayette County, to wit:–The North West quarter of Section 5, Township 9, Range 4 West of the basis Meridian. Witness the Hon. James E. Shegog, Judge of the Probate Court of said County, the 2d Monday in June, 1839. Issued the 10th, 1839. WM. H. SMITHER, Clerk. June 15, 1839–22–6w–Pr's fee $7.00

HSB, 6/15/1839

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